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The new babysitter *private*


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Lucas Hunt was just 16 years old. Recently he's had an attitude with his parents and teachers. He was failing school as well. And he wasn't doing what he was told to do. It was bothering his parents and they wanted to go out to dinner, just them. But they didn't want to leave Lucas by himself, not trusting he wouldn't break anything etc.

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"We'll be gone about 10-11. The latest will be about 11." Rebecca says.

"Richard! Are you about ready?" Rebecca called

(can you okay the dad too? I'll play two characters and you can play two, if that's fair)

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"Well thank you, Lily. I also really wanna thank you again for coming to babysit Lucas. I know he's a bit older but I really hope he's not to hard to handle for you. Let's head downstairs." Rebecca says.

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