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WTS/WTT Snuggies Waddler (in Melbourne)

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AgentPink    1

Hi peeps,

I have several packs of nappies/diapers which I am interested in either trading or selling for A$45 a pack:


3 x unopened packs of original Snuggies Waddler Mediums

1 x unopened pack of Barebums Medium (pre ABU)

1 x unopened pack of ABU Little Pawz Medium (White taped variety)

1 x unopened pack of Super Boompa Medium 

As far as trading I am interested in pack for pack:

ABU SDK v2s Medium 

Fabine Exclusive Dreamlike Mediums (jeans like looking ones)

not sure why but my photos are failing to upload.

I am in Melbourne Australia and think trading without post would definitely be best and cheapest.

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AgentPink    1

Would also trade for unopened packs of other ABU Vintage Mediums like Kiddos, Cushies or Lavenders.

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AgentPink    1

No one in Australia interested in trading (appreciate OS trading wouldn't be feasible unless it was for a diaper not obtainable anymore)?

I am also interested in trying a pack of the Magnificos S/M if anyone wants to trade?

If anyone in Australia wants to buy packs I have on offer by they are too expensive I would drop off (Melbourne) or pay for the shipping.

I only have next week to try and move them on otherwise will try to lowball the price on eBay to move them on.

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