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I wore the first rearz incontrol elite diaper for over 12 hours still had plenty of absorbancy left only reason I had to change was I had a messy accident.  Which was contained between the standing leak guards.  The wetness indicator only had changed color wet I could feel wetness in the diaper.  It took me a couple adjustments of the tabs. They grip the front panel and I took the diaper completely off and was able to put back on with no issues of the padding clumping. The in side of the diaper is super soft is not as bulky as I would have thought.

Tomorrow I will torture test them when I get plenty of fluid intake. Only drank about a gallon of lemonade today IMG_20200214_025151210.thumb.jpg.c786b5ba0153dbce383aa9139cd7f4c5.jpg

The picture or of the new diaper after I cleaned up and took my bath for bed.IMG_20200214_025151210.thumb.jpg.c786b5ba0153dbce383aa9139cd7f4c5.jpgIMG_20200214_025208547.thumb.jpg.82d2d7316a8b63e6528ee57954017f61.jpgIMG_20200214_025212393.thumb.jpg.f44b7e48bb6cb0b189f117afc0531824.jpgIMG_20200214_025217385.thumb.jpg.c9b49a5cbdca8196e033ee112a89dea6.jpg


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I find the Diaper to be a comfortable one but I agree with you I can feel the wetness other then that I like the diaper but time will tell if it will be my goto diaper.

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I am still wearing the one i put on last night before bed it handle my nighttime wetting with no leaks. It did bulk up a little still has most of the back of the diaper that is dry, 

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