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looking for a daddy who will love me a want to take me in and care about me , the info about me is below i live in atlanta ga ,


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I have a severe neurological disability a many other disability set follow that all severe I'd love to have a daddy but I don't know anybody that wants to be my daddy I been on many sites I this and explained by situation My situation is caused by lack of oxygen to the brain I start breathe and at 8 months old And lost oxygen to the brain for over 50 seconds my mom said It cause by lack i suffered brain damage at 8 months A lot other neurological problems developmentally delayed problems and many other problems I can't function on my on my mom takes care of me due to the severity of my disability Someone is always looking after me all the doctors declared me mentally and incompetent due to the severity of my disability and mentally unstable due to this a severity of my condition am I my mental capacity is severely low I don't have the same level as you do so yeah I hope you have a basic understanding of people with severe disabilities like mine. I have a form of autism & many other problems i missed many major milestone my mom said due the lack of oxygen to my brain. I hope you understand my situation and the severity on my disabilities . I most on person on here and i don't lie i don't make fun of people but yet i have a severe disabilities & people make fun of me all the time, i just wish if i had a daddy he be a good person wouldn't make fun or judge me or be mean to me. or anything else . that's all i ask of anyone or pretend to care i playing someone else i'm who i'm the way a baby i'm like this all the time. that's differences between me & most people mine is permanent  diagnosis.  i have epilepsy & seizures & MR. So awhile you all choose to be this way. Didn't get a choice in the matter mine was all caused by brain damage at 8 months. & there is no cure for anything . There's no meds or anything that's doctor's can there is no cure or quick fix for what i have. So don't judge me i Deserve a Daddy To I wish u all could understand that or have a kind of heart.. Looking For a Loving Daddy Who Care For Full Time & Take Me , I Can't Bath Myself Or Dress Myself Or Feed Myself Due The Severity Of My Disabilities  If You Are a loving daddy you like take care of me. i need the care more then you realize. My diagnose is very much permanent & there no cure... And i would love to have daddy. I Been Like This My Whole Life I Didn't Get A Choice With My Life I didn't ask to have a severe disabilities , but this has been most life & all of my life . 

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