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yet another bad apple....

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On 9/22/2018 at 6:32 AM, Honeywell6180 said:

He must have been smart, until he got caught....

Can't be smart at all. First was doing the wrongness and not stopping it. Second was pulling innocent people into his wrongness. Third was getting caught. None of there are smart things to be doing. This is real life where almost anything can be bought, and you can certainly pay folks to do the exact same things for you. And more if you want that. Real life has a price and the best deals are usually the direct ones- the indirect ones come with a lot of unrelated problems attached which can ruin the deal. And in this case ruin fools too. He is a fool, not smart, and is destined to be seen as a fool from now on.

Once upon long ago I had a GF who believed that all humans are self-destructive. As scary as the thought is, I'm still not sure that she was wrong about that. It's clear that many- maybe most- of us are self-destructive to at least some degree. Kind of hard to make that jibe with the face in your mirror every morning, but perhaps better to attempt that than to truly self-destruct.


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