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Paddle in public

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When I was a teen an embarrassing thing happened to me.Mom had a paddle hanging on the kitchen wall and it had my name painted on it .A new neighboor lady come over for coffee and saw it and asked how many. Children Mom had She said just 1,( I was in kitchen with them ) Lady goggled and said well it probably has it been used in a while since I was 15 at the time . After all she said teens don't get spanked anymore. Mom said she didn't believe it any certain cut off dates for something that worked.Its that right Ralph? I blushed like crazy and kinda hung my head and had to murmur yes Maam



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Times have certainly changed right? When I was young my mom hung the bedwetting hairbrush on the wall in the laundry room which was just inside the back door on the way into the kitchen. When a neighbor was visiting one day to bring over laundry that my mother offered to help with because his wife was in hospital and their washing machine was broken I heard him ask my mother what the hairbrush was for. She told him "the boys still wet their beds and need to grow up." I was really embarrassed. 

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