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A Thank You To Those Who Love Us For Who We Are

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I can not even explain how thankful I am to be married to such a wonderful woman.  After eight years of being together she has taught me so much about unconditional love and loyality.  

She has stayed by my side despite my selfishness, irratiability, and lack of empathy.  Most woman would have given up on their partner yet she has always been committed to us uncondotionally.  Yes, this has included my desires to live a lifestyle as a little girl in our bedroom and underneath my clothes.  She has exercised so much patience and understanding.  When I could not provide her the answers of what she could not understand she took the time to seek out the answers elsewhere through research and talking to someone.

Our relationship has grown so much over the years.  I think back to the beginning and it definately was extremely challenging especially when it came to diapers.  The desire to wear diapers can be difficult on an individual let alone a significant other.  With the ups and downs of binge and purge cycles, feelings of shame or guilt, the confusion of your desire to wear after a sexual release it can be very complicated.  My feeling also included desires to be a sissy little girl which made a situation that was already complicated much more so.   It takes a strong woman to be with someone like me and that same strong woman could have just as easily decided to leave me.  At one time I honestly thought that would happen...


Titled : My Wife is Going to Divorce me Over Diapers...

"My wife and I got in a huge fight yesterday and it of course came out that she can not handle my diaper usage and maxipad wear. What do I do? Do I try and stop. I really do not know if I can. In fact, I am almost positive I can not stop. Please help."

"I am thankful for your advice, I really am. I understand the concept of not doing it around her. I have done that in the past and she felt by doing so I was dishonest by going behind her back. I think what it boils down to is that it is all or nothing for both of us if that makes sense.

"Its a lot of ups and downs. I love my wife and I love my lifestyle. At one time both were acceptable and now because of change its not. That's why I posted this in the psychology corner. It is hard to deal with mentally. I wish it was as simple as just throwing away my diapers just to make her happy. For whatever reason I can not do that and its hard to understand why I can not"

"My wife and I were in huge fight yesterday. Of course she brought up that she wants to be with a man and not a sissy that wears diapers and maxis. I know she wants me to stop but I know that I can not. She let me know that my choice to wear diapers and panties means I love them more than her."

These were very challenging times in our marriage for both of us.  I honestly had reached the point that despite loving my life more than anything maybe I was better off to be alone.  I felt that it may be impossible for a woman to ever understand me and how I felt and that it was unfair for her to even try and do so.

Over time and a lot of communicating our feelings to one another we began to grow in our relationship.  While doing so the love and respect for another also increased and my desire to wear diapers became less and less of an issue between us.  Eventually my wife's love for me became so unconditional that she began to accept me for who I was.  Diapers did not matter.  Being a lil girl did not matter.  All that mattered was being the love of her life and her soulmate.

With that acceptance my love grew for her into a love I have never known.  I needed diapers and I needed my wife and I was thankful to have both. 

What I thought would be the last major hurdle for our relationship as far as wearing diapers was when I told her I was ready to wear diapers permanently and would like to be diaper dependant.  How many significant others have to deal with their partners wanting to be unpotty trained.  What I thought was going to be a problem was not at all.  She explained to me it is what it is and I accept you for who you are no matter what. 

Since that time I have been in diapers permanently and our relationship has actually been amazing.  I am such a happier person and concentrate so much more of my attention on my family and wife.  I feel as if this never ending desire to wear diapers is over as I wear them all the time and they do not consume my every thought.  I have opened up to my wife and shown her a vulnerable side she has never seen in me before.  That has only made her love me so much more.

So THANK YOU my beautiful and wonderful wife.  Thank you for the unconditional love and understanding.  Your devotion to me has changed my life and I will spend the rest of my life showing you how much that means to me.

Anyone else who is thankful of their significant other accepting that they wear diapers I would love to hear your stories.  Those who struggle through a relationship because of diapers read this and know that love can find a way to make things work out.

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It's Valentine's Day, and before she went off to work my Mummy/wife brought me a mug of tea in bed. She took my dummy out of my mouth and kissed me. There was a lovely Moomintroll card for Valentine's Day for me and some chocolates.  I said "thank you mummy", & she went off to work.  How can you not love someone who does that for you?  She's not yet able to deal with me in nappies when she's around, & that's something we have to work on if this relationship is to survive, as I won't be able to keep the current situation up for long, but we both really want it to work, & I know she's trying all she can.  As it is, I got up after she'd gone, got washed & into a nappy - I don't get up till she's gone so I don't get in the way.  Then I came on here, because I wanted to add something to Mark's post, which I read yesterday & had been thinking about.  And soon I'll be heading off to find some roses for her (& pretend they're not from me, of course). Before she gets home I'll have a shower & get back into big boys' underwear.  But at least now she knows I'm doing that.  We're talking about things.  I'm hoping to keep posting news of how things are going as time passes.  We've been together for over 20 years, & it's still getting better.

Thank you so much Mummy - I love you!

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Oh I know how you feel . I told my wife about my urges to wear diapers about 15 years ago very shortly after our son died ,talk about horrible timing , she has stayed by my side through many ups and downs and taught me what true love really is .

She hasn't never really played an active part in my diaper play but has accepted that it's a part of who I am .However lately she has been more keen on playing a part .

A relationship with a special person is more than that little consuming urge we have at times, it's about everything else in life ,working together , trusting and supporting one another , being there for each other but most of all it's about the love you make .

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