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poem introduction

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squish squash like a wash cloth on my butt from moss and poo. get it off and get me off. i never thought the sloth was lost on cost. i'm the boss. i boss you. i never knew what was true til i sold my youth and made stew in my canoe. i yanked and spanked and outrank the planks of release. i left my lease with the police. i'm on my knees sucking on trees with sativa cuz i never was a believa. i'm muck and mud and crud in your bum. i'm a lil thug with diaper love. i'm a wet rug. i need hugs. i'm like a drug when i tug in the tub and drink from my bottle. i throttle all over tomorrow to stay in yesterday. i play with my way to get you to stay and say you won't go away. pat my butt in a rut, i don't know what to say, hip hop horray, i'm on my way to the crib. i spit up all over my bib cuz you forbid me to cry. i have tears in my eyes and i want to know why but i'll just cry out my pee hole cuz my childhood got stoled.

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