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Found 7 results

  1. Going full out

    I've been into the 24/7 scene for long time and sick of getting talked out of wearing and messing in diapers in public. I found some friends that are abdl or incont for support. Just want feedbacks
  2. Should I try to bedwet?

    So basically I have a desire to wear 24/7. Now I saw on Amazon you can get 44 Pampers Underjams L/XL for only $23. With this price I could probably buy a whole years supply. I would only be buying Underjams due that they are small, thin, and quite. Also I am pretty sure more absorbent then Goodnites, correct me if i'm wrong. Now I am still living with my parents ( No i'm not underage, just haven't moved out yet lol ) and I would like to keep it to my self as there is no need to involve your parents into this fetish . Now I would only be wetting the Underjams, no poop as it is too much to take care of. So my question is, do you think I would be able to wear 24/7 without family knowing or questioning it? Also do you think I would possibly get use to wetting the diaper that I would wet without knowing ( kinda like incontinence, but just untrained I guess... )? And one last thing do you think they would hear the Underjams under my boxers and pants? Let me know what you think about this, should I do it or no, money is not a problem. Thanks for reading and hopefully some of you can answer my questions and give your opinions on this. Instead i'm looking to bed wet again. I have the finances and also a disposal for the diapers un-noticed. I would be wearing Tena Ultra Briefs. I would buy a diaper pail to keep the diapers till I have time to get rid of them, also it will keep my room smelling the same. I will wear a diaper each night with full confidence in them, I will also drink some water before bed. Now I would go through with this if I only knew how to make myself wake up through the night to go pee and how to shrink my bladder. I don't want to invest money into if I can't ever get up to pee, or not be able to shrink my bladder which is a big part in bedwetting IMO. Can anyone recommend some ways to wake up through the night to pee and how I could shrink my bladder size? I have heard about taking 1-3 drops of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide with a 12-16oz glass of water will shrink your bladder immediately. No it is not harmful at small doses, plus it is food grade, so no stabilizers or chemicals, correct me if i'm wrong please. Anyways, let me know
  3. New UK Midlands based Little...

    Good Evening Guys and Girls, Im a newbie to this site. Not a newbie to wearing nappies. I am 37 yo, I live in West Birmingham and have been near enough incontinent for the last 5 years (Medical condition). I wear nappies 24/7 and use various brands. I am lucky enough to have an amazing girlfriend who supports me through this, who a while ago agreed to wear at night with me and who now doesn't wake up dry very often at all. I am blessed with this and know this is what a lot of people strive for in a relationship. We are lucky enough to know a lot of AB's and DL's around the Midlands, we are also the go to people for nappies. As we dabble in import and export, buying and selling. We don't do this to make a huge amount of money, mainly to help with those who struggle with discretion and cant have nappies delivered to their houses (Message us). We very much look forward to becoming an integral part of the UK community and hope to speak with you all very soon. M & K x
  4. this is mainly a problem with us boys and our private parts. So I've been trying to wet while lying down in bed for a long time now, with just a little bit of success so far. Last night, I diapered up with a couple of boosters but instead of pointing down I decided I'd point up for a change and went to sleep. I ended up waking in a middle of the night due to some uncomfortable tightness in my crotch, evidently having a night time erection while sleeping made it too awkward for me to sleep soundly. So I took my time I relaxed a little bit till my erection subsided almost completely, a feeling which was accompanied a sudden urge to pee so I decided to see what would happen. I felt myself relax slightly and then let go, the problem was that the front of the diaper absorved part of the pee but then it started overflowing by the right side of the diaper, it really sucks to stop the feeling of relaxed peeing just because you're afraid you're going to completely flood your bed, so I got a little bit pissed off (no pwn intended) and run off to the bathroom where I kept on peeing while standing (my bedroom has a wooden floor so I couldn't risk it leaking all over). So, although wetting while "pointing up" resulted less difficult than when "pointing down" it involves uncomfortable sleeping and most likely leaking all over your bed, at least thats what it turned out for me anyway. So choosing between the up and down position kinda seems to be a choice depending if you are going to bed or going through your daily routine. Of course I'm leaving out the option of repositioning your penis (ineither position) after wetting because sometimes its kind of yucky Say you go to sleep, you point down, which shouldn't bother you, and your night time diaper is not that wet when you wake up. So you don't really want to throw it out and want to continue wearing it throughout the day. However, the front of your diaper will most likely go unused, thus wasting a good chance for a nice wetting. But then if you go to sleep, you point up, you may get uncomfortable, may leak. However the front of your diaper will be used. The night time diaper may be a little bit wet when you wake up, but fully prepared to be used during the day. Since all the new pee you release in front of your diaper will most likely go to the bottom and maybe partially to the back part of it making the most out of each diaper. I guess girls have the luck not to face that kind of choices So, what position do you usually choose? and why?
  5. Cold Weather Diapers

    It has turned unseasonably cold here and clothes are getting layered, coats are being worn. I love this time of year because the diapers aren't so hot and there's so much more to camoflauge them. I've worn out and about the last several days and enjoyed it. I even wore a Molicare out for the evening Friday night with friends. Do you find you are wearing diapers outside more when the chances of detection are lowered?
  6. Hey guys, new here so this may have been asked before, but I've been wondering... When you wear, is your "buddy" facing "up," or "down?" Personally I am a "down"... only on rare occasion do I wear "up."
  7. Molicare Sizing Issues

    Hi all, Over the last two weeks I got two samples of Molicare Super Plus diapers, the purples ones; the first was a medium then the second was a small. Bear in mind these are the only two diapers I've ever worn (not including pullups). I first tried the mediums which seemed HUGE - not sure whether I didn't tape them right or not but they felt so baggy and the tapes didn't sit right (probably my fault). After that I tried the smalls today, and they were at the other extreme - TINY (I could just about get them on but the second they got wet and expanded the tapes literally just popped off). Is it safe to say that I should carry on with the mediums (if I try them again) even though they felt horrendously big, or should I try a different brand or what? I may have taped them badly, but I don't see how it's possible to even go wrong when doing it so I'm not sure if it's me. Opinions? x