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Have you ever been checked for Clinical Depression? It often exhibits these exact symptoms but it may not be the cause of your feeling so down. Sometimes in life we just get lost a bit and eventually get back on track. Sometimes we're looking for our 'nirvana' which doesn't really exist in this life but we want that anyway- it's normal. Sometimes we are simply bored with everything even after trying everything we thought we'd like and not finding ourselves in it. Not to be looking down at you, but we're really not fully mature till our early or mid 30's- it kind of takes that long to gain the full depth of life experiences we're going to see. That can leave us with feelings like this same as we had in our teenage years of self-discovery.

Clinical Depression can be from mild to severe, but it never gets better when left undiagnosed or untreated. The earlier it's dealt with the better your prospects are for a good life, so it's definitely something you should investigate, even if just to be sure it's not the cause of your melancholy.


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Thanks for the response. I do feel like I have a form of depression. I’ve talked to a few friends about it and from my idea of it, it seems to be a very mild cause nothing too bad. I can still continue on with my day and wake up to go to work, but there’s just a deep sinking feeling. It’ll get better with time forsure. But if uncheck, you are right, could be catastrophic for developing a true healthy life. 

Thanks Bettypooh!

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