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Rearz pricing question

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Has any one had issues with the price of products at Rearz changing after you placed your order?

I bought a case of diapers last year and there was an issue. I don't remember what the support explained, it didn't make sense, but they fixed it. Now tonight I ordered a case that was listed as $125. for large diapers +  32 dollars shipping, and a 7 dollar pacifier. That should be around $165 about.  Anyway, when I got my receipt, the the price of the case of diapers showed $158. The total of the order was $194.00.  Why is the price always different when I order here?


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check your bank statement. pretty sure the receipt is just listed in canadian dollars

edit: $125 US = $157.72 CA (so saith Google)

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Yes, you are correct nenog613.   I show 194.44 CAD = 154.58 according to google. 


They refunded me the second amount. The support staff was very friendly and got back to me right away.

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