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Found 32 results

  1. Wet

    From the album Barebums

  2. Wet

    From the album Barebums

  3. Wet

    From the album Barebums

  4. Dry

    From the album Barebums

  5. Soggy

    From the album Barebums

  6. I have tried to find specific information about the Rearz Seduction (I will have a size large, this may be a factor for answers) Firstly, I understand they are very absorbent, but I'm trying to get a realistic idea of how that translates. Meaning, I have seen demos where they soak the entire product while having it lying open on a table. That is very different than what happens during actual wear. People, especially men wet one general area. With this in mind, how well does it spread throughout? Or does it? Is the sizing accurate? (does it run bigger or smaller) Is the fit comfortable? (around the legs and waist, especially while sitting. And the ever-popular tape mystery: do they/will they hold for a long period) And maybe most important to me, this last question is for anyone in a wheelchair: since we are sitting, there is constant weight/pressure being applied. How does this affect leakage? How long could I truly wear this?
  7. I have found the largest baby diapers in the world! Being a diaper collector I have searched all over collecting the largest sizes in baby diaper lineups. They are called Darlings baby diapers. this is the size 7 (largest size they actually manufacture). They are rated at 24-36kg children, or the average 6-12 year old child. Measurements are the same as the GoodNites and DryNites size XL. They are manufactured in Kuwait and only available to the people of Kuwait. A great find for collectors! I have some sealed unopened packages of these Diapers as well as samples available for sale or trade. Would like to talk with other collectors whi collect the same kind of diapers. See images.
  8. Drippy Diaper

    Drippy Diaper It was summer and the day had been wonderfully hot, one of the few as I remember. I'd spent the entire day on my own wandering around the countryside near my home wearing only a t-shirt and shorts. A lot of that time was spent on various grassy knolls, stripped to my diaper, enjoying the heat. To me, there is little else finer than lying out getting a tan, relaxing, looking at the clouds and being gently wafted by a warm breeze. As the day progressed the heat got more oppressive and the sweat turned my light disposable into a sponge. However, as the almost clear blue sky began to accumulate more cloud and the atmosphere was getting heavier, I could tell we were heading for a downpour before the end of the day. As day turned to early evening, the clouds had become dark and menacing but still nothing had happened to dispel the humid and clammy feel of the oppressive conditions. I visited a fellow diaper loving friend at his place and we sat in his outhouse overlooking the back garden; windows and doors wide open in the hope of catching any passing breeze. We sweated in our shorts and t-shirts trying to keep cool with supplies of ice cool beer from the fridge. It was too hot to actually be doing anything - even talking seemed quite an effort, when the first tell-tale splash announced itself. This was followed immediately by a few other large spots making even bigger splashes and noise on the glass roof. Five seconds later the heavens opened up and a great deluge just streamed from the sky. Almost at the same time a frightening white flash and horrendous crack of thunder announced that a storm had gathered over the house. It was scary and exhilarating, as flash after flash lit up the garden, complete with its thunderous accompaniment. My fellow diaper lover suggested we strip off and stand naked in the rain to cool down. We pulled off our t-shirts and shorts but before he could remove his diaper I pushed him outside into the raging torrent. Although at first his disposable seemed to resist the downpour… in a matter of seconds it was soaked and swollen. However, this didn’t seem to worry him as he rushed to the centre of the garden with his arms outstretched and let the rain beat down on him. It was like a scene from the movies; the contrast between his tanned body and white diaper, drenched but smiling up to the heavens, well, the overall image was just superb. I pulled off my shorts and stripped to my diaper and thought, fuck the lightning; that looks like fun. We stood side by side as the giant-sized, warm droplets pummelled our bodies. The force of the storm didn't seem to be easing and already a stream was flowing from the top of the garden, carrying leaves and soil down the slight incline into the now waterlogged flowerbed. As the thunder cracked around us we screamed in exhilaration and shouted our vocal appreciating to the non-stop noise. We were having ‘scary’ fun. He had his eyes closed and was slowly spinning with his arms outstretched and I couldn’t resist the sudden urge I got to pull down his diaper. However, just as I was going in for the killer move he opened his eyes and discerned what I was about to do. He blocked my move and countered with one of his own and before long we were writhing on the ground tickling and grabbing each others bodies. We wrestled in the rain trying to gain some kind of slippery advantage but we were well matched. The rain began to ease and our diapers were in a terrible state stuck with leaves, grass, soil and who knew what else. We looked up and saw his young neighbour smiling at us from his bedroom window, a look of gratitude on his face. Although we both felt a bit embarrassed about our antics, I suppose like most teenager boys he'd taken himself in hand whilst he watched our homage to the rain. We got up to go back in the house but he wanted the last ‘word’. He attempted to pull down my soaked diaper to give the neighbour even more to think about but, like him, I realised just what he was about to do. I spun around to exact some kind of reprisal and in doing so lost my footing on the greasy wet grass. I slid sideways all the way down the slippery incline on my arse and ended up in the muddy pool that used to be the flowerbed. The mucky water lapped around my groin, the heat from the ground had warmed it up and I was getting pleasantly excited from the surprisingly sensuous feel of my muddy situation. I called out to my friend to come and join me but he was already convulsed with laughter at my inelegant journey down the garden. After a few moments off splashing in the mud I got up and my bloated white diaper had turned an unpleasant murky grey. It could soak up no more liquid and the excess just trickled off and ran down my mud-flecked legs. My friend had decided that I, and my dirty drippy diaper, needed to stay outside for a while longer so he locked the door and wouldn’t let me in. The storm had passed, the clouds were breaking up and the final few rays of the day were making an appearance giving the garden a lovely fresh and invigorated quality. I returned to its centre, opened my arms as wide as I could, closed my eyes and let the sun dry me off. As the heat rose my sagging diaper disintegrated but I just stood there naked thinking what a great day it had been. When I opened my eyes again I noticed that my friend had returned with a hose, a towel, soap and various powders and lotions, while on the chair arm I could see he’d brought a fresh, clean, pristine white terry cloth diapers… so I guessed, the evening was going to be equally wonderful as well. ******end******
  9. I wear very thick cloth diapers. I am looking for the thickest disposable diaper available. I have diaper liners but they don't add that much padding. Who knows what the thickest disposable is?

    I just received 2 samples, and tried the first one today. I don't know if ABU has made all their 2 tape products more improved, but from what I have tried these fit better, and absorb better. I wore it for 9.5hrs before leaking, and adjusted the tapes twice. I may have to give the cushies and SDKs another chance, but I really enjoy these!
  11. Most Durable?

    My wife and I do a lot of spanking play with diapers. As we have gotten more into spanking harder, we have become frustrated by the number of diapers that just sort of explode with a good paddling. Do any of you know of a (more inexpensive) diaper that holds up better to this kind of play? We use a thick wooden paddle with holes and swing sorta hard. We have used: Tena (normal), Tena super, abena L4, and a host of other off brand diapers
  12. dg2695-01.jpg

    From the album DiaperGal Promo Pics

    New set at DiaperGal today. Victoria in a Tena http://bit.ly/diapergal
  13. Hey everyone, I looked through the forum and couldn't find exactly what I needed, so I started a new topic. Below is a quick summary of my situation and what I am looking for, any help would be appreciated. Recently, my wife and I decided that I could give wearing around the house another shot. This is great news and I am incredibly lucky. In the past, I have probably been too excited to wear and I would buy the diapers that I love (Dry 24x7, Abena X-Plus, etc.). Being a DL, the loud/thick/absorbent disposables are my favorite. However, I want to be more respectful of my wife and compromise with her by finding something that is much more discrete than what I had been wearing. I think that I am looking for something that is both quiet (cloth backed?) and thinner than my previous choices, but still absorbent (it would be good to get at least 2 wettings in each diaper). Any advice? I am looking at the Abena Abri-Form 2 and the Seni Super Plus on XP right now, but not sure what others think from experience. Thanks for the help
  14. Mommy wets?

    I've always thought it would be exciting form of punishment to be restrained on the changing table with an unfolded diaper underneath while Mommy straddled me (reverse cowgirl) and wet my diaper for me. Then she would tape it up and put me down for a soggy diaper nap. I haven't seen this scenario played out really at all in stories or on websites. I'm curious if anyone has had an experience like this they are willing to share?
  15. Cloth or disposable?

    Performance-wise, I think disposables are better. Also, disposables have much better designs in my opinion. But since I don't want to use too much money on diapers, I usually just wear cloth. After scavenging all over the internet though, I was able to find some pretty cute cloth diapers though lol. What about you? What do you prefer?
  16. I have a pack of the max absorbency CVS diapers (they were cheap and I was jonesing for some in the moment… don't judge), and I noticed that, like a lot of diapers with the cloth backing, you can strip it away to get to a layer of plastic. For those of us with cheap diapers like this, or those of us that are increasingly upset with our favorite diapers going to cloth backing, I feel like this is a relevant issue. The first couple of times I tried this I ended up ripping holes in the plastic cover. I can seal them with tape, which works relatively well- but I would rather find a way to loosen the adhesive so that the cloth just peels away with no issue. Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this? Has anyone else been otherwise successful in this endeavor? Would love to know! -Andy
  17. Here is a link to the official GoodNites Tru-Fit website. Since this new product is not fully distributed in either the USA or Canada, there is no mention or link on the main GoodNites website. In Canada a few retail stores carry Tru-Fit. In the USA the only way currently to buy them is from Walmart on-line. https://www.goodnites.com/our-products/goodnites-trufit/ Ever since KCWW separated the websites of Huggies and GoodNites, I have been asking them for a radical improvement. The fact is that GoodNites were originally created as a somewhat more discreet Pull-Up for larger people. Most of the marketing information makes a big deal about in some way a kid wearing GoodNites on a sleep-over is not going to be exposed as needing a diaper. There is no evidence that any kid was ever fooled into thinking a GoodNites was ordinary underwear. I mean, they were advertised on TV. Another thing is that no ordinary Pull-Up works well in bed. Sure some of the better adult disposable undies can be used in bed so long as you only dribble a little. Despite GoodNites best efforts up to the introduction of Tru-Fit their reputation with parents and kids over the age of six is that they leak so much wetting in bed while wearing normal undies causes less mess. The radical design of Tru-Fit is that it is a composite product. The underwear is made of 82% cotton and 18% Spandex, so it stretches and can fit the body snugly. Inside the underwear there is a urine resistant pocket with elastic to hold a disposable pad which does not itself have a waterproof layer on one side. Those pads can easily be loaded into the pocket. It is the same principle as the slip-in pads I use daily under my going to court clothing. I wear very stretchy snug cotton/Spandex ladies panties which last me 25-30 wearings. I slide those down to replace my pads, which I make by cutting off the flaps of Cruisers Size 4. For the past couple of weeks I have been wearing GoodNites Tru-Fit for Girls size L/XL rated for 65-100 pounds, but the stretch enough people weighing over 125 pounds find them comfy and effective. The secret is holding the pad snugly to the body and making the pad soak up urine flow quickly. My preliminary lab tests using normal saline at 98.6 F indicates the Tru-Fit Insert (pad) absorbs as fast as a Cruiser Size 4 or a Pampers Extra Protection Size 4. The Tru-Fit total capacity is much larger than a Cruiser Size 7 or any of the Huggies diapers. Best of all, the way the Tru-Fit system works, you are not sitting on much of the pad, so in calculating functional capacity you do not need to deduct for "squeeze-out" as is the case with pull-on, Pull-Ups and disposable diapers. For me Tru-Fit still have capacity after 5 hours, which for me is the limit I will wear any form of diaper during the day. The only downside is that you need to remove the underwear part to change the pad. In my case that would mean removing my hose and shoes, which is hardly discreet in public ladies' rooms. For adults slender enough to fit in Tru-Fit who can feel when they need to find a toilet and slide them down, these have many advantages. On me they are very comfortable. If GoodNites Tru-Fit sell to parents, expect this technology to be used in toddler Pull-Ups and probably adult products. Although KCWW has filed trademark registration for Tru-Fit, they have not applied for patent protection. My educated guess is that there is nothing to patent about Tru-Fit, but probably there are trade secrets to manufacturing them. My other guess is that the Liners or pads could well be made on the same machines used to make KCWW's Kotex Maxi-Pads, probably with a healthy percentage of SAP. By the way, on that Tru-Fit website there are 50 user video reviews which are fascinating in strange ways.
  18. Very Wet Diaper

    From the album Diapers

    Me In Very Wet Diaper

    © Diaperboy34-2014

  19. Diapered Butt

    From the album Diapers

    My Diapered Butt

    © Diaperboy34-2014

  20. IMG ATDP01

    From the album Diapers

    Attends diaper

    © Diaperboy34-2013

  21. Dodot nappies in the UK

    I was watching this advert for a brand of disposable nappies called DoDot on youtube and i was wondering do they sell them in the UK for i can't ever recall seeing them where disposable nappies are sold
  22. Close up

    From the album Just some of me

  23. Me standing

    From the album Just some of me

  24. Me in bed

    From the album Just some of me

  25. Your perfect "stinky" scenario

    If you could be small again and diapered by anyone famous (doesn't have to be super famous) who would it be? Also, what would be a stinky diaper scenario that would be your favorite? Perhaps one where you poop in the diaper at the line of the super market? Or maybe you hide in the morning after waking up to a mess in your dide. Whats your perfect stinky dide situation and how would you want it to play out?