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Does anybody know if this is a reliable brand? Looking to buy some new clothes but not to sure what to get, if you have any suggestions let me know, I also like some sissy clothes if anybody knows about that type of clothingIMG_1353.thumb.PNG.0f55475d666004b1a7e254a69447bbb9.PNG

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There are other much better versed on this than I when it comes to Rearz, but I'm sure it's fine. Just make sure you follow the size charts closely; too small and you'll reack yourself constantly, too large it will hang to far down. Larger is better than smaller. Look at and follow the laundering instructions carefully. I get all my stuff from Baby Pants (click here), although Rearz has more stuff to offer. I can't comment on pricing as I have not compared them (baby pants has some unique plastic pants that I love). I have 5 of their onsies and plan to order more. I'll have to check out Rearz some day. Hope this helps...

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Rearz has an excellent reputation, based on comments here.

I buy my vinyl pants from the KINs division of Babykins, which is located in BC, Canada. KINs makes great Onesies. So does my youngest sister Missy, but she only make those for close family members.

Onesies need to fit you exactly after shrinking from washing. Keep that in mind always.

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