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 For 5 years I had an online relationship with my Daddy. I did everything I could to try and keep him happy. But as the years dragged on he has been absent from my life and has left me with a broken heart. I know how common this all sounds and I'm well aware of the responses I'm likely to receive by posting this. But it's all I could think to do. For fourteen years have I been in the ABDL scene, searching for that special someone to share my life with. Learning how to deal with rejection and pain when a Daddy drops me for someone better, younger or cuter looking. I have met all types and have not been able to find love with any of them. It is with a very heavy sadness that I type these words. I feel unworthy of being loved and have tried hard to push the bad thoughts from me. The suicidal ones that plague my conscience.  So I apologize. I just can't go on living in a world without love. :(

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ELLIE52    47

Little Miss Funshine,

I had hoped someone better and more experienced than me would give you a reply, but I will try to help.  1) Please Stop your train of thought of being unworthy of being loved.  2) Age 33 is very young age, worthy of pursuing more age 3) Consider getting some help from professionals to abate your suicidal thoughts.

Been there, done that, at a very young 22 or 23 can't even remember.  When I go back and look at the person online today who contributed to all my nothingness, I am no longer impressed.  Bigger and better will come along, although it may be different.  How could I have nearly lost my life which is dear over all that?  

Please give yourself a chance.


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WBDaddy    551

Online relationships can get very scary, as the fantasy in your mind is uninterrupted by the reality of the experience.  In 5 years, I imagine there were a LOT of those sorts of things built up inside your head, and I also imagine having them all torn down in one swift motion (or even worse, piece by piece as the person distanced himself from you) could be very painful.

As a survivor of a number of these sorts of interactions, I can tell you without equivocation that having a non-physical relationship dissolve is not an indictment of you as a person.  The fact that it went on for 5 years is astonishing, because at some point the lack of physical connection starts to wear on both participants, and the need for real human contact pushes out whatever is happening via cyberspace.  E-relationships are doomed to fail if they never progress beyond the chat window.  If you learn nothing else from this experience, learn that.  

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