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Awful Quiet Oops Forgot about - - -

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Awful Quiet Oops Forgot about - - -

I was wondering why it was so Quiet and then it dawned on me that I had left you to yourself (you really like that don't you?) !

It seems that the locking dildo pacifier has got the best of you. You all secured in that locking diaper cover and those thumbless

mittens adding to the anxiety of being helpless - "Ah gee all LOCKED UP and nowhere to go - well as for going you are after all

wearing your very own personal porta potty immediately and always accessible - so going is not a problem now is it ?"

Oops sorry forgot you are sort of speechless at the moment sucking on that big log sticking out of your mouth with that little

nub inside.

Ah the peace and quiet - when you want a change let me know - you know a double wink of the eyes or the paddy cake mitten

clapping together !

Be good now !

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"Log" was probably not your best choice of words, but whatever.

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But Maxxy did you use your imagination of what a penis gag ah aka penis pacifier is like.

I was thinking of something maybe not so sissy like with a small nub like what is inside the mouth but more of a full enchilada beast like pinocchio's nose -

something to ring door bells at an arms length !

Picture a similar image with a double end dildo - a small nub inside the mouth and a larger longer one extending out from the gag strap !


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