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20 hours ago, LLMedico.com said:

No, no separate AB/DL section but we've always carried some AB/DL items.


I do not know how wise that is. With RearZ. Babykins, baby-patns,com, Northshore and Protex stepping up the ABDL game. they are creating a new, elite level of site in the ABDLsphere and change the meaning of a 4 or 5 star site. If you had an ABDL section, I could do  reviews there that would be geared toward that market which I would NEVER do in the main section. Also, by the name, Crinklez is primarily ABDL . which puts you half-in; half-out in a market that is now self aware and will gravitate toward sites that cater to them with the least ambiguity at the expense of the more ambiguous or less interested companies: The brighter the lantern in the window, the more it attracts. Hungry sharks get the choice meals while the fat and happy fall by the wayside in an environment where perception is reality. Also, You might attract Bambinos or other hardcore ABDL items. You might also consider a heavy 14 gauge rubber panty so that you have all areas of the market covered. The Gary style would be better than any other on the market and would be attractive to ABDL's

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A dedicated ABDL section, especially AB/Little would add to the comfort level. DD is not the only ABDL site, there is FetLife and some smaller ones like ABDL Pixel. an LL Kidz, where you could promote the ABDL itmes front and center, and trade on your reputation to attract suppliers of other AABDL items. or the like, the DL's are starting to separate from the AB's and seem to have different priorities like wearing in public, concealment and 24/7, would generate high levels of comfort credibility. I could never award this at the main siet


or a link to BabyDoll DIY LG Grooming & Care items


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Thanks for the suggestions but having separate products (same products but separate pages) is a big hassle due to tracking stock as well as Google HATES duplicate content and will penalize your rankings for doing such. Maybe in the future I will figure out a way of doing this but for now, ABDL products will be mixed in with our normal products like they always have.


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