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Avoid crushing stuffers

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Dubious    124

So, currently in a bambino with 2 stuffers and it worked perfectly fine, until I sat on a harder chair and the stuffing got crushed and it leaked, so it doesn't work when playing PC games

After drying a little I'm now sitting in the comfy chair again (front of TV) without problems/leaking

So, anything to put in the diaper so padding/stuffers don't get crushed?

and yes, its very full, but I'm gonna wait a few hours more before I change

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diaperguy85    38
1 hour ago, Cruiser 03 said:

It might be using two goes higher than the guards

i've had that issue before with my dry 24/7s and boosters. turns out three is the workable limit for them lol i use a bambino quadro laid in first and over that an xp medical xxl contoured, or whatever they call it. no real issues going from soft to hard, just eventually they get capped out and they do leak no matter where you sit. but that's after nearly 24 hours of wetting. 

three boosters of any variety will swell up and leak over the guards in quick time. made that mistake a few times before i figured it out.

also on a side note, hard gaming chairs hurt! especially for long gaming sessions. get yourself a soft comfy chair :P 

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Dubious    124

The chair is comfy and not really hard, but diaper get a lot more pressure when sitting on it

Still wearing same diaper, but sitting in my TV chair without problems, more relaxed position, almost laying

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Cruiser 03    8

I am in a power wheelchair so I always have a comfortable chair exactly where i need it , trust me sitting on diapers well using them is both art and science .

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