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Guest Diapered Jeff

The Diapered Girlfriends And Their Nosy Neighbor

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Guest Diapered Jeff

She cried, but it wasn't the first time. It was the

fourth time in the same week that she had to bend over

their bed, and receive a spanking with her lesbian

girlfriend's belt. These sessions last usually 20-30

minutes every time, but tonight was special. At least

for her girlfriend.

SMACK! She yelped out loud, "OW!", she paused, "Thank

you Mary!" She couldn't help but smile knowing her

butt would be red, purple and sore the next day.

Mary through the belt onto the bed, and forced her

girlfriend Maria over, lying her on her back. "Please,

I can't take anymore spankings tonight! I'm really

sore!" Maria sobbed, but her girlfriend simply smiled

at her. "There's a reason you're being especially

punished tonight!" Maria looked confused for a moment,

but when Mary lifted up the pissy panties, her face

became horrified.

"I see that you peed your pants, AGAIN! What have I

told you about peeing in your panties? Hmm?" Mary had

a scornful look on her face as she looked at her

girlfriend Maria.

The young hispanic girl looked up at Mary, butt-naked

after being spanked with a belt for almost half an

hour, and realized what the next phase of her

punishment would be. Mary walked over to a large brown

paper bag. "You should have listened to me, and now

you're going to pay the price!" She scolded her

girlfriend, and what Maria saw next made her completely

mortified. It was a pack of Molicare Super Briefs,

adult diapers, and she knew exactly what that meant.

Pleading with her blonde-haired lover, Maria begged her

not to be put back into diapers. "Please, I promise

not to mess my panties again! I'll do extra chores,

I'll even take extra spankings, just please NOT THE

DIAPERS!" She clasped her hands hoping and praying

that her lesbian lover would not go through with it.

"You knew this was coming, and to make it even more

humiliating, we're going to make sure you USE your

diapers. And yes I said YOUR DIAPERS!" Mary set a

diaper beside her lover, "Lift up your butt, or we can

do another 30-40 minute session with a belt AND a

paddle!", Mary calmly instructed Maria.

Maria did as she was told, and lifted up her legs and

butt, and felt the diaper being slid underneath her.

As she did this, Maria felt something strange. It was

a pill being shoved into her butthole. "What are you

doing?" Maria asked, "This is a time activated

suppository that will make you mess yourself in

approximately 3-4 hours. I'm also gonna give you a

mild sedative that makes your bladder a little on the

weak side. Not that that's been a problem before, but

let's just say your bladder will have even less control

than it does now." With that explanation, Mary

carefully pulled Maria's legs back down, and carefully

put the tapes around Maria's waist with a snug pull and

secure fastening of the tapes to the diaper itself.

"As a token of my love to you, I'll let you do the same to

me!" Mary kissed Maria passionately as a way of telling

her it's okay. Maria smiled, kissed Mary again, and

then proceeded to put a suppository in her ass, gave

her a quick swat on the butt cheeks, then as her

girlfriend did to her, Mary was laid down on the bed,

and put into diapers. They gave each other a small

injection of a sedative that takes about 20 minutes to

take effect.

It didn't take long for them to make use of that 20

minutes to drink lots of water, eat foods they knew

would make them have a mess, and then quickly put each

other into their pajama suits. Maria got into her

Hello Kitty suit that had the zipper on the back, and

Mary wore her favorite Disney Princesses suit. After

getting into their large "crib" together, they both

passionately kissed as the sedative took effect and off

they went to dreamland.

For Maria, the dream took her to getting spanked with

her diapers still on, soggy as ever, while her

girlfriend Mary was forced to watch from a distance

also being spanked and fucked hard with a strapon

dildo. As the dream continued, several women took

turns spanking Maria, fucking Mary up and down her ass

and pussy, and when both were done getting gangfucked

and gang-spanked, Maria was left masturbating with her

fingers on her clit, but the orgasm just wouldn't

climax. Maria became frustrated, but not before she

awoke next to her Mary, and noticed she had indeed a

very messy and wet diaper that needed to be changed.

Mary's dream was very different. She dreamed that she

took Maria to a far off island that wasn't on any map.

On this island, Maria was taken to a cave, stripped of

all her clothing where she was bare naked, and tied to

a couple of posts. Mary grabbed her favorite bullwhip,

and gave Maria 15 lashes across her back. With each

lash, Maria yelped, then sighed as though she wanted

more. After the 15 lashes, Mary couldn't bring herself

to give her more. Instead, Mary gave Maria a harsh

paddling. Each time she got smacked, Maria yelled both

in pain and pleasure. After what seemed like a few

dozen smacks, Mary put on her strapon dildo and fucked

Maria until she passed out from the pleasurable pain.

When Maria came to, Mary planted a passionate kiss on

her lover's lips while fingering her pussy, hoping to

make her climax hard. Like Maria's dream, it just

didn't want to happen, and that's when she awoke from

her wet dream. It turned out it really was a wet dream

as she realized Maria was already awake, and they both

knew from the smell that they both messed their


"So, how was your dreams?" Mary asked. "I feel like

I've been fucked so hard, I might not be able to sit

for a while!", Maria giggled. "I think I might need to

go again.", she smiled. Mary's only response to that

was a deep tongue kiss to her lover, "Same here.", Mary

smiled at her diapered lesbian lover.

After getting out of their stinky diapers, taking a

shower together, and getting diapered again (this time

with no suppository-induced pooping), they put their

clothes on carefully over their diapers. Mary put on

her favorite black short skirt with a small black/pink

top sleeveless shirt. The skirt was just short enough

to let her diaper peek out, but not too short where she

could cover her diaper if she felt embarassed enough.

Since she was wearing her Molicare diaper, panties

weren't necessary to wear.

Maria liked wearing her jeans shorts. The kind that

were not exactly short, but not exactly long. She

liked the idea that her diaper might show out the back

near her lower back where it just might slide down to

show the rest of her butt. She wore a belt that she

knew Mary might use on her later. Maria knew it might

hurt, but she enjoyed her spankings with Mary, and even

planned on being a little naughty later to earn her a

spanking with that belt. Both wore their matching set

of slippers, pink with a blue ribbon.

"So... where do you want to go today?" Maria smiled,

having a slight idea where Mary's mind was at. "I'm

thinking .... the park!" Maria nearly peed herself at

the mention of going to the park, but it was

exhilerating to think about. "YES!" Maria

enthusiastically hugged Mary. Mary gave Maria a quick

squeeze on her diapered butt.

Before making the trip to the park, both Maria and Mary

ate a little snack consisting of foods and drinks that

they both knew would give them a reason to use their

diapers. Coffee is a beverage they both knew would go

right through them, and a couple of pieces of toast

made the morning perfect.

"We'll walk to the park. I want to give the food and

drink some time to work through our bodies. I want to

have to use my diaper while we're at the park." Mary

kissed Maria on the cheek, "Whenever you're ready,


Maria had one other thing to grab. Running to their

bedroom where their stinky diaper trash bin was still

there, she grabbed the one item she almost forgot.

Every girl has one in their purse, and Maria was no

exception. She grabbed her favorite hairbrush. An

old-school design where the back was flat enough to

give a smackin' across bottoms of girls everywhere.

Mary loved getting hairbrush spankings, and if Maria

didn't give her one at least once, she felt

disappointed she wasn't bad enough.

"I'm ready!" Maria shouted as she met Mary at the front

door. After locking up, the both held hands while

walking casually to their favorite park just up the

street from their house. It didn't take them long,

only about 10 minutes. They noticed the park was

unusually empty, but that was good for them. Then they

realized it was a school day for most kids, and their

neighbors who had children were on extended vacations,

so the park was literally empty. It was perfect for


For what seemed like over an hour, they both played

like little girls. Swinging on the swings letting

their diapers show off, swinging around on the Merry-

Go-Round, taking turns going on the slide, and doing

their monkeybar handle bars. Eventually, Mary came up

with a daring experiment. "Maria, I want to give you a

spanking. Right here, out in the open!", Mary said

with a sort of excitement. Maria looked around, not

sure about the request, but as far as she could tell,

there was no one around for miles. "Alright, let's do

it!" Though she knew she probably wouldn't have as

much a painful spanking as she got last night due to

the diaper she was wearing, she welcomed the thrill.

Placing Maria over her knee carefully, Mary started to

smack her lover's bottom over and over. This went on

for about 5 minutes before she stopped. "I don't want

to chance giving you more and getting into trouble, but

I think just peed my diaper just now while spanking

you!", Mary gave off a giggle. "I don't know, I think

we have an admirer!", Maria nodded her head in the

direction of the south end of the park where another

woman stood there watching them. They both hadn't

noticed her until just then.

She walked up closer to them, and for the first time in

a long time, both Maria and Mary felt a bit of fear as

though they'd be in big trouble. What was she going to

do? Call the police, call the news and claim that two

adult women were being sexually active in a public

park? Maria was fighting not to pee herself, but the

tension was building for sure.

"I know what you two have been doing!" the unknown

woman said ominously. "And I think I should join in

and keep you two in line!", she said as she grabbed

both Maria's and Mary's ears. "My name is Kim!

Normally I babysit babies and small children under 12,

but you two I think I could make an exception for!"

She marched them over in the direction of her place,

which happened to be across the street from Maria and

Mary's place.

To be continued....

(Comments and constructive feedback is welcome @ [email protected])

The girlfriends and the nosey neighbor.txt

The girlfriends and the nosey neighbor.txt

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Keep it going Good so far.

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