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Diaper Boy Gets A Spanking

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I had to give him a spanking...

pictures can be found here

ricky's a good boy, but sometimes even good boys make mistakes and need Dad's firm hand. You can imagine my surprise when I went outside yesterday afternoon, and this is what I saw: ricky was smoking a cigarette!

ricky had promised me he wasn't going to smoke cigarettes any more, and there he was in the woodshed behind the house doing just that. And to make matters worse, he had fibbed about it too, telling me just a few days earlier that he hasn't been smoking while he's away at school.

Good boys don't fib to Daddy, and at my house boys are expected to always tell the truth.

ricky knew he was in trouble as soon as he saw me. He was supposed to be getting ready for our bike ride, and there he was sneaking a cigarette! The woodshed's a good place to hide, and ricky must have thought I wouldn't look inside.

He started to cry. "You know what this means, scooter," I said. I've told ricky on many occasions that if I caught him smoking he was going to get a spanking. Maybe ricky didn't believe I would or he thought i wouldn't find out.

"I'm sorry, Daddy."

"Take down your jeans, son."

ricky was shaking, he fumbled with the snap unfastening his jeans. I helped him by yanking them down to his knees. You could see his diapers. They were a little bit wet.

"Bend over," I said. Ricky leaned against the woodpile, he was sobbing, but he was accepting his fate. I pulled the leather belt out of my pants and gave ricky three sharp whacks on his thickly diapered bum. It must have really stung because he yelped after each strike.

"Now we're going to go inside where I can give you a proper spanking." I told ricky to leave his pants down as we walked across the yard to the house. If any of the neighbours were home or someone drove by the yard they would have seen ricky waddling as fast as he could in a thick wet diaper and pants around his ankles. I had to hide my smile cause he looked so cute trucking across the lawn to the back door where i was waiting.

I didn't want to spank ricky. He is the best lil boy. He usually behaves but the time at boarding school he got a little too big for himself, thinking he was a big boy. Big boys don't wear diapers I tell him, big boys don't wet the bed or have accidents in their pants when were in the mall.

There's nothing more humiliating for someone to have their pants pulled down and be laid over your knee for bare bum spanking. I took rick's diaper off and told him to lay over my knee. He was stifling a sob. Just then his Uncle walked in.

"What's this about," he asked. I told ricky to tell his Uncle why he was getting a spanking. It took him a bit to stop sobbing, but he told his Uncle he had fibbed to me. His Uncle asked ricky if he was going to fib again. "No i won't," said ricky

I put my boy across my lap and told ricky, "hold on tight to Daddy's leg." Ricky grabbed my leg and held on. With his Uncle watching i gave ricky a good spanking, i held back a little but he needed to know i was serious. He was soon crying and tears were covering his face. His bum was pretty red.

I told him to let go of my leg and lifted him up so he was standing in front of me. I ran my hand over his bum, trying to comfort him, pulling him close me. "Did you like your spanking ricky?" I asked. "no Daddy it hurt."

"Tell Daddy and your Uncle again why you got a spanking?"

Ricky was embarrassed, standing naked with a red bum and tears coming down his face. "Are you a big boy ricky?" i asked. "No Daddy," he replied.

"What are you ricky?" He managed to calm down and between his sobs said, "im your lil boy," he said. "Do little boy's lie to Daddy?"

"I won't lie again Daddy."

I pulled him onto my lap, pulling his face into my chest and said, "You remember, you're just a little boy, you wear diapers all the time, big boy's don't wear diapers, only little boys that pee the bed and their pants wear diapers."

Ricky was sucking his thumb, "In fact i think you're more of a toddler the way you behave, Daddy is going to start treating you like that more often. Whose in charge of you?" i asked.

"Daddy is in charge of me cause im just little," ricky said.

"good boy," I said and hugged him tighter. "Time to get you into a diaper, we don't want an accident. Hop up on here scooter, there we go, Daddy's not mad at you, as long as you learn your lesson. You will always be Daddy's lil diaper boy!"

Now ricky knows I'm serious about smoking, and he'll get another spanking until his bottom glows red if he fibs to me again.

ricky's a good boy, and he knows I'm looking out for his best interests.


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Ooooo naughty naughty Ricky. I'm not one to talk for smoking hehe I know tis naughty. If my bf was mroe into it Id probably get a spanking.

I enjoyed reading that :)

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Ooooo naughty naughty Ricky. I'm not one to talk for smoking hehe I know tis naughty. If my bf was mroe into it Id probably get a spanking.

I enjoyed reading that :)

awesome, its a true story, but too many its beyond their dreams!

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I enjoyed your story! Thank you very much. I look forward to seeing more.

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That was a very nice story thanks for sharing it with us. :P

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