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Strange Rugrats Episode - restraining device for Tommy

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Does anyone remember the episode of rugrats where Tommy wouldn't stop taking off his cloths so Stu made a restraining device to keep him from taking off his cloths?


I was a kid (9 years old) at the time but I found the device fascinating and actually wanted to be locked in it with a diaper on.

I think this episode contributed to my fetish.

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Thanks for the Link - although I have not watched the show - - -

A picture is worth 1k of words - when you are ready intrigued by your setup ?

Does it have reins incorporated in the design ?

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Adding more questions to the segufix diaper harness -

Is the inescapable diaper just that a diaper (or diaper cover) with segufix straps around the waist and a crotch piece ?

All snugged up with no room to break free or squeeze out of ?

Or is it like a leotard (or even a

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