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Looking for friends in tristate region

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I hope this isn't breaking forum rules, but basically... this is my second post in the Meeting Place, the previous one was my first post and since I made it I been thinking about how narrowminded it was, so this one will be different.

My name is Aren, I'm a Little in Fairmont WV and I wear diapers for both 1 and 2 accidents, I either cannot hold it at all, or on the occasion I can, I can't hold it for very long, 5 minutes for poo, 10 minutes for pee, in my last post I was looking for a daddy, but since then, I practically given up at this point, so I am looking for friends, you don't have to be a Little or Caregiving type either, if you are ok with it, that would be enough, ABDL, DL it doesn't matter, I would just like to hang out with other people in person eventually, who know I have to wear diapers and are ok with it, not looking for instant meets, but still, anyone who comes through my area from time to time, or lives around the place, so WV, PA and Maryland, send me a message, if your from farther then the listed states but happened to be going through, also send a message, oh and, I am limited to walking distance at the moment, but I do visit Uniontown PA often. But anyway! Lets see how this goes, hm?

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I am in PA and will tell you there are a few ABDL’s in the area.  You will find a few meetups in MD, but further east, so it will require some traveling.  Lancaster PA also has a group that meets frequently.  Check out Fetlife if you haven’t already.  

I suggested a meetup calendar on this forum but the idea hasn’t gained any popularity.

Good luck with your search for friends.


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