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Come Out - Come Out - - -

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Come Out - Come Out where ever you are !

Oh silly me -

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OK - picture shoes boots whatever that goes on the feets - now these have flat soles (don't be ridiculous babies don't wear high heels)


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In white there is a resemblance to baby's first shoes (although with a flat sole). 2 images

The object here is to make walking almost impossible and crawling the main method of getting around.

Standing next to a counter or chair/table could be done but moving about will be dicey.

If the hands are semi-immobilized with mittens there will not be a great deal to grab onto for stability.

Thus rendering one to a state of an infant in the crawling stage.

Remember to use latching gates at the top/bottom of stairs - don't want baby to have an accident !

Thus being a state of chastity and well padded diapering - "What trouble could baby get into" ?

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