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Cat got your tongue Oops Mittens ?

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Can't use the ole saying "Cat got your tongue" - so what is the problem here ?

Been awesomely quiet here but then I realize I left you with a locked gag and

those adorable "MITTENS" that keep your hands out of things they don't belong

getting into such as a search of web for more adventurous episodes of bondage.

Those "MITTENS" without thumbs sure do make it tough to use the computer

keyboard even if it is powered and logged in. That penis gag sure takes some

getting used to pick and peg the right keys to get to the right web site for more

pleasant adventures.

And yes I did get your email about the need for a diaper change - good thing

that you were sufficiently diapered to hold back the forces of nature at least

for the moment.

Now to the business at hand (or rather make that MITTENED) Change is coming !

Yeah you have heard that before somewhere promises promises but now it

time for a serious real change - Lets clean up your act !

That chastity device sure keeps the flow controlled right into the bottom of that

diaper - so there is no embarrassing frontal display and the teletale tape panel

doesn't reveal anything until you are really really soaked.

And of course since you have that butt plug firmly seated in your seat there

is no messy number 2. But I betcha that you would like to get going again for

another exciting bowel movement perhaps a well deserved enema or sorts !

Well that is how this episode of self*-bondage ends for this time!

* SELF BONDAGE - Me Myself and I !

I did have to have help you know !

Couldn't do it alone !

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