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Baby Graye

Sweet, Spoiled Little Princess Needs A Loving Disciplinarian MOMMY

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Hi Everyone, 

My name is Graye (my baby name) I am a 30 year old female in the real world and in the baby world I’m about 2-3, some days I feel really big and I’m 4. I’ve been in this life officially for about 3 months now, however that just means I’ve figured out the name for it. Doing babyish things has been something my significant others over the last 6 years have indulged in during the time of our relationship ( me whining, being a brat, cuddling, thumb sucking, oh getting me dressed 😂 (it was cute, her request), holding my hand, bringing me juice In a special sippy cup (her idea), being disciplined and spanked, letting me just throw my tantrum when it’s to much, Ive even been burped ( funny story) and nursed). All these things were pretty awesome. 

I’ve never had a mommy just some understanding partners, and NO daddies EVER 😬😝). Ive been trying to find a mommy for a about a month but I’m finding this difficult, most people want to charge a mass amount of cash, I’m running across a lot of daddies ( I’m a lesbian born this was, daddy isn’t for me) and they are slightly frightening with things they want to do, and an overall scarcity of women who are genuinely in this for companionship and the nurturing aspect. For me this isn’t a sexual fetish, I’m really looking for someone to play the Mom role, I want and dare I say need the TLC, nurture, cuddles and all the stuff a mom is supposed to do. I want to escape for a few hours as often as I can and be doted and loved up like you would do a child. This was something unfortunately I didn’t have as a child and no amount of traditional therapy is fixing this need and desire I have. Im a successful and well rounded adult and I have so much control in my life, but there are times where I need to just be little, to release that stress and forget those worries. The relationship I want is really hard to find, like ridiculous, I want to build a real friendship with my mommy and have both our needs fulfilled so we both have that time to escape. 

So to all the Mommies out there, I really do hope you reach out, I would love to see if we could match and fit each other needs and dare I say become friends in the process.

Baby K. Graye 

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