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Nanny needs help!

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Hello everyone,

I'm hoping someone here could answer a question for me. I'm new to the abdl world.

I responded to a nanny job posting a few months back and it turned out to be for an adult baby. I'm very open minded so Ive accepted the position, but I cant help but feel that I should have asked for a higher salary. 

So, my question is, how much should an abdl nanny be paid? Is there an average hourly amount? I'm not trying to take advantage, but I would like a fair amount. Plus, he is quite a difficult baby. 

Thank you everyone!

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You can do the research yourself online and see that most professional ABDL nannies get paid quite well.  One nanny that advertises in the Links section of this board has this last post with a link to her web site.  Link to Post

It's basic economics:  supply and demand.  If there are a number of people in your area willing to be an ABDL nanny, the cost of your services will have to be competitive.  If there are few to no others in your area, you can raise the cost of your services to whatever the market (aka your client) will bear.

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