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A Love Letter to Cloth-Backed Cushies

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To whom it may concern,

Let me begin by saying that overall I am thrilled with the products that abuniverse delivers to its customers.  
I was among the many consumers that cringed, knowing and accepting that ABU diapers were primarily for show and not performance.  I got them because having AB apparel that looked, sounded, and felt the part was more important to me at the time than needing to change less frequently when wearing.
But under the new management, things have been amazing.  The company's products are a fantastic mix of aesthetically pleasing and functional.  Haven't tried an ABU diaper lately that I haven't liked at least a little bit (and usually liked is the worst case scenario.)

And yet, I'm a little bummed that Cushies and SDK got their 2.0 remakes, but the Cloth Backed Cushies never got their reboots.  (With Leak Guards that actually work! Heh heh...kinda telling about the old brand when "working" is a feature of the new one.)

Pre-schools work well enough, I suppose, but something's missing for me there.  They're marketed as discreet and cool (temperature wise), and the different designs on the waistbands is a nice touch.  For a "discreet-ish" daytime AB diaper, they serve their purpose.  It's got the cute designs for the AB, but is discreet and practical to be worn in public under street clothing; so it's a hybrid in more than just having a plastic landing zone.
But it's not quite what the CBC was.  I've got a rare handful of leftovers hoarded, and I tried them on back to back with the Pre-schools to determine if nostalgia is clouding my opinion.  It might be a bit, but not by much.  They swell.  They crinkle.  They have the velcro tapes for easy adjustments.  They don't take a flooding well, but they never did.  They're still super cute and soft to the touch and very very close aesthetically to bigger version of what you'd find in the baby aisle of a local super market.
Now, I'm aware that ABU is a business.  It's a good business that is very good to the ABDL community,  but like any business, money is required to produce goods, and you need to know that there are enough people out there willing to buy a product at a price point you set so that you're making money. That's fair.  There may also be some kind of design flaw or engineering hiccup that makes it so that the redesign of your SDK's and Cushies aren't possible in that format for whatever reason.

I'm realistic about that, and understanding of your situation.

That's why, shortly after I send this email to you,  I'll be copying and pasting it to my various kink accounts. I'm hoping that there are enough people who feel as I do who will also write to you to express similar sentiments.  (Or at least copy and paste this and send you a duplicate if they're shy or not as loquacious as I am.)
Thank you for your time.  If nothing else, I appreciate the opportunity to reach out and wax nostalgic about a discontinued product.  No need to reply (unless it's good news, totally reply if it's good news.)  You've still got a lifelong fan-bab in me.  

Have a nice day.
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Ooh I second this, I would go as far as to say as much as I love the current Cushies v2 the v3 should be cloth like backed and have an elastic front waist band.


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Send abu an email saying as such.  Get your friends to do the same.  Who knows, maybe there's enough of us to get them to consider it.

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