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What to wear



I class myself as a sissy baby to be honest. I am thinking of going to Little Big Land in Birmingham in May. However, I am not sure what to wear. I have a dress sorted out. But should I wear tights? And if so white or pink? I would get ribbed ones but I don't think they sell them in adult sizes. The next is the biggest question shoes! Now to be correct it should be Mary Janes. Now as I class myself sissy, should I get a pair with a heel? And if so how high does one go. I can walk in 6" heels easily enough. Plenty of practice when I saw myself as CD (in denial of my ab status). Or would T-bars be okay?

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Over age 35? You should have that figured out by now. If not go to the sissy room and read the discussions Try the sissy sites: Mrs Silk's. Sissy School, sissyville and House of Sissify, which addresses I do not know; Google is your friend on several counts. Go to Ebay and input ab sissy and see what is for sale and see what you like. Go to sissies' galleries and see what they wear and if you have a mistress, she should tell you. Also the event you are going to must have a website with pictures of past events. Discuss it with persons you know who are alos going or have gone

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