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Daddy's baby boy *Private w Jmg1217*


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Daniel Lewis was an average 17 year old boy. It was just him, his mom and his new step dad. They moved to his step dad's house after his mother got married to him. Lucky for Daniel, his new house was still close to his school so he didn't have to move schools.

Daniel's step dad, Jim was a very nice man. Always asked if he needed help with anything, gave him rides to school, and watched TV with him now and then. But after a month of living with the man, Jim seemed to baby him more after his mom got a job in the evenings. She worked from 4:30-11:30 pm at a store that was downtown.

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Jim couldn't believe how lucky he was! He had met a wonderful woman with an adorable son. He loved them both and was so excited to be a daddy. He'd alway wanted a little boy and now he had one! Despite the fact that Danny was 17, that what he was a little boy. It was the cutest little thing, all of 4 and 1/2 feet tall

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Jim came into the family room where Danny was sitting watching tv. He smiled, on his own Danny had settled on sponge bob. He looked every bit an elementary schooler watching cartoons.

Jim went and turned the tv off and said hey little buddy Mommy has to go to work so run and say goodbye then you and I are gong to have a little chat about house rules and stuff like that.

Danny grumbled but went and found his mother then returned and sat on the couch refusing to look Jim in the eye.

trying to offer reassurence Jim ran a hand through Danny's hair and have his neck a gentle squeeze.

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Stroking Daniels cheek Jim said "my confused little boy, the best answer for your questions is that in this house adults make the rules and little boys follow them"

Continuing Jim said now specifically I'm less worried about the individual show then I am the channel so you can watch Disney,

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Well said Jim as he looked at his watch it's 330 on a school night so I think it's time for bath and jammies. So run up stairs and shower then grab a towel come back down. We can do your first inspection to see if you are big enough to countinue with showers then I have some nice new Jammies for you. Do you need help with the water temp, it can be tricky?

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They got to the top of the stairs and walked down the hall to an opening then unusual thing about this room was that there was no door. As the walk through the opening the room inside was large. It was painted with blue walls and a ceiling painted like the night sky. There was a bed in the Corner but it was small, smaller then a twin. There were

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"Well it looks nice but I'm a teenager and this looks like it's for a toddler. I don't sleep with stuffed animals, and the bed is too small. What's the rocking chair for?" Daniel asks. The colors of the room he did like though. He just wondered where all his stuff was. His clothes, his computer, his actual bed.

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Without warning Jim pulled off Danny's shirt and began blowing raspberries on his tummy. Then in one motion he pulled off Danny's pants and underwear. Setting him on his feet Jim said ok mr nakey butt go jump in the shower I'll wait right here to help you after and listen in case you fall

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While Daniel was in the shower Jim grabbed a trash bag and began going through his clothes. He threw away all of his socks and underwear and replaced them with the new ones. He started looking at Danny's clothes and realized he hated them. He couldn't wait to take his boy shopping for age appropriate clothing. He got rid of the bag and sat down just as the shower went off

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As Danny walked over to Jim, Jeffrey m smiled. Danny was so cute.

once Danny was as in front of him Jim stroked his hair and was surprised by how wet it was. He grabbed the towel and dried Danny's hair saying you need to do a better job little boy, you'll get sick!

he then drew Danny closer and began his inspection. He started with Danny's ears and found them waxy taking a tissue from the box on the table Jim said you have things growing in here bud.

next Jim cleaned Danny's belly button and found it dirty

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Seeing how sad Danny was Him pulled him in for a hug saying " aww honey, I know this is hard. You have had to take care of yourself for so long but you have a daddy now and that's my job and I take it very seriously. Motioning to the underwear Jim said these are yours little one and they are all I'm buying you so you should get used to it and by the way little guy you don't say no to grown ups that will land you in time out once again positioning the briefs Jim said now step in munchkin

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Taking a deep breath Jim said sweetheart you don't have a choice I've thrown out all of those ridiculous boxers they were far too big for you these are your only option well those or sponge bob. That is your second warning buddy now you need to learn to obey me.

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"No those were my boxers. They weren't too big." Daniel couldn't help but cry now.

"I liked wearing my boxers. I don't wanna wear those stupid underwear."

Now he was throwing a tantrum and crying without even realizing it. But it all wasn't fair in his eyes.

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