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Avalible..homemade onesies

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I have a couple of onesies i made one is an oversized band tee that i convered( its shows a little more cheeky than the average onesie) and one is made from a cute girls size 10 night gown..they are fairly small...sadly i outgrew them shortly after making them( top still fits perfectly but my bottom is too big for them to snap)..they are hand sewn..with metal snaps

They are probably about an xs in general sizing but i couldgive you exact measurments on each if requested

I would really like to find a good home for these homemade onesies because they were my first and i would love for someone smaller to enjoy the comfort of wearing an abdl onesie....if you are interested please message me so we can arrange a way to send one or both of them to you....and please feel free to ask any questions...i might have some pictures of me wearing them if i can find them in my archived photos if you would like to see them modled on someone(me) lol

Im not the best at sewing but its fun..so i would reccomend hand washing or at least wash on delicate cycle to preserve fhe hand stiched seams



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