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Found 13 results

  1. In Need of a Changeling

    This is just a teaser, I'm going to finish the rest of The Fifth Column before I get any further with this, but I wanted to at least get the first chapter out after I had the idea, striking while the iron was hot and all that. It's something a little more down-to-earth, if you will, though that doesn't mean I'm not interested in telling an actual story. If you like it, let me know! It was a chill night, and the moon was full...FC: The moon was not full! In fact, it had been waning for half a week, and was the shape of a pumpkin that had just started to get old and fall in on itself. PC: Still, a full moon would have been far more imposing and dramatic. FC: We’re not writing drama here, we’re telling a story. PC: Fine...It was a chill night, and the moon was the shape of an old pumpkin.Nells crept up to the back door of the little human dwelling - A single-story affair that had only half a dozen rooms in it - and tried the handle. Immediately he regretted the decision, swearing and pulling away his hand, sucking on his fingertips to relieve the stinging sensation that came with the touch of iron.“Humans,” he muttered, making the word into a curse. Iron was less common in modern times, but humans still found ways to incorporate it into their lives. Exasperated, he added, “And I’m trying to help you!” Pulling back his flowing cloak, Nells retrieved a white silk glove from a pocket, drawing it over his slender fingers and trying the door handle again. With protection between his skin and the iron handle, he was able to grip it tightly, turning and finding the door unlocked, just as he’d suspected.Creeping inside, Nells peered back and forth for a moment, ensuring that the residents were not around. Though he was trying to be of aid, and indeed couldn’t have even entered had he meant harm, it would still be better for everyone if he went undetected. In a moment of indecision, Nells considered raiding the cupboards. Human food was a rare delicacy that he’d never had the priviledge to try, seeing as he’d never entered in a bargain with a human. For whatever reason, it was not commonly brought into the land of Faerie, and he’d never gotten the opportunity to acquire it himself. Seeing as he was now acting under the Brownie Code, though, he would be permitted to eat of their food in exchange for his aid - In fact, he was certain that access to human food was the only reason that brownies were helpful towards humans in the slightest, though if you ever implied that the food was payment then the nearest brownie would likely challenge you to a duel.Shaking his head and deciding that it was no time for distractions, Nells pressed on through the house, though he took the time to listen for any motion in the house, his pointed ears acutely aware of even the slightest noise.His feet were shod in soft boots that made no sound as he slipped through the home, and his black cloak and clothes kept him shadowed with darkness. The floorboards might have creaked under a heavier footstep, but his steps were so nimble that they made not even the slightest noise.On his belt, a thin silvery sword was hung, and Nells put his hand on the pommel as he approached the door at the end of the hallway, ready for whatever action he would have to take. He almost checked if the handle was made of iron, before realizing that the door was not even shut. Placing one hand lightly on the wood, he pressed forward, swinging the door open. “Hello, Nells.” The woman standing in the room was would only be called gorgeous by someone whose vocabulary lacked a stronger word. Like Nells, she wore all black - The better to sneak with - But unlike Nells, her outfit was a flowing dress, which blew with the gentle wind coming in through the open window. And in her arms, she held a child. It was the prerogative of all Unseelie fairies to kidnap children, of course. The female fairy was acting in her nature. However, it would not have been a fair and balanced world if there was not a power put in place to stop them, and so it fell on the Seelie Fae to stop them. “Ainsley,” Nells said, eyes narrowing. “Might I ask how you got in?”Ainsley shrugged. “You may, if you share how you entered as well.”Nells considered the trade, and finding it fair, asked, “How did you get in?” “I’ve spent many a day building a repertoire with this family,” Ainsley said. “Coming by, watching their little ones. They told me I could visit any time that I liked, and I chose to visit now, just before the stroke of midnight*.”FC: It was not just before the stroke of midnight, and Ainsley didn’t even say that line anyways. It was 1:37 in the morning, remember? PC: Poo. You’re no fun. FC: Of course not, I’m an editor.“Fair enough,” Nells said. “I’m acting under the Brownie code, by only taking actions which aid the best interest of the host.” “You’re working as a Brownie now?” Ainsley asked, raising an eyebrow. “I knew you’d lost your position as a Sprite, but that seems an awful step down in career choices.”“I’m not a Brownie, I’m just using their bylaws,” Nells explained, pausing for an awkward moment. “Well, I showed you mine, you showed me yours.”Ainsley paused. “This isn’t nearly so fun as the last time you said that. Perhaps you should take your clothes off and try again, see if that makes any difference.”Nells ignored the quip with some difficulty, gripping his sword tighter and looking around the room. There was one empty bed, wrinkled sheets and rumpled covers decorated with spaceships and stars. Across from it, in another bed, lay the tiny figure of a little girl, fast asleep. “You enchanted the girl,” Nells commented. “She will sleep until I leave,” Ainsley replied. She looked down at the boy in her arms, a human of perhaps a dozen years, and added, “He will sleep for much longer.” With all the power and bravado he could muster, Nells drew his sword in a smooth motion, pointing its tip at Ainsley in a dramatic gesture. “By the light of a thousand stars and by the cold night air, you will not steal this child!” Ainsley rolled her eyes. “Seelie boys,” she tsked. “You do love your big, dramatic gestures, don’t you?”“This isn’t dramatic,” Nells said. “If I was being dramatic, I’d have you pinned to the wall at the point of my sword.” Ainsley smirked. “As fun as that sounds, Nells, I’m here legally. The parents of this child owe me a debt.”Feeling the wind leave his sails a bit, Nells blushed and lowered his sword. “What debt?” Ainsley shrugged. “Many moons ago, the father needed a blood donation after crashing his carriage*. I saw to it that he got it.”FC: It was not, in fact, a carriage. It was a Toyota. PC: A Toyota Highlander. Unsourced reports say that it was attempting to crash into another Highlander. FC: Oh please. Nobody’s going to get that reference.Sword all the way to the ground now, Nells said, “You can’t donate blood. How-”“That’s another story, one that I’m not obliged to tell you,” Ainsley replied. “The point is, they owe a debt.” “Well…” Nells said, sputtering for a moment. “How much blood was it?” “One pint, I do believe,” Ainsley said. Nells felt his confidence flourish again. “That’s not near the worth of a child!”“No, but it’ll allow me to rent this child until the next full moon,” Ainsley said. “And as it happens, the cost of raising a human child to maturity has grown steadily over the passing of time. In fact, as long as I raise this child to the same standard of care that his parents would have, this will incur a constant debt which can only be paid by my further rental of the child.”“That’s not right,” Nells argued. “You can’t incur a secondary debt by leveraging a primary debt. That violates the primary terms of the Seelie Laws*. You’re effectively stealing the child forever!”FC: Please explain how this stuff works again, for the readers? I barely understand it myself. PC: While there technically exist two separate sets of laws for Seelie and Unseelie fairies, their trade agreements and negotiations are so tied up in one another that, for all intents and purposes, fairies of either court must abide by both, though only a Seelie Fae would bother to enforce Seelie law, and visa-versa. FC: Ugh. Your laws are so confusing! PC: You should meet our lawyers. FC: ...Ainsley shook her head, setting down the child for a moment and reaching in her pocket. She withdrew a small book, flipping open to a page near the middle. “Yes, but there’s an exception for obligations of care or hosting. Otherwise, at a party, the host would have no obligation to their guests after too much time expired, and visa versa.”Nells opened his mouth to speak, then closed it, then sheathed his sword and held out his hand. “Let me see that!” Ainsley offered the law book, and Nells sat down on the bed to flip through the pages, reading them carefully. “Okay, but-”“No, it’s covered in the addendum on the next page,” Ainsley said, before Nells could finish saying his obligation. “And besides…”Both of them went silent, hearing footsteps approach from down the hall. They turned and looked, and then looked at one another, and a moment of silent acknowledgment passed. Neither wanted to be seen by the human. “Take the child, I’ll distract them,” Ainsley whispered.“It was your decision to come here! You keep the child!” Nells whispered back.“I’m better at glamours than you,” Ainsley pointed out. Nells glowered, but took the child, moving to a back corner of the room and hiding himself and the child both in shadow. Ainsley’s form melted, meanwhile, shifting to perfectly resemble the boy that she had been holding in her arms only seconds before.A woman wearing a rumpled nightgown entered the room, spotting Ainsley immediately. “Sweetie, what’s wrong? Why are you out of bed?” “I couldn’t sleep, mommy,” Ainsley said, her voice sounding just like that of a human boy. “Bad dreams?” The woman asked. Ainsley nodded. “How about I go get you a glass of milk, alright? Would that help?” Again, Ainsley nodded. The woman smiled, said, “I’ll be right back,” and turned to leave. After the woman was gone, Ainsley reformed herself into her regular appearance, and turned to Nells. “That’s my cue to leave, Nells. Give me the boy. You’ve no legal grounds to stop me, anyways.”Nells grinned. “I found something. Under the stipulation for incurring a secondary debt, there’s a clause allowing for the trade of obligation as seen in section C-27.” Ainsley paused. “What? The Changeling rules of operation? What’s that got to do with anything?” “Well, it stipulated here that as a boon or favor, I can request to take up a holding in this opening that you’re creating through inaction, as stipulated… here, in subclause 1017-AB” Nells explained, pointing at a line in the law book. “‘So mayhaps that I might reap the yon benefyts’, etcetera etcetera.”Ainsley paused. “You lost me.”Nells grinned. “I owe you a favor, and I’m going to replace the child. That way, the humans are still paying all the costs of child-rearing, and you don’t get to keep the boy forever.” Ainsley frowned, reading over the rule, speaking a few words allowed. “‘Forsooth the wain fae must tayke up the child’s place, and-’ Remind me again why they don’t print the laws in common faerie? Reading the old language gives me a headache.”*FC: You’re not the only one!“Beats me,” Nells said. “But the point is, I can replace the child, and as long as the parents don’t notice that I’m a fae until the full moon, you’ll not get to keep him.”“And And if they do notice?” “Then I’ll be cast out of their home, and you get to keep the child.”Ainsley started to prepare a few hot words*, then tempered her anger and smiled upon a realization. PC: I’m being literal. Unseelie Faeries are associated with winter, sure, but fire was still a popular weapon of choice for any season. FC: You could have just said that in the text rather than going for the awful pun.“What?” Nells asked.“I’m under no obligation to tell you,” Ainsley said. “I appreciate the boon that you offer me, and accept it gladly. Have fun living with mortals, Nells, and have more fun enjoying all the mortal foods and comforts. Can I have the child now?”Nells paused, looking down at the boy in his arms, then nodded and passed him over. He’d intended that the child would never be separated from his parents at all, but since that wasn’t an option, he’d had to go for the next best thing.Ainsley gladly took the child, grinned, and said, “I’ll see you soon, Nells.” Then, with barely a blur of motion, she vanished out the window, child in tow. Taking a second to gather himself, Nells realized that he hadn’t yet cast a glamour. He really wasn’t as good at Ainsley, and without being able to see the child directly, it might be tricky for him to make the copy perfect - And it had to be perfect if he was going to fool the child’s parents until the next full moon. Glancing around, then, he saw a picture of the child, standing in some kind of uniform with peers all around him. That would do perfectly.Concentrating, he held his hands in the air and spun once, forming the glamour that would hide his true form and make him both appear and feel as though he were the boy who had been taken. Once changed, he walked to the window, looking out to see if Ainsley was still within view. It was unlikely, but possible, and he hoped to shout one last barb or insult after her before she was gone.At this point, the mother returned, holding a glass of warmed milk and looking at what was apparently her son, wearing his baseball jersey and standing by an open window. “Young man, just what exactly are you doing?” Nells swallowed, turning to face the woman. “Um… Looking for fairies?”PC: She didn’t believe him.
  2. I wonder if they make anything that could be used for diapers and rubber panties http://www.britishfoodshop.com/fairy-cleaning-products.asp
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  12. Ab Universe

    Okay I personally choose bambino over AB Universe everytime. Don't get me wrong I like both a lot but I know which one might leak and which one can hold more. Bambino hands down wins! However ABU has some awesome prints and just now I checked out the site to see if they had any specials going on or anything and I saw these beauties up for pre-order! I have to wait until after this month to order them, but you better believe I will be buying at least 10 of these come January! I am so excited. These are cute, inexpensive, and something I personally have been wanting for awhile. These are a limited supply!!! www.abuniverse.com/products/abu-sissy.asp ORDER NOW! I am hoping and praying I get to order at least 10! *Important Note: This item is available for PRE-ORDER ONLY. This item will ship separately from any item(s) that may be purchased along with this item. This item is expected to begin shipping between March 11, 2013 and March 25, 2013. This initial production run is limited and may sell out during pre-order.
  13. Want To Play?

    Who would like to play a game played by Fairy little girls? http://fairyland.sandralyn.net/gameintro.html