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Getting Caught In Diapers

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With all the discussions of people wearing diapers to work, out in public when running errands, buying diapers at a store, etc., who has been caught unexpectedly wearing diapers or buying diapers by a friend, relative or someone they know? Maybe a friend or relative who noticed your diapers either in a shopping cart or that you were actually wearing them. Perhaps someone noticed your diaper showing out the back of your pants in a store, noticed you buying a package of adult diapers in a drug store or just saw you were bulky looking and put two and two together. Maybe they showed up at your house unexpectedly whiel you were in a diaper or noticed adult diapers in your house and asked you about them? What did they say to you and what explination did you give them? Tell us about any situations and their outcome.

I once was in K-mart many years ago and had a package of disposable adult diapers in my hand as I was walking to the check outs. I ran into a friend from a club I belonged to and he talked to me for about 5 minutes before leaving. He had to have seen the package of adult diapers I was carrying but never mentioned them to me at all. I would have told him I'm running errands and they are for an elderly aunt.

Another time I was in a Rite Aid and just about to pick up a bag of adult diapers when a former co-worker I knew very well socialy came up to me and started talking about his family, etc. Luckely I didn't have the package of diapers in my hand yet!

When I was still a teenager I was in a Wollworths store looking at the plastic pants for toddlers. This store was in a shopping center and my parents were in other stores. I had a pair of pants in my hand feeling them when I felt someone behind me. I turned and there was my dad looking at me, right at my shoulder!

I've been in diapers and had people I know come up to me and talk to me, but fortunatly I'm pretty sure my diaper was not bulky enough to be noticed by them as I'm pretty discreet when out and about in diapers. It was interesting to be in a wet diaper talking with a friend!

Last year I was fishing with a DL friend of mine in my boat and just happened to have a disposable diaper on with a super thick cloth diaper over it and very roomy plastic pants for a fun and different thing to do when on a lake where I couldn't be seen by others. Of course, I had shorts on over it all but I was very bulky looking. I was taking the boat out of the water at a boat ramp when another fellow drove up to put his own boat in the lake. I figured he would probably notice the bulk and figure I had a diaper on but I figured I could always say I was incontinent if he was rude enough to bring that fact up! Besides, he was someone I didn't know (I thought!). As we were standing there on the dock talking, he looked at me and said, "Didn't you go to -- ------ High School? My heart skipped a beat, I blushed a little and said, "Yeah, I did". He said, "I remember you! You were a year ahead of me!" I still don't know his name or remember him at all, but the fact was he remembered me and I'm sure he must have noticed my super bulky shorts. They were hard to miss! Thankfully he never asked me about being in diapers!

So, anyone else have tales about being discovered in diapers by people they know, or almost being discovered? Please share them with us!

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My friend got locked out of his house so I said he could sleep in my spare room for the night. Normally I'll clear my crap out of the spare room before people stay over but didn't have time on this occasion, so it was really messy. I rarely wear so it didn't even cross my mind there were nappies in there. In the morning I went in to strip the bed and saw a opened packet of goodnites on the floor..... I could have died. My hasn't ever said anything about it and I'm not going to bring it up.

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oh god, I have several times of being caught...

The first was when I was 8 and was at my sister's house. My dad brought me to her house to be baby-sat until he came home from work. At the time, she had twins that were in Walker 3/XL size diapers, so every once in a while I'd try and take a diaper and hide it somewhere so I could try and bring it home to wear it. Well needless to say, my sister found the diapers I was hiding and asked me about it. She said "Should I tell dad to get you some diapers? Because I will and I'll see to it that you stay diapered..." Needless to say due to being scared, I said no and she never said anything to my dad about it as much as I wished she did...

Another time again at my sister's house, she was out, but I was with my dad and he was baby-sitting the twins. I thought I'd had enough time to get undressed and put a diaper on before he came back up from the basement doing laundry, but he came back up just as I was about to pull my pants back up.

Another time I was at home and just bought a sample 2-pack of the Depends diapers. Like a dummy, I left the recielt out and my dad found it. He made me go get them and show them to him and then asked me if I needed to be back in diapers, and if he should take me to see a psychiatrist. At that point, I was more terrified of being strapped to a bed or put into a strait jacket than being put back in diapers full-time and sent to school in my diapers, so I again said no, and left it alone for almost a year. It was my scared strait moment for a while.

I had moved to Florida with my mom one year, and she went into my room and she found the GoodNites I had hidden. She asked me about it, but wasn't threatened to be taken to the psychiatrist about it. Within the last few years, I have been able to discuss with mom the details about the AB thing and why I do it and she's become more accepting of it. She won't change me, nor will she buy me little boy/toddle/baby stuff, but she is glad I'm finally happy.

A few years before I left RI, my former best friend and nephew somehow noticed that I was wearing diapers and have always been trying to bust my chops over it and degrade me for it. My nephew has been trying to do it for years since he found me trying to hide diapers under his bed when he was 6.

Afew months after that, I had to make a late-night run for more diapers. Once I got to the drug store where I got them from, I saw a freind of mine in there. He didn't see me, but I wasn't about to get diapers while he was in there just because...

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