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Can Being A Bottom Lead To Incontinence Later In Life?

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Yes it can.  i have been a bottom since I was twelve and my sphcinters had it!   I now use tampons and butt plugs to ensure that I don't have any accidents when I am not in diapers.    It doesn't bother me in the slightest though,  if I was given the chance to relive it all, I would, time and time again.


Bleeding for hours after the first time isn't a sign of not being injured.....

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I play with toys myself and I'm always a bit loose for a day or two after anal play.  It always returns to normal though and certainly never can't control them.  Although if not wearing a diaper I would have some streaks on my underwear.  That is nothing new for me though always had a problem with streaks in my underwear since I was young, nothing major and nothing you would smell unless you sniffed my ass. 

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Nope! Been a receiver of anal pleasures for 50 years. No leaks, no rips, no tears. If anything it stimulates the prostate and makes orgasm super intense. So keep you're tight little pussy in the air and enjoy every inch you get!


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I can only speak from personal experience.

No. I definitely don't have the retention that I used to, but I'm not incontinent. I've had some pretty hefty ones too. Did you know that you can practice the male equivalent of kegle exercises? It will help keep it tighter.

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