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Airline bathrooms are getting smaller

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so yesterday i was at the wife's Solon and on the news they was telling about Airline bathrooms are getting smaller, and one client was like they get any smaller how am i going to fit in, she like what pee in the seat. with out missing a beat the wife is like i guess we could wear diapers. Now me thinking the wife hates diapers and wants nothing to do with them. the client come back how would that work. now me. I told her put one on in bathroom be for flight take it off at end. I really wanted to go in to more detail but i did not want to giveaway that i have done it. 

Some times i wonder if saying more would be good not as abdl but for wear diaper for convenience, but on the other hand you have the ones that look at  it as gross.

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Not quite sure what you're trying to say. Please be more clear by using punctuation and  proper spelling. Grammar might help too. :rolleyes:

There is another fairly new thread discussing airline bathrooms. Yes, they are so small you can't close the door. Try changing in one after you've fudged your pants. Then add sight impaired on top of that and you can't figure how to open the toilet lid, can't figure out how to flush it; much less washing things because you couldn't find the soap or how to turn on the water. The attendants on the flight who were very helpful and understanding. Barely had enough room to sit, much less shit. :rolleyes:

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