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AB or DL in the UK

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Hi I am Andy a DL in France yet I am English and looking for like minded open minded people in the UK to chat with, will also soon be back in Manchester / Liverpool area for 2 weeks soon on the 19th OCR.

I have always it seems been a DL and was a bed wetter but guess yes I still love the nappies in my case usually drynites pull ups boy an girls or tena nappies as easier to get here in France.

Nappies do not rule my life, also married with a daughter, work full time sourcing parts for yachts. I love keeping fit cycling, running, skiing and often off camping in our camper at weekends, just a normal guy I guess who just happens to have an affection for nappies also .

So anyhow looking to chat with others in the Uk or in the north of the UK. What brands are best in the UK, always thought of trying a nursery or meet someone maybe, so any good nursery recommendations or nappy services?? You only live once I guess so better make the most of it !

Will have to stay with parents when back so not sure wether to pack a pack of nappies to bring or buy there, are drynites or tenas easy to get there or any others do u think I should try, I have 32" waist??

May have to stay in a hotel for a couple of nights too so can then try to fully naopy up or if find someone who I click with could be good time to meet but am shy too blushes!!!

Would be nice to hear from some ab/ dl and to share your stories and Advice.

Thanks for reading and hopefully will meet some good nice new diaper friends.


You only live once so enjoy it

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