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Found 8 results

  1. Starting a topic related to ConvertUps, a revolutionary product which adapt any regular baby nappy/diaper into toilet training pants and bedwetting protection for kids, teens and adults. Attaches to any regular velcro-type diaper and allows older kids, teens and adults to wear them. We are offering free shipping world-wide and have also dropped the price of larger size ConvertUps until the end of September. Check us out at www.convertups.com and view pictures of the 4 different designs (Girls, Boys, White and new Aqua) and buy directly from our site. Designed and manufactured to the highest standards in Europe.
  2. Should I try to bedwet?

    So basically I have a desire to wear 24/7. Now I saw on Amazon you can get 44 Pampers Underjams L/XL for only $23. With this price I could probably buy a whole years supply. I would only be buying Underjams due that they are small, thin, and quite. Also I am pretty sure more absorbent then Goodnites, correct me if i'm wrong. Now I am still living with my parents ( No i'm not underage, just haven't moved out yet lol ) and I would like to keep it to my self as there is no need to involve your parents into this fetish . Now I would only be wetting the Underjams, no poop as it is too much to take care of. So my question is, do you think I would be able to wear 24/7 without family knowing or questioning it? Also do you think I would possibly get use to wetting the diaper that I would wet without knowing ( kinda like incontinence, but just untrained I guess... )? And one last thing do you think they would hear the Underjams under my boxers and pants? Let me know what you think about this, should I do it or no, money is not a problem. Thanks for reading and hopefully some of you can answer my questions and give your opinions on this. Instead i'm looking to bed wet again. I have the finances and also a disposal for the diapers un-noticed. I would be wearing Tena Ultra Briefs. I would buy a diaper pail to keep the diapers till I have time to get rid of them, also it will keep my room smelling the same. I will wear a diaper each night with full confidence in them, I will also drink some water before bed. Now I would go through with this if I only knew how to make myself wake up through the night to go pee and how to shrink my bladder. I don't want to invest money into if I can't ever get up to pee, or not be able to shrink my bladder which is a big part in bedwetting IMO. Can anyone recommend some ways to wake up through the night to pee and how I could shrink my bladder size? I have heard about taking 1-3 drops of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide with a 12-16oz glass of water will shrink your bladder immediately. No it is not harmful at small doses, plus it is food grade, so no stabilizers or chemicals, correct me if i'm wrong please. Anyways, let me know
  3. Hi Guys, Just to let you know that we are currently down to our last few ConvertUps for the next few weeks. In case you are not aware, ConvertUps convert regular diapers/nappies of almost any brand into larger size pull-up and/or velcro/tape-on diapers/nappies for kids, teens, and adults of all sizes. We currently have limited sizes and colours in stock. If the size/colour you'd like is not available then please get in touch and we can advise when we are likely to have them in stock. Find out more at www.convertups.com and read our product overview, FAQs, and to buy. Thanks, ConvertUps
  4. Hi Guys, We are doing a special offering free shipping on ConvertUps world-wide if you order on or before this coming Sunday, the 20th of March. Just go to www.convertups.com And enter discount code: ShipConvertUpsFree When checking out, and shipping anywhere in the world will be free. Enjoy! Thanks, ConvertUps
  5. Need new diapers....

    So, i'm new to the diaper scene by about a year. I have always loved wearing goodnight diapers for girls size L/XL and have never had a problem with them fitting. Maybe after wearing them all day and sleeping with them I might get a little tear in the side, but that's it. I want to try and find a cute new diaper set that will still fit me. I keep hearing about under jams and even pampers and huggies. I have a 34" waist, that's what I wear for pants and like I said I never have a problem with goodnites sliding up on me and never tearing. So, I'm gonna buy some new diapers tomorrow, I know I'm gonna buy some underjams, but do you think huggies or pampers will fit me? I've read threads about stretching the tape, or re-taping them, cruisers etc. My goal is to find some really cute girly diapers just like under jams and my goodnight butterfly diapers, I just love the way they look and feel. Girlier the better Thanks everyone! I LOVE being apart of this new family and being accepted =)
  6. I have been sitting on these for some time and would like to give them to someone who would appreciate them. If you have any early 70's wing folded Pampers to trade and/or sell, I'm you new best friend! Anyway, I think I can put these into a large Priority Mail envelope and mail them that way. I will make sure to write DIAPERS with a red sharpie all over the package. LOL, J/K... hehe There are 3 Goodnites samples from previous years including one pair of blue boxers and one Underjam. These are all size Large/XL. The bag is included as well. How does $25 for all shipped discreetly to your door sound? I always consider the first with the money to be the fairest way to handle the transaction. Also, I accept and prefer PayPal. If you are not sure you trust me, you may look on Ebay @ seller RPW765 and review my feedback if that helps. PM me if you want these. Thanks for looking
  7. I was going through my "stash" earlier and realized I had about 4 samples of Boy's XL GoodNites and maybe a Pampers UnderJam sample as well. Since I cannot fit into GoodNites anymore without ripping them and they don't mean much to me, I thought about getting rid of them. There are 4 different kinds. A BMX pattern I bought some time ago and used them all except to save one with the package they came in. The other 3 are sealed samples that came in the mail. One is a GoodNite blue boxer shorts. Another is a Brief style GoodNite diaper. And I think the last one is a Pampers UnderJam that is Green with the number 32 on it. Should I bother putting these on there if they only get a few bucks? I have no idea what they are worth. What do you all think I can get, if anything for them?
  8. I want EXACT (up-sized) replicas of the diapers we got to wear as preschoolers, kindergartners, and grade-schoolers. That would be something on the order of pull-ups, other brands of training pants (I like the Hyvee Brand), Libero Size 7, GoodNites, and UnderJams. I wish Bambino and other such manufacturers would make exact replicas (yet up-sized to fit us and me) of these diapers/training pants/bedwetting pants. They haven't, but how can I get them to? I can't wait for the day that such replicas come along. It'll really destress me and make me feel innocent again.