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cases of molicare in columbus ohio for trade

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i have  many cases of molicare large . i am willing to trade  for many things  legos  ,  ab diapers , ab cloths .

must be able to drive to me and pick up . how many cases i have extra  varry but i almost allways have more then i need .

questions ask . imtrested  msg me  for  loction details and to offer .

as far as diapers for diapers  i give 3 of mine for 1 good ab diaper .


case = 56

pack = 14

they are molicare slip large

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I don’t have anything to trade. Would you be willing to take cash for some. I would like to buy some from you if the price is still right like last time ☺️

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Bumping this  back up as i have   more for trade

i am in Columbus Ohio  i have  cases of molicare Large for trade

will take ab/dl stuff , other diapers  , and lego in trade

i try and trade  where  you will get 2x to 3x the value of what you give me

Please privet MSG me  if intrested

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molicare are back i have cases i can trade once more

still  working on getting new   i have a Ohio senator to get the Va to fix it self .

but for now if in coloumbus ohio and need large diapers i have molicare i could  trade

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