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I'm 27 years old and I'm completely incontinent with bladder functions and 90 percent incontinent with my bowels,I also have a abdl side as well. I get diapers delivered and paid for by insurance but prevail are the worst thinnest leak prone diapers ever we are hurricane Harvey refugees we are just now getting stable here in New Mexico it's me my wife and 3 yo and 5 yo daughters. If anyone has any advice we barely make ends meet so anything helps. Nice to meet yall.


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Dannyboy I would suggest hitting up the thrift stores like Sally or Goodwill, see what they have to offer,  and looking on line on Craig's List under medical supplies.

Thrift stores often get diapers when someone passes away, Craigslist people often offer free diapers to anyone who would come and get them.

The problem with these diapers is they might be bigger sizes so You might have fitment problems.

I tried some XL diapers I normally wear a small I found I could use them but they fit me like a sack, to make them wearable I put a pair of briefs over them.

I hope your situation gets better soon.

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Another thing which might help is using baby diapers for stuffers if you can get a supply of them affordably.  Those can be more easily found and are cheaper per unit too. Just swap them out as needed and the Prevail will last longer. Complaining persistantly to your medical team and insurer about needing better diapers might help- some will do an upgrade and some won't but you have to be persistant with the ones who do or even they will do nothing. 

I've found cheap and free diapers on Craigslist in their 'free' and 'beauty and health' sections. Freecycle is another possible source. Thrift stores may be hit-or-miss, sometimes the Salvation Army or Goodwill will send all it's adult diaper donations to one main store only. Usually the staff at the other stores won't know how that's done so you might have to visit every branch yourself. There may be local Church charaties or government-run assistance programs available. 

Persistance, open-mindedness, and always keeping your eyes open for what you can use is the key to survival when you're poor. I know because I've lived that way for most of my life. 


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