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I've just returned from a few days on the Mediterranean Island of Mallorca.

One of the pleasures of going there is to visit the German Beer Halls.

My parter and I had gone for a lunchtime session, 2-4-1 offer, when a bunch of young guys came in singing, play-fighting and generally being rowdy.

There were perhaps a dozen of them all wearing the same thing, extremely tight purple shorts and very little else... they looked fantastic and we got talking to one (who spoke terrific English) who explained they were a team and this was their end of season celebration. Each year a new outrageous 'uniform' was picked and that was what they had to wear for the duration... no matter what the weather.

There was a lot of hugging, celebrating, kissing and general bonhomie-ness about the boys (aged from late teens to around 30). That's when we noticed one of them was wearing a disposable diaper under his tiny shorts - nothing was hidden.

He appeared to be the 'new boy' of the group and as such wore something to maintain his status.... a diaper.

His team mates kept hugging, patting and generally trying to embarrass the lad who simply carried on downing his huge beer... even when his shorts were tugged down to reveal his thick padding to everyone. That was also pulled down to reveal his hairless bottom before one of his mates thought it best to refasten the item and pull up his shorts.

He didn't seem to care less. He was with his mates and that's what mates do.

For me and my partner it was a wonderful revelation and made for an interesting, if drunken, lunchtime.

Where have you seen diapers or nappies on proud display?

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Wow. That's pretty awesome. I can only fantasize... :angel_not:

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It was a wonderful surprise but, over the years, I have learned that this particular beir keller attracts huge crowds and often they are young guys on stag dos or team celebrations... and anything can happen. Diapers and tiny shorts are just a couple of the pleasures I've seen there. :D

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I have gotten more bold about my diapers and really don't care anymore if someone finds out.  In fact, it may be more acceptable now than ever. If someone is curious, I let them know. A lot of the time people remark that it takes courage and a lot of balls. I've answered the door more than once wearing a diaper, plastic pants and a t0shirt. Just go for it. It's easier than you think.

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I can remember two occasions where I’ve seen adults in diapers out in the open. In Amsterdam where a couple of guys celebrated a bachelor party. The bridegroom was dressed as a baby wore a Tena diaper and a short T-shirt so everybody could see his diaper. Secondly we have a tradition here on new year’s day when people dive in the north see to kick off the year to come. The same tradition now can be seen locally as well as some city`s copied the tradition. People dive into a lake or a river whatever they have at hand. About six years ago we had a couple of young guys wearing Molicare diapers as they dove into the local lake. Nobody seemed to care due to the festive circumstances.


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