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I was wondering if anyone has started an Adult Day Care? I was curious because I was reading the news article about that couple in Liverpool who run a nursery from their home. I think that's so awesome, but I can't afford to fly to England and then shell out more cash for a weekends stay.

But the responses said "there are a lot of these commercial nurseries" coming out. Where are they?! If I could find one closer I would definitely save up!

But I was wondering if anyone had ever thought of a day care theme? My regression agr is a 5 year old, and I would like to incorporate movies and toys and less with the cribs and high chairs.

But if anybody knows of nurseries in the states (Oregon/Washington) that would be just as awesome!

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Hey, I am still kind do of new to this site, but I don't think this is the right place for that kind of post.

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