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Removing Hair in sensible areas

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Babyloulou    2

Not sure exactly where to post this but soon i will go and see someone and the person asked me to remove my "hair" from a sensible area...

Any tips on what is the best way to do it?

Removal Cream? Shaving?

Thoughts and advice are more than welcome.....

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BabyLock    46

Hair Removal - Hair Reduction - UGH - some methods are easy and painless and others like an exercise in torture.

AND then there is the $-COST-$ - simple shaving perhaps the least expensive and electrolysis the most.

Shaving can be done almost everywhere but needs to be done frequently with new sharp shavers

Using chemical lotions and solutions is great but not for everywhere on the body.

Chemicals can burn or cause rashes and while the effects are longer than shaving can be modestly expensive

Waxing is another method also modestly expensive - may need an assistant to apply uniformly

Using a epilator tool - a mechanical tweezer type of device pulling hair out but may or may not get to the root

requiring another application - the tool can be rather inexpensive

Lasering is one of the latest methods - but needs short term maintenance to work in the long run.

Laser is one of the more expensive methods but is getting less expensive with time and competitive pricing

The ultimate method is electrolysis - the most expensive and time consuming method as each hair is killed at

its root in the body.

Nothing is really permanent and totally 100% but with modern methods it is getting close.


So whatever is within your budget get a start at it and read up here at this forum and others.

Determine what is going to be your goal - how much hair you want to reduce or removal and if all together.

Is you hair fine and light colored some methods may not work well - if heavy and coarse other more sever methods

may be required and then your "Sensible Areas" comes into play. Because this is Diaper Forum sensible areas are

those making diaper wearing and maintenance an easier task for basic cleanliness.

Some methods of reduction/removal namely chemicals used in the crotch area need a high degree of caution.

Go slowly and with very limited application experimenting in this area.


Are you wearing diapers because of a physical need and hair reduction/removal is recommended to help keeping

clean and sanitary ? You need not answer that question - it is personal - but may offer help in your decision/quest

keep the cleanliness simple and perhaps at minimal cost. Long term it is worth looking into - for a short term

temporary issue there maybe alternative solutions.


Beware of the nicks cuts and burns rashes of hair removal/reduction it is not completely OUCH free ! 

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Babyloulou    2

Cheers for all that.

Might use a chemical lotion but not sure yet...

Have until beginning on November to decide anyway... ;)

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Babyloulou    2

As i should have been aware of, there was already a topic on the subject.

Thanks for the link.

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