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Help with hollow butt plug

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Urge you to do a great deal of research on this - it is not at all that easy to put an open hole plugging device in your rear end and expect

to be bowel incontinent constantly pooping away without abandon.

Unless your poop shoot is filled with a fine slurry of laxatives or pre primed with suppositories when the poop hits the fan tail it is

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Nothing specific but avoid rubber that may be crushed or deformed !

Best to consider metal Stainless Steel - polished Aluminum is Ok but not as sterile as SS.

Some types have a metal cap or plug others a threaded fitting for an enema hose.

If selecting a small or medium plug make sure it has a significant flange to prevent insertion beyond limits

causing a medical visit to retrieve it.

Research - limited selection on Ebay at this time (Search: HOLLOW BUTT PLUGS)



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Don't get anything metallic, that will be too painful to keep in more than a few minutes.

Your best bet would be this https://perfectfitbrand.com/product/tunnel-plug#enter

Specifically the size large. Medium's diameter is too small, even with laxatives nothing will get through. The large is unbelievably painful and difficult to insert the first ten times you try it. You will probably think it's impossible to even insert when you see it, it's ridiculous how big it is. But it has to be for this to work, so you'll either have to deal with it or give up on this goal. Perhaps try one of those lidocaine-containing anal lubricants, but be careful and take it slow.

Even after lots of practice, it'll still hurt to keep the large plug in. And if you aren't taking laxatives, the large hole will plug up. It really has to be almost liquid to work at all. All said and done, it's too large, too painful, and too difficult for me to enjoy this at all. YMMV.

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