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So I need diapers! So I use a paci...that doesn't make me a baby!

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I'm truly 42. But it's really true that inside I'm just a scared 15 year old. Always. When I'm 15, I need diapers cuz I have accidents. So what? That doesn't mean I'm a baby, like my sister always teases me. And...okay, I sometimes use my pacifier. Big whoop. It has a calming thing to it. Stop teasing me! By the way, I do not think you can hear or see that I'm wearing diapers when I'm wearing my basketball nylon pants. No way.

Anyone else feel like that 24/7/365 like me?

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If don't feel like a baby then you are not one. On the other hand I am a baby boy and love it. Just be you and be happy. Your sister should not tease you because of how feel or act. She should love you for who you are.

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