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Help Finding My Inner Child

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I'm trying to explore more into ageplay. It's something that my boyfriend introduced me to.

He want's a little girl, and I missed out on having a good childhood. I'm a very shy but sweet girl.

I'm trying very hard to be his little girl. My attempts lack in physical action... Its more mental, and inside my mind.

My Daddy gets upset with me because I'm not trying hard enough. But inside my head the wheels are turning. It's a mental struggle for me to regress.

I'm trying out the internet to research more on being a baby girl. It's obviously something that can't be forced... I know there's a little girl in me.

It's just new to me. My Daddy has wanted a little girl for a very long time. I believe that I have it in me... I just don't know alot about it.

I have pacifiers. I act cute. I'm physically small. short. tiny tits. Baby girl material.

I enjoy to be taken care of. I've felt some strong emotions from it.

It's kind of tough when we don't have an actual place to practice it though. We don't have our own place to live. There's often people around.

I've been put in a diaper on a few occasions. not many... but a couple few. It makes me feel small. About age 4. I'm not looking to act as an infant. But from the ages of 4 to around 8. I haven't really found my age yet.

The diaper crinkles. It's soft. And, I'm put in two of them at the same time. For extra padding and cuteness.

I'm not against the Baby Girl and Daddy relationship turning sexual. When i'm in a diaper it turns my Daddy on. It's not all that he's looking for... But It's something he really wants and enjoys. I have yet to have an innocent experience in a diaper. It's always been put on me at night time... And that's just because me and my Daddy don't get privacy. It's hard to come by.

I would like for me and my Daddy to have more time to our selves without worry. I'm shy and get embarrassed easy. So far My Daddy and I haven't had much time to bond like we should. I need some guidance in being a little girl. Or learning more about age-play in general. When I act like a little girl I don't get completely into it. I use a soft voice. I have my pacifier. Sometimes a diaper. My Daddy is there... But there's a voice in the back of my head. I don't want to be hurt while so vulnerable. So I hold on to what I know. I have a barrier up. My goal is to loose the face I hide behind... because it prevents me from completely regressing. I'm not as outgoing as I should be while being a little one.

aha... >___< I'm working on being a little girl. I've enjoyed it so far. The diapers are embarrassing. They make me sleepy...

I'm just trying to find ways to help myself. It's hard to go back. My niece is the perfect teacher.. She's almost 3 years old... and a complete cutie sweetheart.

Acting younger should be simple... but i'm having a bit of a hard time doing it. I know I have the ability. I just have to loose my shyness and trust my Daddy more.

Age play is a new concept to me... so there's a lot for me to learn.

I would really appreciate any feedback. thxxx

<3 Stawr

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Some actual little girls are shy, too, so I wouldn't worry about being less shy, really. I'm assuming you don't want to dress like a baby in public, but have you tried having him diaper you (probably just one in this case, not two) before you put your adult clothes on? Maybe that would be kind of a half-way point for you?

I'm certainly no expect, but it seems to me it's about finding what aspects of being little are comfortable and desirable to you, and introducing those things into the rest of your normal life. In other words, don't always make being little its own pocketed event, but rather introduce it on occasion to your normal life. Wear diapers to the movies, or just to run an errand, maybe just around the house while you do homework or cook or something, whatever it is that you do, do it, but with diapers and/or something else that makes you feel little at the same time.

Or, if you want the full experience, maybe it's about deciding how public or private you're comfortable with, then just going "all in" (whatever that means to you) for an extended period of time (assuming you can find that in your current living arrangement).

I'm sure others could give you better advice than me, though, but I wanted to try to help.

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