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Found 25 results

  1. Kami-bozu

    Diaper boy art with my OC

    Some pictures featuring my OC Andy drawn by friends
  2. Cute_Kitten

    Bad Seed (updated 9/27)

    BAD SEED C.K. Cute Kitten Cameron McLeod lay on his back, staring up at the white painted ceiling tile decorated with decals of teddy bears and ABC blocks. He sucked on the large rubber nipple, the plastic shield of the pacifier pressing against his lips. His hooded sweatshirt and onesie were pushed up to his armpits, and the plastic strap securing him to the changing table was tight; Mrs. Vesper had the unfortunate habit of fastening it too tight, as if she thought that somehow made it extra secure. He felt a tugging sensation on his hips and lower abdomen as a fresh diaper was taped around him. "A clean diapee feels better, doesn't it?" Ms. Sweeney chirped in her sugary sweet singsong voice. Her diaper changes were much gentler than Mrs. Vesper's. She had gotten called away by a phone call, so Ms. Sweeney had stepped in and finished changing him. He tilted his head, looking up at his teacher and licensed regression therapist. Her plump, ruby red lips smiled down at him and her brown eyes twinkled, full of the joy of life. Her short, curly black hair frizzed around her head like a fuzzy dark halo and huge rhinestones sparkled in her earlobes. She chattered away, mostly to herself, not expecting her charges to answer. Most of them could or would not. Cameron caught her eyes and returned her smile behind his binky. He was one of the few who could. He had a hand full of classmates in the special education; regression therapy curriculum. His only reply to her was a smile. Dirty diaper, clean diaper, it made no difference to the eighteen year old. He had been in diapers since he was six. The last day he had worn big boy underwear- they had a print of Spiderman, he recalled that specifically- his life had changed forever. He shivered at the memory, his heart skipping a beat "It's cold, huh, baby?" Ms. Sweeney cooed as if he were a toddler. "Let's get you all fixed up and snugly warm again." She unfastened the changing table security strap, pulled down his blue onesie down, fastening it over his diaper. He heard the metal snaps click shut, pressing the padded bulk closer to him and felt some of the cool baby powder shift in his diaper, sliding down towards his butt. He felt her tugging on his pants and heard all those snaps click shut. The cold was not what made him shiver, but that was something he did not want to talk or think about. He was happy the cool days of early autumn were growing colder as winter approached. Wearing pants and long sleeves was a lot more acceptable in the cold weather than it was in the warm. It was normal. He would rather be stared at for being dressed like a weirdo in the warm weather than to expose what lay beneath his clothing, and he did not mean his diapers. The snaps on all his pants, and the telltale bulge of a thick diaper, coupled with the loud crinkly noise they made, all gave away his diapered state anywhere he went. No, what he hid from the world was the painful mementos of the fateful day that changed the course of his life forever. That day was the reason he still wore diapers, and why he was in the regression therapy program. Ms. Sweeney watched her student's pretty face crumple. Cameron had better control of his emotions than her other students, and he was the one who had been through the most. He had also been through the most intensive therapy. When reading his files for the first time, she had been horrified at the nightmare the boy had survived. He had also spent several years in a mental hospital that specialized in intensive regression therapy. "What a cute ducky!" She tapped the yellow duck embroidered on the chest of his blue onesie. "What does the ducky say?" She asked, fearing he was having a melt down and wanted to distract him from it, like she would distract a baby having a tantrum. Cameron stared up at his teacher. He knew what she was trying to do, distract him from his thoughts. The technique worked with patients who had been mentally and emotionally regressed. It had worked on him in the hospital, when he had been little more than an overgrown infant. It worked on his classmates, who were kept emotionally regressed. He played along. "Woof-woof!" He spat his binky out. "Silly baby. Puppies say woof. Duckies go quack-quack." Ms.Sweeney cooed then pulled his hooded sweatshirt down, hiding his ducky and his onesie from sight. "Uh-oh." She smiled and slipped his binky back between his pink lips. Cameron opened his lips so she could slip the rubber nipple into his mouth. "There we go, all done!" She held out her hands, and Cameron placed his hands in hers, allowing her to help him sit up then jump down from the changing table. His hooded sweatshirt hung loose on his slim frame. It was light blue with white and baby blue stripes on the sleeves. His jeans would have passed for normal jeans except for the snaps running along the inner legs all the way up to his crotch, to make for easier diaper checks and changes. His plastic backed diaper crinkled noisily with each little movement and the thick padding around his crotch was familiar and comforting. "Tank yew." He lisped behind his binky to Ms. Sweeney as she tugged at his pants and shirt once more, fixing them now that he was standing. A little bit of drool ran down his chin and plopped down his ever-present bib. A bright yellow ducky clip with a blue strap secured his paci to his shirt. "You're welcome, sweetie. Go back to your seat now." She patted his heavily padded bottom then set about cleaning up the changing table and throwing his used diaper and wipes into the diaper genie. He started across the regression room, which resembled an adult-sized daycare. The thick bulk of his diaper forced his legs apart, giving him an unsteady toddler waddle. He toddled past the locked classroom door when loud voices drew his attention to the glass window in the heavy door. It was locked to prevent any regressed students from wandering out, for their own protection of course. The regression room was more like a daycare in the high school, and students in the regression therapy program were little more than oversized toddlers and babies. "Chill. Seriously. No need to get your dick in a knot, gramps." The voice was loud, female, and excessively annoyed. Cameron froze, shocked at the foul language coming out of a female mouth. He toddled to the door, peering out of the glass window for a lookie-loo.Normal students rarely passed down this hall, which had several special education classrooms. The only time other students or school personnel passed down the special education hall was when they were taking the long way to the school office. Through the glass, he saw a girl in black short shorts, ripped black stockings, black leather boots with spikes, and a baggy black sweatshirt. Spikes had been added to the collar and cuffs. The shirt was just as short as the shorts, exposing the girl's flat stomach. She wore metallic purple lipstick, and her eyes were heavily rimmed with black makeup that made her naturally pale skin the hue of a corpse. Metal spikes poked through the skin under her lower purple lip in a snake bite piercing. A matching, curved metal spike pierced her navel. Her most arresting feature was the left side of her exposed middle. Her once-smooth flesh was a mutilated pink and red ridgeline of deep scars. Rows like jagged, crooked canyons furrowed through her mutilated flesh, as if skin and hunks of meat had been ripped away. Behind her marched the school principal, Mr. Witherspoon, with a stern frown on his aged visage. "Young lady, you are already in violation of the dress code. It is your first day so I will let you off with a warning. Such language will NOT be tolerated here at Mapleton High. Any further infractions of the rules or insubordination to your teachers will result in punishment. Do I make myself clear?"The girl grinned crookedly. "Well, it's a little murky-"He cleared his throat, cutting her off in the middle of her shenanigans. She huffed a put-upon sigh. "Yes, sir." She reached under her half-a-sweatshirt to pull down a white tank top with a glittery black skull on it. "This better? My side was hurting. All hot and itchy, you know? Just needed some air on it. It's still healing." She stuck a finger bedecked with a skull ring into one of the canyons, pushing the shirt's cloth into the groove of missing flesh. Mr. Witherspoon visibly cringed. The girl smirked but quickly wiped her face when he opened his eyes. "Your shorts are still in violation of the dress code. Do NOT let it happen again.""Sure, sure." The girl dug her finger in more, rubbing the groove so the cloth stuck in, giving a hint to the mutilation it hid. The principal puckered his lips in distaste and she grinned like the Cheshire cat. "Well, if that's all sir, I'd better be off to class. Don't wanna be late." She clicked her booted feet together and gave him a sassy salute then dashed off down the hall. Mr. Witherspoon stepped in front of her, blocking her way. He leaned down close and said in a threatening tone, "I run a tight ship here. I will not allow this school's reputation to be tarnished. Parents depend and trust me to keep this institution and its students safe. I have read your files. I am perfectly aware of your past antics. I know your grandfather kept you from going to juvie, where you certainly belong. Or maybe in one of those regression camps for troublemaker youth. I will see you sent there if you so much as put another toe out of line. Do we understand each other, Liliana?"She rolled her eyes insolently, not cowed at all by the invasion of her personal space. She looked sideways and locked eyes for an instant with the prettiest boy she had ever seen. She smiled at the boink in his mouth. Cameron blushed, his face burning, as the girl caught him staring. Purple punk lips quirked in a smile. She winked at him. He realized he still was sucking on his boink. Humiliation washed over him. The new, trouble-making girl was laughing at the big baby boy. Just like all the other normal kids had when the school had attempted to mainstream him. He quickly spat his pacifier out, but it dangled from his ducky clip. Too little, too late- the girl was already looking away. "Liliana!" Mr. Witherspoon crossed his arms, looming over her. Her eyes snapped back to the principal. Her purple lips quirked in a sneer and she looked him up and down aggressively. "Fuck you." She snarled in oddly accented Hindi. Both the principal and Cameron blinked at the foreign language. Cameron wondered what language it was, but the principal seemed to know. "What did you just say?" Mr. Witherspoon barked. "Don't think you can get fresh with me just because you've spent time in India." Liliana smoothed her face into a blank mask. "I said, you are right, sir. I will behave myself from now on. I'll be just as good as my cousin Pissy." "Excuse me?""Priscilla? Prissy? Priscilla Renine? She's my cousin." This time the girl added an "r" into Prissy, making Cameron think her earlier slip up was intentional. He almost smiled at the nickname. He had no love for Priscilla, not after the pranks she had played on him, the bullying, the teasing and tormenting. Mr. Witherspoon's brow ticked. "Yes, I know." Everyone knew who Priscilla was; she was a cheerleader and one of the most popular girls, and a darling of the adults. She was also one of the main reasons Cameron had ended up back in the regression program after his therapist had attempted to mainstream him. "Yeah. I'll be the same exemplary student she was. " The principal's lips puckered even more. "I somehow doubt that." He looked down his nose at her. Liliana grinned. "I will, you'll see!""Humph. You may go, Miss Renine. But remember, I am watching you." "Oh, no doubt about that, sir. I don't doubt that at all." She ended with a theatrical, mocking bow then glanced up at the door again. Cameron's blush deepened when she smiled at him and winked again. He giggled then covered his mouth with his hands. Before the principal could say anything else, she dashed off down the hall. The principal called after her, voice dripping with disgust. "No running in the hall!" He shook his gray head and marched back to his office, the number one place students dreaded. Cameron had a feeling the girl would be spending a lot of time there. Cameron, what are you doing?" Mrs. Vesper, who was younger than Ms. Sweeney and was her assistant, came over after helping another student pick up the jumbo Crayola crayons they had dropped or thrown. Cameron never took his eyes off the hallway. He just pointed to the window. Mrs. Vesper peered out and her eyes widened in recognition as Lili trotted past. She made a loud cluck of disapproval with her tongue, then took Cameron's soft, slender hand in her own. She tugged, leading him like a nursery school worker leading a toddler. Her lips puckered just like Mr. Witherspoon's had, like she had bitten into an extremely sour lemon. "I see. Liliana's back. Well, don't you worry, sweetie. That scary girl won't bother you. I won't let her. Now, come on, it's art time. Why don't you color a pretty picture for your grandma?"At the mention of his grandmother, Cameron wrinkled his nose as he toddled along besides his teacher. His grandmother Beatrice would not care if he colored her a picture or not. Oh, sure, she would pretend to care, to fuss and coo over him if others were around. It was all show though; she did not give a damn about him. If he was alone with her, she would just smile, pat his head and mumble "how nice" before going back to checking the agenda of her social calendar or gossiping with the other ladies in her Ladies' Society. She was always on the phone, worse than a teenage girl with her need to keep up with what was going on in her social circle.Mrs. Vesper took his hand and tugged gently, leading him away from the door and view of the hall. "Aww, your binky fell out. Here you go, baby." She popped his binky back into his mouth and he accepted it automatically, sucking and moving mechanically as she guided him back to the table he shared with Leroy, who was regressed to a five year old mentality to help him recover from some emotional trauma or other, Cameron had never learned the reason for the other boy's regression.Leroy looked up as Cameron sat down and he smiled at the teacher, holding up a scribbled, childish drawing of a dump truck. "Big twuck!" He showed her and Cameron proudly."I see. What color is it?" Mrs. Vesper cooed, patting Cameron on top of his head. "Boo!" Leroy shouted loudly, meaning to say blue. He burst into giggles and clapped his hands at her praise. "What a smart baby!" Her smile faltered as she sniffed. "I smell stinkies. Who did it?" A cloud of stench wafted up from the table. A very similar stench would've emanated from Cameron's own behind if he didn't take a special pill twice a day that nullified fecal odor. Not all the students took the pills, though. Some mommies wanted to easily tell if their baby made a stinky. Cameron's grandmother did not want anyone knowing what went on in his diapers, so she had him on the pills. Mrs. Vesper looked down at them both. Cameron let his binky fall. He wanted to tell her he'd just gotten his diaper changed- in fact, she was the one who had started changing him, but he knew she wouldn't take his word for it. She had been distracted and forgot. Instead of pointing it out , he just sat there quietly debating to try speaking up or hold his tongue.He just smiled as silly as Leroy. "Quack quack!" "Well then I'll just have to check your diapees." She lifted Cameron's hoodie up and found her way blocked by his onesie as she pulled back his pants. She squeezed the back of his puffy diaper but found no lumps. "New diapee." Cameron lisped before putting his binky back in his mouth. "Camwin poopies!" Leroy pointed and giggled, accidentally knocking his blue crayon onto the floor. Mrs. Vesper stood Cameron up, popped open his crotch to poke at his diaper from the leg holes. "Dry as a bone. You must've just been changed." Cameron rolled his eyes; he'd just told her that. 'No shit, Sherlock.' The snarky phrase rolled through his mind, tempting his lips to say the deliciously naughty words. He blushed at the impulse. Those were bad words and good little boys did not use them. Even now, the teachings from his time in the hospital stayed with him, reinforced here in the classroom. Mrs. Vesper snapped him back up and gently pushed down on his shoulder. He immediately plopped down with a loud crinkle and felt a little trickle of warmth as he peed into his diaper. "So, you must be the guilty culprit." She pulled Leroy's pants and diaper back and wrinkled her nose. "Phew. Yup, it's you. Come on, let's get you changed, little stinker." She took him by the hand and led him over to the changing tables. Cameron wondered at the rebellious streak as he stared down at the blank white paper. He was used to being babied, had been conditioned to enjoy it. It was all he knew. After his time in the hospital, he had been home schooled and outpatient therapy. At home, he was taken care of by a regression specialist nanny since his grandmother was very busy with her competitive social life. She was the only family he had; his grandfather was always overseas on business, and his father…..the man was still alive, in prison. After some homeschooling, when he had progressed to a lighter therapy schedule, his therapist suggested he go back to school. Not in the regression program, but in regular school, with the normal students. That had been a disaster.He picked up a purple crayon, doodling a spike the like ones under the girl's lip. Liliana. She felt no compunction to obey authority figures like he did. He recalled her smart mouth and blatant defiance. Attitude like that would earn him a one way trip across his teacher's lap. Parents and guardians of regression students signed consent forms for some old fashioned, across the lap discipline. It helped keep over-sized toddlers in line. He drew a pair of fat purple lips and wondered if Liliana would behave if she was spanked. Judging how Mr. Witherspoon and Mrs. Vesper reacted, it would take a lot of spanking to make the girl behave. That's one of the reasons the regression program existed- to help bad kids learn to be good, to reform them. Would she be joining him in class? She'd be regressed so he wouldn't get to talk much with her. He didn't talk with his other regressed classmates much, but he still enjoyed playing with them. How far would they regress her? Most of the students in here regressed to preschool or kindergarten level. In the hospital, he had been regressed to a newborn and had worked his way up from there. Now, mentally, he was no longer regressed. He had been in with the normal students, when the adults tried to mainstream him; it had been like throwing an injured rabbit into a den of starving tigers and resulted in him being put back into the regression room. Here, he was safe from the normal students and their bullying.
  3. Cute_Kitten

    Bad Moon Rising (COMPLETE)

    BAD MOON RISING by CK Cute Kitten “This shit hole hasn’t changed much in a century.” The noise of the crowd swallowed Prudence’s mutter. Fair booths lined both sides of the street. The Fall Harvest Festival was like a Halloween themed farmers’ market. Some booths had games, but most sold homemade goods and sweets. Hand-knitted sweaters and blankets, apple and pumpkin butters, summer jams, hand pressed ciders, homemade fudge and candied apples. Warring scents assaulted her sensitive nostrils. Fried fair food -burgers, corn dogs- mixed with freshly popped kettle corn and pumpkin flavored cookies, cakes, pies and mingled with scents of homemade candles. This bouquet of smells was underscored by the sting of homemade alcohol. Shrieks of excited children pierced her ears and the pungent aroma of dirty diapers filled her nose, drowning out the other scents. Little sugar-crusted snot goblins ran everywhere, too fast for tired parents to keep up. Prudence nimbly side stepped the kids as she slid between the gaps of people milling about. Her slim hand slipped into pockets as she passed, occasionally coming out with money. Mostly chump change from the locals, but she got quite a few crisp twenty dollar bills from the visiting yuppies. And a few wedding rings she could pawn, though the gold was low quality and not worth much. Her haul was better than the last time she strolled down these streets, pick-pocketing at the turn of the century. Newton was a small town surrounded by farmland and woods. Cornfields and wilderness as far as the eye could see. That hadn’t changed much; now there was more farmed land, less woods. The town had expanded as the population grew. Dirt roads paved over. More automobiles. No more horses and buggies. Telephone polls. Street lights. Cell phones. Girls in pants. Main Street was still the largest street, running right through the center of town. A couple of fast food joints. A few diners. One grocery store. Some gas stations. Feed store. The three bars in town still stood in their same spots. The names changed and buildings were modernized. Her hometown was still just a backwoods scratch on a map. Just a newer version of the same old shit she’d left behind. Even the Halloween Carnival was mostly the same. The name had changed; somewhere along the line, it morphed into the Harvest Festival. Main Street still got closed off and shut down so booths, a spook house, bounce castles and a few carnival rides popped up. A maze of hay bales and tables for pumpkin painting. Prudence noted one big difference as she walked around; a big increase in the number of attendees. Farm families were too far apart, so they used to bring their children to town for trick or treating. Adults took advantage of the time to trade goods, thus spawning the Halloween Carnival. Now, city-dwelling yuppies, enamored with romantic idealizations of the quaint, wholesome, rustic country life flocked with their broods to the small town. They drove for an hour or more for the honest, simple country folk to fleece them with over priced, hand-made goods. Prudence couldn’t fault the locals for their business savvy. The yuppies were ripe for the plucking; big pockets, small brains. No common sense. City living bred it right out of them. Not that she was complaining. She smirked and patted the pilfered money in her own pockets. “This Halloween sucks.” Picking the pockets of idiots with their guard down was the only entertainment this town had. She’d never wanted nor planned to return. Only once had she come back, in the 1940’s to burn a few records of her past and erase some evidence. Local police had labeled those fires as Halloween pranks by deviant youth. One of those fires occurred a few streets away from where she stood now. She recalled a full harvest moon in a starless black sky and the orange flames turning day to night. That night had been a ill moon for the town. Tonight was a full moon on Halloween, too. She stuffed her hands in her pockets, feeling all her ill-gotten gains. “Looks like it’s another bad moon for you, baby.” She grinned to herself then laughed. Hicksville was boring as hell, but all that she hated about this place made it the perfect place to lay low. She had pissed off quite a few dangerous, powerful wolves when her latest, not-quite-legal, get-rich-quick scheme went bust. The law got involved. The law breakers were not happy. Now Prudence was laying low until the heat- both from the cops and the wolves- blew over. The crisp autumn breeze shifted. Red, orange, and yellow leaves fluttered about. Costumed kids shrieked, tiny hands grasping for the dancing leaves. The change in direction of the wind brought in scents of earth, of rotting vegetation, pine needles, and animal musk. The forest. Fresh cut hay and pumpkins from the fields. Pumpkins everywhere. Just like when she was a child. A human. Pru struggled to recall happy childhood memories. Fought for nostalgia as her feet once more trod the soil of her birth, both as a human then as a wolf. All she felt was nausea. She’d discarded her childhood as easily as she’d tossed her humanity. All she had left were vague memories. A screaming mother. Fighting siblings. So many siblings- faces and names all blurs. A father who always reeked of soured whiskey and who was heavy handed with his belt. Constant hunger in her belly. She shook her head, brushing the cobwebs from her mind. They weren’t worth remembering. She crossed the street to another row of booths, looking around aimlessly. Three little ball jointed dolls in a glass display case caught her attention. These were collectors’ items, not toys for children to play with and ruin. The dolls were little children dressed up for Halloween in exquisitely detailed costumes. The faces and hair were realistic looking; little replicas of real life. She almost expected them to blink, to giggle, to move on their own. She drifted closer to the booth, standing right in front of it. She never took her eyes off those hauntingly beautiful dolls. Childhood memories frozen in porcelain. “Like the dolls, dearie? Win them in a raffle. Only five bucks a ticket. Helps out the firemen.” A middle aged lady with gray streaks in her ponytail shook a roll of tickets in Pru’s face. Pru took an involuntary step back, blinking and shifting her focus onto the lady. A sense of deja-vu hit her and she was swept back to her childhood. The woman was a dead ringer for her old teacher in the local one-room school house. Mrs. Fisk had been a strict but fair schoolmarm. Most of the kids liked her. Prudence often was on the receiving end of Mrs. Fisk’s switch; neither teacher nor student had liked each other very much. This raffle lady had to be one of her descendents; a great great granddaughter or something like that. “I’ve never seen dolls that detailed. They’re almost life-like. They should be in some high-end store, not a prize at a fair. “ “I thought the same when I first saw them. Lucas is such a talented boy. He refurbished these from a thrift shop. He should’ve just sold them on ebay. His cousin Rosie said he insisted on donating them to the raffle when she dropped them off.” The lady shook her head. “The dolls have been a big help. These tickets sell like hot cakes. We just might be able to get that new equipment after all.” Prudence tuned her out as she prattled on. A boy created such a treasure from junk? She wondered what kind of person this artist who created such beauty was. Trash turned into art. She wanted to meet him. She was tempted to swipe the dolls, but they were at the back of the booth, under glass. And the lady watched them like a hawk. Too much trouble... But if an opportunity presented itself, she’d be ready to pounce. “You look really familiar. Are you related to a Mrs. Fisk?” The lady blinked, taken aback. “Fisk is my maiden name. I’m a King.” She looked up from her tickets, giving Prudence a long, hard look. “You look familiar, too.” She squinted. “I swear, I’ve seen you before. But I know you’re not from around here. I know all the locals.” Her voice took on a touch of pride. “Oh, I was born here, but I haven’t been back in ages. Left plenty of family, though. The Pipers still around?” “There’s a few. You’ve got the look of a Piper.” “They still causing trouble?” “Never stopped.” Prudence laughed. She liked the lady. Maybe she’d let the old bat keep her dolls, as a favor to the very late Mrs. Fisk. “What did you say your name was?” “I didn’t. It’s Prudence.” “Prudence Piper?!” The lady’s grey brows rose nearly up to her hairline in shock. Pru smiled, a mischievous glint in her eyes. “Something wrong with that name?” “You don’t know who Prudence Piper was?” Pru shook her head. The lady rambled on. “Whoever in your family named you has a sense of humor. Prudence Piper is something of a local legend.” She leaned forward to stage whisper. “She was a notorious girl. A bootlegger during Prohibition. Rumor has it she had ties to the mafia. Al Capone’s sweetheart.” Prudence laughed at that. “I’m not so sure about that last part. But I bet the rest is true. Well behaved women rarely make history, after all. She sounds like a fun gal.” She gave the dolls once last look then drifted away.
  4. Cute_Kitten

    Happy Fappy Nappy

    Not a serious story. Written just for shits and giggles, and poking fun at some common diaper tropes. HAPPY FAPPY NAPPY by CK Cute Kitten Snow fell gently, blanketing the world in a fluffy layer of white. It made a beautifully picturesque Christmas scene. Too bad it was Easter. Richard found White Easters very depressing. Especially when his mom forced him to help clean out the attic. There was already a large pile of his old babythings- crib, highchair, playpen, etc- at the end of the driveway with the garbage cans, waiting for the garbage men to take them away tomorrow morning. Richard wasn't sad. As he threw out all his old childhood things, no nostalgia gnawed at him. He just wanted to get the work done over with. His mom and grandma hadn't spoken in...years. There was a huge family feud because reasons; his mom and grandma disagreed, they weren't speaking- hadn't spoken in years since the last Easter fight- so now his mothers did nothing on Easter. They didn't celebrate Easter, hence cleaning out the attic. He missed the rest of his family. He wanted to celebrate Easter. Hell, he'd even go to church. In fact, after he finished up here, he was heading off to his grandma's. Just because his mother was an obnoxious cunt was no reason *he* wasn't allowed to talk to the rest of the family. He just did it behind her back. At 21, he was moved out and on his own in a small studio apartment he shared with several roommates. "Dick, are you finished yet? We're getting ready to go through all the summer stuff we have in storage." His mom called out. "I tried to order a pizza, but the pizza shop was closed. How stupid." Richard rolled his eyes. "It's a holiday. Of course they're closed." He muttered to himself, then raised his voice, "I told you, after the attic, I'm leaving." "Nonsense! You said you'd help out. Why waste the day? What else are you doing?" His mom stuck her head into the hallway, where Richard had dragged all the attic paraphenalia. "I'm hanging out with a friend. I said I'd help with the attic. Which I have done. I'm sure strong, independent women like you can handle the rest of your house." Richard stood up with his old diaper genie tucked under his arm. He pushed past his mother before she could keep arguing. He knew her little game- she suspected where he was going, and she didn't want him going there. He breezed through the house and out into the Easter cold, carrying the diaper genie to the garbage. It was coated with years of dust and attic grime. He wrinkled his nose as dust whipped up on the breeze. He sneezed, dropping the diaper pail; it rolled in the snow. Cursing, he picked it up and brushed the snow off. The wet snow removed layers of dust and dirt as he wiped them away. The diaper genie suddenly grew warm under his chilly bare flesh. He blinked, picked it up, then dumped it on top of his old potty chair. He pulled his keys out of his pocket and turned to head to his car. A girl sat on the hood of his car. She had golden skin, long black hair pulled into a ponytail and bound with a golden band. She wore a harem outfit of ruby red and had big, gold, dangly hoop earrings. She looked like she was dressed as Jasmine from Aladdin. Richard blinked. "Um. That's a nice costume, but it's not Halloween. And it's a little cold out. Could you please get off my car?" The girl giggled as she slid off the car. "It's not cold out at all. Don't you just love the snow, Dicky? It's just sand and more sand where I come from. And heat. Lots of heat. And sand. Did I mention there was a lot of sand?" He'd never seen the girl before. "Uh....how do you know my name?" She'd probably heard his mother screeching. Like, duh. "Who are you?" "Of course I know your name, silly! I know everything! All about your family! At least, all about your family ever since your mother's babyshower, when she got the diaper genie." "Um. What?" "Don't you get it? I'm the diaper genie!" The girl gesticulated wildly. Richard stared. He blinked. She puffed her cheeks out. "You know! The genie of the diaper pail! Okay, I'll grant you, it's a little odd. We genies usually come from lamps. But this was...extenuating circumstances that trapped me in the diaper genie. But you set me free, so you get some wishes. Or something like that. That's how it normally goes, right?" Richard blinked. He blinked again. He stared then he blinked some more. He blinked and stared and stared and blinked. And so on and so forth. Then he burst out laughing. "Okay, haha. Very funny. Where's the hidden camera?" Genie's cheeks puffed up like puffer fish again. She stamped a foot and her golden ankle bracelets jingled. "I'm not joking! I have magical powers!" She snapped her fingers and the garbage cans danced. Richard stared. "Right....so you're a genie imprisoned in the diaper pail, and I set you free? Why didn't you ever come out for my mom? We sure could've used your help when I was growing up. " "Because I don't like her. She's like a yappy, mean chihuahua you just wanna punt over a fence. And technically the term is djinn, but genie is the more familiar lexicon in this part of the world." "...Wait, you're saying you can pick who you show yoursself to? And you don't really seem to know about the wishes, either." Richard crossed his arms. "You should've done your research to make this prank seem more authentic." "Well...." Genie bit her lip and looked sideways. "Rules have never really been my thing, you know? C'mon, you're breaking your mother's rules, sneaking off to grandma's to play with the Easter Bunny. Oh, that reminds me! You really should get a diaper on!" "What are you on about?" Richard jerked back like she'd slapped him at the mention of diaper. His cheeks flared bright red and he pretended like he never heard it. "I'm majoring in mythology. I know about djinn. Genies. And those rules are more like nature's laws. Like gravity. You don't get to choose what rules you follow." Now Genie blushed. "Oh, hey! You're Mommy's looking out the window. I think she might come outside. We'd better get going." "Yes, I'd better leave. Happy Easter." Richard walked past the strange girl, shaking his head. She really was pulling his leg. He got into his car and drove away, watching the strange girl disappear in his rearview mirror. He was almost at his grandma's house. In his car. By himself. No strange girl in a hot Halloween costume around. "Dicky, you REALLY, REALLY, REAALLLLLYYYYYYY should put a diapee on." Genie spoke with an echo that is written in all capital letters for extra empahsis on how echoy and important it is. Or was. Let's have fun switching up tenses cuz YOLO. I mean, reasons. "AH! GAH! IT'S YOU!" Richard shouted in surprise, jerking the wheel. The car almost hit an 18 wheeler, but the steering wheel magically maneuvered the car back into it's own lane and began driving all on its own. Richard tried to place his hands on the wheel and got a sharp static shock. "Ah!" He cried in pain, tried to touch the wheel, and got zapped again. "Relax, I got the wheel. " Genie waved her hand. "How are you doing that!" Richard stared in awe, watching his car drive itself. "Magic. I told you, I'm a genie." Genie giggled. He tried to touch the wheel again, but his palms were stinging. So he just sat and stared. "Now, about getting you diapered-" "Why the hell would I need a diaper?" Richard blushed again. "Because...well...there is kinda sorta a teensy, tiny, itty bitty price to pay for having an all powerful, magnificent, hot, sexy, beautiful, charming, most gorgeous genie granting you wishes. Like, I'm kinda sorta attached to you now. I came out of a diaper pail. Do you see where this is heading?" "No?" Richard still stared at his self-driving car. Genie face palmed. "Like, my magic kinda intereferes with your bodily functions. Or something. I don't know the science or rules behind it. " She shrugged. "I didn't think you'd really mind much. You like diapers- you have a whole closet full of them. And you go on all those diaper forums and stuff." "HEY! HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT?!!!!!!" Richard yelled. "ARE YOU SOME PERVERT WHOSE BEEN SPYING ON ME?" "No! US GENIES KNOW ALL!" Genie shouted back just cuz. "Anyway, you're gonna be, like, needing diapers. I mean NEEDING them. Like, you're not potty trained anymore." "Are you saying I'll be peeing myself?" "Among other things. Yes." "So...like, Aladdin needed diapers? That explains the baggy pants." "Well. No. I don't really know how it goes with Aladdin. I only saw the Disney movie when you and your mom watched it at home. But that was more of a traditional genie. I'm more...unconventional. Yes, unconventional! I like that word, it really fits. I'm an unconventional genie." "From a diaper genie." Richard snorted, now used to the idea of his car driving itself. He looked at her. "So, like...I get three wishes? Then afterwards, you disappear? You're freed? How does all this work?" "Gah! Stop pressuring me!" Genie yanked on her long ponytail. "I don't really know! I've never done this before, and I really suck with rules. I'm just kinda winging it as a I go along. I was attached to the diaper genie, now I'm attached to you. Three wishes is so boring, anyway. I've been cooped up for so long. So let's just have fun and make it up as we go along!" "Okay, then. I wish myself potty trained." Richard rolled his eyes. "Um. It doesn't work like that. I can't change that. I can magic you up a big training potty that plays music when you 'flush' the handle? Or how about a nice, super thick diaper with little rattles and blocks? What color? White diapers are so boring. But I really need to get some padding on you before....oh. Um." "What?" Richard started then gasped as his crotch suddenly felt wet and warm. He'd peed! He just pissed himself without warning! "I PEED! WHAT THE HELL!!" "Relax! I told you this would happen. Well, now you know I wasn't lying!" Genie grinned. She snapped her fingers; the inside of the car filled with red smoke and sparkles. Richard coughed. When the smoke cleared, his pants were down his ankles and he sat in a big, puffy, GINORMOUSLY SUPER DUPER SO BIG IT MUST BE DESCRIBED IN ALL CAPS diaper. It was yellow with Easter eggs plastered all over the tape panel. His jeans wouldn't fit over the diaper CUZ IT WAS LIKE SO, SUPER BIG. "What? My family can't see me like this! Couldn't you put me in a medical diaper? Genie, I wish for a medical diaper!" Richard hollered out desperately. "Um. I'll try?" Genie snapped her fingers. The diaper just grew EVEN BIGGER!!!! "Oops." She giggled as he glared at her. "Here, I'll fix your pants!" She snapped her fingers again. Another puff of smoke, some glitter, and his jeans now covered his diaper. Except they had elastic wasteband and snaps running down the inseams. "Uh-oh. Um...no one will notice? Just tell them it's the latest French fashion? Besides, everyone will be busy looking at me, your stunningly perfect girlfriend!" She grinned. Richard blinked. "Um...I'm gay...and my family knows it." "Got a boyfriend?" "No..." "Well, now you've got a girlfriend." "It doesn't work like that." "Then how else are you going to explain me?" "Um...do you have to come?" "Yes! I'm attached to you. You can't get rid of me even if you wanted to. So, me being your girlfriend totes explains us always being together!" Genie grinned. "No one will believe it." "I know, I'm like way out of your league." "That's not what I meant." "Then you figure an excuse out." Genie stuck her tongue out at him.
  5. Gothicruby

    Seeking partner?

    (God I hope this is in the right place this time ) Had no takers over on diaperedanime, so figured I'd try my luck here! Seeking rp partners for an X-men themed roleplay--ideas included below! (Note: these aren't set in stone, just suggestions for starting points and can be negotiated via PM!) I prefer multi-paragraphed posts with good grammar and spelling and absolutely love immersive narratives. I'm pretty flexible as to whether I'm the little or carer, provided that some effort goes into building up the overall story. Just PM me if you're interested! (Also note: Doesn't have to follow the comics. Not even remotely closely. ANY iteration/variation/universe welcome! Cartoons, movies, that one odd obscure spin-off in the 80's, you name it!) A few ideas to get things started: 1) Wolverine 'takes care' of Gambit --Remy LeBeau has never been the most 'open and honest' member of the X-Men, but despite the occasional guff here and there, Logan has never really thought much of it. That is, until one night he gets a call from higher-ups saying that Gambit's finally been caught and his luck is officially running out; either someone finds a way to fix this or the thief is going away for a very long time. Logan's parented many a troubled kidlet over the years--but never to such extremes as this. 2) --After the humiliation of having her beau-to-be walk out on her not just once, but twice, BellaDonna decides that if she can't keep Gambit as her husband, then having him as her humiliated little baby will do just nicely. Unfortunately, she doesn't count on anyone coming to his rescue, especially not the best tracker on the whole X-team; and while he's definitely going to save the cajun, Logan can't help tease him some for all the trouble gone through to get here. 3) --Gambit has trust issues: specifically, he finds it difficult to shake old habits and open up, yet still finds it frustrating to think that the others neither 'like' nor 'trust' him. As such, the cajun's been rather happy to act out a bit more than usual--from the occasional quip to outright skipping training and missions altogether. While the others are fed up, Wolverine is definitely much more of a no-nonsense type of guy; if Remy doesn't shape up and act his age then Logan's going to gladly fix it so he gets treated appropriately. Wolverine and Nightcrawler --Kurt Wagner has always been a sensitive little soul, despite his devilish appearance. Throughout his life, all he's longed for is companionship and acceptance; and while being part of the X-Men offers that to a degree, he still feels a sense of loss over a feeling he can't quite place. All Kurt can say for certain is that he dreads nighttime, because that's when the nightmares come--and there's only so many times he can run around at night carting wet sheets before Logan catches him. Wolverine and Cyclops --Logan and Scott have never seen eye to eye, literally. While Wolverine prefers to get right down to the heart of the matter, Scott finds it better to plan and think about what they're doing rather than rush in like a maniac; as such, they don't tend to share much about their personal lives to each other. That is, until after a minor plane failure on a routine scout-out that takes Scott by surprise makes Logan start asking some questions, specifically, about the soaking wet trunks the leader is suddenly sporting.
  6. ABAlex


    (Before anyone reads this, I think its only fair to warn you that there are 'dirtier' themes then you would normally find in an abdl story. I don't believe it breaks any site rules, but as I usually don't write like this, I may be mistaken and I apologize if so . )SMACK SMACK SMACK!The sissy squirmed as his bottom was spanked by his daddy. Tears were streaming down his face as he grasped tightly onto his teddy bear for comfort, and only his pacifier keeping him from calling out. His diaper was pulled down to his knees and his skirt lay on the ground, leaving his bare skin open to the harsh smacks. His daddy took his time, spanking him again and again until he was satisfied the sissy had learned his lesson.He stopped and rested his hand on the sissy's bright red bottom, feeling the new found warmth comming off of it."Now little Nathaniel, did you learn your lesson?"The sissy squrimed and looked at him through tear soaked eye lids. He didn't answer and kept suckling his pacifier, knowing the trick.His daddy patted his upturned bottom. "Good baby," he said. He removed the pacifier and asked again, "did you learn your lesson?""Yes daddy," he sniffed."What did you learn?""I learned not to deny to mommy or daddy that I'm a sissy baby.""Exactly right." He began absent mindedly stroking and patting the sissy boy's bottom, making him moan. "Now, remember when you came here. You played with your mommy, being her little baby, pretending to be a boy..."The sissy groaned and the word "pretending."The sissy's 'daddy' began speaking in an overly sweat, mocking tone. "But then she tried putting her baby in a skirt. She's told me how you whined and complained that you were a boy, and how you didn't want to do that... and how hard you became the second you were in pink. Remember?"He nodded."It wasn't long after until you were always in your pretty pink skirts, always a little sissy, and always loving it. But you still complained, didn't you? Were you a naughty little liar to your mommy?" He spanked him hard.Nathaniel yelped. "YES DADDY!""And whats more... I bet you never expected to be subby to a daddy, did you?""No daddy...""But the little sissy saw all the big strong men, and mommy saw how he stared... and it wasn't long until you were in the lap of your first male babysitter, crying in humiliation, and beging for more, wasn't it?" He spanked him again, and Nathaniel shouted."Yes Daddy!""And then you asked for something you never thought you would, to please a daddy, didn't you?"He blushed deeply. "Yes daddy.""Good baby. And yet it still seems you deny it sometimes, don't you? Like you did to mommy and me earlier?""Yes daddy.""Was that a lie? Was that a naughty little lie?" Another spank, another yelp.He nodded. "Yes daddy!""Then beg me for it. Beg to be a little sissy in pink dresses, bending over and kneeling down to please me. Tell me how much you love it.""Oh god daddy please no..."He spanked him, harder then before. "NOW!""OW! PLease daddy! I want to be a little sissy in pink dresses, bending and kneeling to please you! I love it I love it!""Good. Then I have a reward for my sissy. Stand up." He helped Nathaniel to his feet. He then reached over and pulled up the sissy's diaper, straigtening it out."Now. Pick up your skirt and put it on."He looked at the skirt and back at his daddy. "But... Daddy?" Normally he was forced into his fetish clothes, not asked to put them on himself."Do it yourself. If you want it, that is. I don't want any way for my little sissy to pretend we made him do it."Nathaniel glared, but reached down and pulled up the skirt.Nathaniel was now dressed head to toe in fetish wear. Almost everything he wore was pink and was designed to drive home his feminine and infantile state. Around his waist was a flouncing skirt that was short enough to leave his patterned diapers visible. Underneath it were long, pale stockings that went to his knees and were tied in bows, then Mary Jane shoes. Above it was a pink shirt he tucked into his skirt, a bonnet, and his pacifier. Though he was still clearly male, his hair had grown long, and the clothes were cut to fit his thin stature.Jordan, his 'daddy,' on the other hand, was far broader, and wearing only shorts and a t shirt. The contrast between the muscular sitting man and the thinner one in the skirt was clear.Jordan patted his lap. "Sit down sweetheart."Nathanil sat down gingerly, then whined and squirmed as he rested on his aching bottom."Oh hush up, your diapers are more then thick enough for cushioning," Jordan said. "Now, for your reward. And remember, you can stop this anytime you want"He picked up a bottle of white frothy liquid and brought it to Nathaniel's lips. Nathaniel looked at him suspiciously, then began to drink what he assumed was milk.A moment later Nathaniel gagged. "Keep drinking sweetheart," Jordan said sternly. "And yes, that is exactly what you think it is."Nathaniel whined but kept drinking. The bottle tip was thin, and the liquid came out slowly, forcing him to taste each drop."Like that? This was ordered online. I bet you didn't know they sold stuff like it, eh?" Jordan said. Nathaniel cringed and kept drinking. "It comes other doms and real men, intended for little sissies like you. I of course added my own, plus a little something to help you fill your diapers." Nathaniel groaned loadly at the last part, but kept drinking."I want you to know that this is your place. Look at you, a grown man dressed like a little girl in diapers, suckling a bottle in your daddy's lap. Longing to be in pretty pink skirts and getting taken care of and spanked. Pathetic. But you love it, don't you?"Nathaniel nodded between gulps. He squeezed his eyes shut and had to fight back gags from the salty taste."And now you're drinking this just because I told you to. We both know you hate the taste. We both know you could leave if you really wanted to. But we also both know that you won't, don't we? You love this more then anything?"Nathaniel didn't respond, and Jordan slowly reached down to his waste, lifted up his skirt and put a hand on the front of his diaper. Nathaniel gasped."Oh no? Sure seems like youre enjoying it." Nathaniel whimpered and pushed himself into his daddy's hand.Jordan laughed. "Oh ho look at you. Really loving it. Love the feeling of your pretty pink diapers, nice and soft against you?" He began rubbing it back in forth. Nathaniel didn't move. "Admit it, sissy. Admit you love it or I'll stop."Nathaniel nodded vigerously."Good baby."Nathaniel felt something poking the back of his diaper. He began rubbing it with his diaper almost instinctively, moving his bottom back and forth in his daddy's lap as he'd been taught to do.Jordan smiled. 'Very good baby."The bottle was almost done. Nathaniel still struggled to drink each drop, chocing and gagging at the taste."Keep going little one, almost there. Baby isn't going to be able to finish in his diaper unless he finishes his bottle!" He spoke in a high, teasing voice. "And remember, that is filled with a nice laxative, so finishing means your going to be in a VERY full and VERY stinky diaper soon, and we're going to keep you in it ALLLLLLL night. Sound fun?"Nathaniel whimpered and shook his head."Oh no?" Jordan pressed down on his diaper, and Nathaniel began nodding again. "Mmm hmm! Mmmm hmm!" he groaned, wordlessly begging for the punishment his daddy had promised."Now, you want to add something else to your pwetty widdle diapies?" Jordan asked."Mhmm!" "Finish the bottle and I might let you." He rubbed slower, keeping Nathaniel on the edge.Nathaniel sucked as hard as he could and tried to drink faster, resisting the urge to gag as he swallowed it all. Jordan kept rubbing him slowly, stopping when he felt him get to close.Finally the bottle was finished, and he moved it away."Oh god daddy!" Nathaniel shouted. "Please! Please let me!"Let you what? Let you be my little sissy forever? Let you please your daddy? Let you fill your little diapies?""Yes daddy please I want it all! To be your sissy, to please you, to fill my diapers!""Good. And you'll never play pretend at being a man again?""No daddy! Never! I'm not! I can't be!""Good. And you know that even though you're going to finsih in your diapers now, you'll still have to please your daddy, you'll still have to be a little diapered sissy, and you'll still spend the night in a messy diaper since when the fun is all gone?"Nathaniel was sobbing in desperation. "Yes daddy.""And you know this will prove how much you love being a little sissy in diapers, how much it turns you on, and how you only need to finish in your diapers from now on?"Tears streamed down his face. "Yes daddy!""Good baby. Then finish." He rubbed harder. Nathaniel gasped, convulsed, and lay shuddering on his lap.Jordan let him rest for a moment, smiling down at him. He then gently picked him up and cradled him in his lap. He began rocking him."Good baby. Good baby. Good sissy. You did well little one, you really did," he said in a soft voice.Nathaniel's eyes opened. "Daddy?" he said questioningly."Shhh..." Jordan said. "You were a good little sissy." He bent down and kissed Nathaniel on the forehead. He stroked his hair and back as Nathaniel became more and more awake. When Jordan was satisfied he was rested enough, he sat up straighter and hugged him. "Now, go rinse your mouth out," he said louder. "Then you'll come back and finish pleasing your daddy. When you're done, we'll give you a nice hot bath, and maybe some cookies if you're good, ok? How's that sound?"Nathaniel smiled. "Good, daddy.""Good, then go." He stood Nathaniel up, patted his bottom, and sent him on his way.
  7. fuzzybunny

    Meeting a Daddy

    So I'm new at this. I meeting up with a new daddy in the future (like 3 weeks away) who lives with in area. He seemes like he's a veteran and I'm new at this hands down. But we're meeting over coffee (in a public place, during day time hours) to get to know each other to see if we click. Really just don't want to jump on in and just go to someone I don't know. But is it rude on what to expect and what we both want to get out of it. (Since I'm new at being a little and trying to find my age play age etc.) Any other questions I should ask?
  8. Cute_Kitten

    Who's The Baby Now

    This is an old story. Reposting due to the malware incident. WHO’S THE BABY NOW by C.K. Cute Kitten “Mom, I’m 13- I don’t need a babysitter!” Damien argued yet again as he stood with his mother on the front porch, waiting for his father to bring the car and for the babysitter to arrive. His mother fussed with last minute details of her make up and rather revealing costume. “I know what a big boy my little man is. Of course I trust you, sweetie. It’s the rest of the world I don’t trust.” She patted the top of his head placatingly. “Moom!” Damien sighed in exasperation. He’d have better luck arguing with a brick wall. His parents usually let him have his own way, but his mother labored under the delusion he was perpetually nine years old and in Kindergarten. She even insisted on driving him to school, but since showing up at school in a flashy red sports car impressed his much older classmates and cut down on the teasing, Damien let it slide. He was one of those smart kids who had skipped several grades. “‘Aww, baby, don’t be upset! Mommy won’t be gone long- I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon. This party is very important for Daddy’s business. Now, you be a good boy and Mommy will bring you home a present.” Damien rolled his eyes and suppressed the urge to bash his head off the porch railing. His mom was impossible to talk to, and his father only pulled his nose away from his phone long enough to mumble “listen to your mother.” So on this warm Halloween afternoon, Damien was stuck with a babysitter. Probably some bubble-gum chewing bimbo who would spend all night on the phone and ignore him. Well, on the bright side at least he could sneak out and go to the party he’d been invited to. He stopped glaring and smirked to himself. Still, it would be easier to go if he didn’t have a babysitter at all. “Sweetie, don’t give me that look. You’ll be completely safe with your babysitter. He’s a very serious, responsible young man and he goes to your school. Ah, there he is now, just in time. Hey, Scott!” Damien’s eyes widened and his stomach knotted in dread at his mother’s words. Scott did, indeed, go to Damien’s school. They were classmates in a few classes. Scott was not mean enough to be called a bully but he definitely did not make Damien’s life any easier. “NOO!! MOOOM! NOT HIM, NOT HIM!!!” His mother wasn’t listening. His father pulled up and honked the horn, impatient to be off before they were late, and his mom left in a flustered rush just as Scott approached the porch. “Scott, there’s a list of emergency numbers and instructions by the phone, and pizza and pop in the fridge.” Damien’s mom whirled on her seething son, snatched him to her and smothered his face in kisses. “Bye bye baby! Be a good boy! Mommy will miss you!” Damien spluttered and jerked free, face red in embarrassment and covered in pink lipstick. He caught Scott’s laughing gaze and glared at his mother, but she was already gone. The car rolled down the drive, past Scott’s weathered, dented and rusted clunker. Damien crossed his arms and glared up at the much taller male. “I don’t need you here. Go away.” Scott just chuckled. “I need the money. Not all of us are spoiled, rich babies like you.” “So? Just get lost and come back tomorrow. Or I’ll pay you myself, if you need the money that bad.” “Paid off by a 13 year old? I don’t think so. Besides, I wouldn’t miss this chance to spend time with my favorite little buddy. Don’t want you crying for your mommy or anything, baby boy.” The 17 year old sauntered into the large, posh house, looking around and making himself at home. “Besides, I promised your mommy I’d watch her pwecious wittle baby.” He added in a mock coo. Damien loathed being treated like a little kid. Being a 13 year old in high school didn’t help. He was smarter than those idiots, but younger and inexperienced compared to his classmates, and Scott never let him forget it. Damien let several of the popular kids copy off him- if he didn’t, they’d pound him into mince meat. That had been Scott’s idea. Scott felt extremely insulted to have a baby in the same class and grade as him. So he teased and picked on him. Grinding his teeth together and slamming the door shut, Damien followed Scott into the house. He could not- would not- endure an entire night of the bigger boy teasing him. He put up with it enough at school. In class. In the halls. In the cafeteria. Even in the bathroom. It was almost as bad as being in middle school again, and Damien would NOT put up with it this weekend. “At least tonight isn’t totally ruined.” He thought out loud. Scott was popular and he was invite to Laura’s party, too. “But when we get to the party, I’m totally ditching you.” Damien stormed into the kitchen. Laua had invited Damien when he let her cheat off him during a test. “There’s not going to be a party.” Scott helped himself to the fridge, munching on a cold piece of pizza while reading several pages of notes in Damien’s mother’s neat handwriting- the instructions she’d left for Damien’s care. “What? B-but Matt and Ryan are coming over. We’re all going to the party. Surely you’re invited too!” “No. Costume parties are stupid. They’re for babies.” Scott looked at Damien. “Well, I guess you’d enjoy it since you’re just a baby. But your mommy said you’re not supposed to go anywhere.” Damien’s one night of fun, free from his mother’s suffocating clutches, vanished as if Scott swallowed his plans along with the pizza. Damien opened his mouth to snarl a reply but saw /Scott holding up a yellow bib, sippy cup, and slice of cut up pizza. “What the hell is that?!” Scott smiled. “Your mommy left these sitting on the counter. So I assume they’re yours, wittle baby.”
  9. Cute_Kitten

    The Man In The Gray Suit

    This is a repost. I'll add more later. THE MAN IN THE GRAY SUIT by Cute Kitten ( CK) “Ro? You promise?" The hospital pillow was flat and lumpy, almost as uncomfortable as the mattress. Ryo missed his own bed that cradled and supported him just right. He also missed the familiar, soothing surroundings of his home. Most of all, he missed Aurora. Ro. Her smile. Her carefree laughter. Her sarcasm. He hadn’t seen her smile since the accident. He never realized how much he depended on her until his world was turned upside down. She was his rock; his strength. She had always been, ever since they were best friends as children. Being with her always felt so natural; like their destiny was with each other. Their love written in the stars. Romeo and Juliet without all the drama and death. Robin Hood and Maid Marian. Mark Antony and Cleopatra. Tristan and Isolde. Ryosuke and Aurora. They were an odd couple despite how easy and natural being with each other was. Ryosuke was the pretty one. The effeminate one of the couple. He’d worn the white dress when they got married on a beach at sunset, the warm waves lapping at their ankles. He’d had a diaper on under his dress. He was clearly male but mixed with a haunting feminine beauty that made him a favorite of the modeling world. Part of that beauty came from his Japanese heritage. Ro was his opposite. She was no beauty queen, but she cleaned up nice when she bothered to care about her appearance. As long as he’d known her, she’d been a total tomboy who hated dresses as much as she loved the ocean. Night and day; so different but they completed each other. Even paradise had its problems; disagreements and differences of opinions. Each had different priorities. Hers was money. His was her life. Ro didn’t answer. Her head was bent over his hairless, freshly diapered crotch. She was taking much too long with this diaper change, dragging it out and avoiding eye contact. Her gaze focused on the front panel of his diaper as she pressed down on the tapes. She ran her fingers over the smooth, thick plastic to make sure it was fastened tight. Ryo stared at her, but her face was carefully blank. Her mouth was in a straight line, her eyes blank. Neutral. Guarded. Trying to hide her emotions and thoughts by acting like she hadn’t heard him. Her silence spoke volumes. Ro diapering him was nothing new; she’d been changing his diapers since their relationship turned serious when they were eighteen. They were twenty three now; Ro was several months older than him. She’d changed his diapers throughout their dating, engagement, and now their marriage. He’d always had bladder problems; he’d never been out of diapers at night and he wore pullups during the day in case of not uncommon accidents. They’d been childhood best friends; Ro knew all his secrets and loved him anyway. He loved her, too. Trusted her. He thought he knew all her secrets. Looking at her now, doubt wriggled in his stomach. She was hiding something from him. “Aurora?” He prodded into the widening chasm of silence between them. Ro ducked her head, hiding her face. Her fingers slid down the slick plastic, lightly pressing on the thin padding. A faint crinkling filled the quiet, small room Her fingers found the leg gathers. She poked and prodded, making sure his diaper was on just right. She was too focused on her task, fingers moving too slow. Deliberate, with too much concentration. Before the accident, diaper changes had been moments of intimacy between them. Ryo could handle his own diapers, and often did. He always felt so vulnerable when she changed him, giving her control over this most intimate aspect of his life. He also felt so loved, accepted, and protected. Cherished. Precious. This was her way of showing him how much she loved him. Even now, as she tried to hide something from him, she still tried to stay close to him. She tried to reassure him by changing his diaper. To show without words how much she loved him. During a normal diaper change, as she wiped, powdered and diapered him, she would look at him. Smile. Make silly faces or blow a raspberry on his stomach. He’d roll his eyes at the juvenile teasing she’d never grown out of, then he’d stick his tongue out or try to tickle her back. Now, she avoided his gaze and acted like this was the first time she’d ever changed his diaper. Ryo glanced at the balled up, wet medical diaper. It was at the bottom of the bed, by his right ankle. The left side of the mattress, where his lower leg and foot should have been, was empty. He winced, quickly shutting his eyes. Aurora handled his missing limb better than he did. It had been weeks since the accident, and the sight of his stump still churned his stomach. Mere weeks since the last time he’d surfed. Since his near fatal encounter with a great white. Surfing was in his blood; his mother and grandfather were avid surfers. Ryo had grown up surfing; he’d even placed first in a few local competitions. His grandfather owned a surfing shop where he made custom boards. Ryo often helped him. Surfing was Ryo’s hobby, but most of his money came from modeling contracts. All surfers knew the danger lurking below the waves. They knew the risk getting into the ocean. He’d seen scars of shark bites on some avid surfers. He’d seen boards with huge, jagged bites. He realized the danger in the rational part of his brain, but a small part of him had insisted it would never happen to him. That insular bubble of ignorance had been popped by serrated shark teeth. Now, his life was like his missing leg; crushed and shredded. He didn’t know where to start picking up the pieces. The only thing he did know deep down in his bones was he had to protect Ro from making the same mistake he did. Ro had grown up diving. Her mother ran a diving school and her father worked for the local zoo and aquarium, cleaning and maintaining the huge, deep tanks. He was a retired abalone diver. Ro helped her mother run the school in the off seasons of abalone hunting. It was too lucrative to pass up. She could make a hundred thousand dollars in under fifty days. Those mollusk delicacies were so expensive partly due to the dangers involved in harvesting them. Abalone season coincided with great white breeding season. The father of Ryo and Ro’s friend Sheila had been an abalone diver who’d been killed by a great white. Ryo had lost his leg to a great white. His leg, his surfing, his modeling. Life as he knew it was changed. He couldn’t lose his heart, too. His Aurora. “I don’t like these hospital diapers. They’re too thin. Fourth leak already. You need better protection. Your bottom’s a little red, too. I think you’re getting a diaper rash. The nurses aren’t changing you enough. I’ll have a word with them when I leave.” Ro ran out of reasons to keep fussing with his diaper. He felt her tug down his thin hospital gown from where it was bunched up by his armpits. The gown hid his diaper; the hem brushed the knee of his right leg and the bandaged stump of his left. She covered his lower half with a scratchy, puke-green blanket. “It’s not so bad. They only leak if I’m not changed on time. The one nurse’s aide is always late. The blue haired girl with the nose ring.” Ryo managed to catch her gaze for a second before her eyes skittered away. “I need to throw this out.” Ro mumbled and hastily snatched up the used diaper that was squishy and cold with his pee. She carried it to the red biohazard bin. He frowned at her back. He wriggled his hips, adjusting his position on the mattress. His diaper crinkled loudly in response. His night diapers at home were just as noisy, but they were thicker. He felt more secure with more padding. He’d also feel more secure if Ro would just promise him… Sharp pain shot through his stump, cutting off his train of thought. He gasped. In that lightning strike of pain, he almost felt his missing leg and foot. Phantom sensations from raw, damaged nerves. He squeezed his eyes shut, hands fisting in the blanket. He was never going to get used to this. Not even his diapers could comfort him. His bedwetting and frequent accidents when he couldn’t get to a toilet fast enough were sources of shame. Diapers had always comforted him; made him feel safe, secure and protected. They boosted his confidence. He did lose some modeling gigs due to his incontinence issues. Pullups and diapers kept his pants and bedding dry. Pullups were quiet and discreet, even if they leaked sooner than a thick, thirsty diaper. At his quiet gasp, Ro instantly whirled and rushed to his bedside. She held one of his hands while her other hand touched his forehead. “What hurts? Where? Baby, do you want me to get a nurse?” She gingerly squeezed his slender fingers. Her concern poured over him in waves, reassuring him she still cared despite trying to ignore him. Ignore the important question he’d asked her. The promise he wanted her to make. She was here today, but he wanted her here always. Not callously throwing her life away for money. His stump still throbbed, waves of discomfort sloshing over his body. He felt tired, drained. As if the diaper change and one little movement sapped all his strength. The diaper change hadn’t been so bad; Ro had done all the work. The nurses had taught her the techniques to change him without jostling his injured limb. He could get through a diaper change with minimal problems since someone else did the lifting and moving while he stayed relatively still. When he moved the muscles on his injured leg, it felt like setting off fireworks if he moved too quick, too careless. Ryo smiled weakly up at Ro. Her fingers ran through his hair just the way he liked. “I’m fine. Just moved too quick. Even with this in-” He held up his hand with the IV line. “It still hurts like a bitch.” “You don’t look so good. I’ll go get a nurse.” Her fingers trailed down the side of his pretty face, brushing over his soft cheek. Her gray eyes probed him, searching for indicators he was down playing the amount of pain he was in. “Don’t. Really. I’m fine. Promise.” At that word, he bit his lip and dropped his eyes as he remembered the wedge between them. The promise Ro refused to make. The pain had shoved his worry and emotional turmoil aside. Now it was back, but this time he had Ro’s attention. “Baby? What hurts?” He closed his eyes and shook his head. He suddenly felt overwhelmed and helpless. He couldn’t protect her. All he could do was beg to stay out of the water and pray she’d listen. He felt her lean closer. Salty ocean tang filled his nostrils; he knew where she’d spent most of her morning. His stomach churned. Thoughts of her being bitten like him made him dizzy. His head swam with images of gray fins, white teeth opened wide and Aurora’s severed limbs floating in bloody water. He wanted to puke. “Tell me. Ryo, what’s wrong?” Ro’s hand cupped his cheek, her thumb stroking his cheekbone. Her pleading tone nearly broke him. Nightmares of the shark attack haunted his sleep. Sometimes he was eaten. Sometimes Aurora. The vivid images and emotions bled into his waking hours, filling him with dread. He’d told her about them numerous times, but she just brushed them aside as emotional trauma. Just like the doctors. He still couldn’t shake those feelings, even if his headstrong wife refused to listen.
  10. Cute_Kitten

    Witch's Brew

    Witch’s Brew by C.K.- Cute Kitten Joshua poked at the chocolate cereal puffs and marshmallow bats floating in the milk puddle on his highchair tray. His cheeks and chin were wet with milk; a couple of mushy bats stuck to his face. His plastic bib was as messy as his tray. He wore most of his food instead of eating it, despite his efforts to the contrary. He poked at another cereal puff, trying to pinch it between his fingers. The soggy cereal smooshed under his uncooperative fingers. He puffed his cheeks out in frustration, staring down at his hands and the delicate, silvery webbing of scars on his porcelain skin. His skin was so pale the scars were barely visible. He turned his wrist and the spidery, thin lines shimmered with a pearly sheen. Normal scars were varying shades of pink, red, and white. Not pearl and silver and covering nearly his entire body. The odd scars were souvenirs from a necromantic witch who had slowly burned and destroyed his nerves. He’d been very close to death. Aunt Gertrude saved him just in time. She even brewed him a potion distilled from the Font of Youth, to regrow and restore his injured body. Recovery was not magically instantaneous; his body was like that of a baby, and he had to relearn all over again. Hence his infantile lack of fine motor skills and barely controlled gross motor skills. And Auntie Gertrude raising him like he was an oversized baby. Physically, he was a baby. He couldn’t even manage to feed himself yet. Josh puffed his cheeks out and smacked one hand into the milk puddle on his tray. His fingers accidentally hit the rim of the bowl; milk and cereal arched through the air and splattered onto the floor. He froze, eyes going wide as he realized just how big his mess was. He was in so much trouble; Aunt Gertrude would be furious. He wasn’t supposed to feed himself; he wasn’t ready for that yet. Aunt Gertrude had told his big half-sister Tabitha to feed him, but Tabi had snuck down into Aunt Gertrude’s liquor cellar. So Josh had taken the opportunity to prove he was a big boy who could feed himself. He’d failed. Claws clicked on the tiled floor then a snuffling noise near the high chair legs. Josh looked down to see a monstrous, fluffy black dog-like creature lapping up the milk and cereal. Pandora, Aunt Gertrude’s familiar. Even at peace, Dora was terrifying. She was slightly larger than a Great Dane, bulky, and fluffier than a Tibetan Mastiff. Her cat-like claws and teeth were made for ripping into the flesh of her prey. She was a barghest, a hellhound; a beast who could only be controlled by a powerful witch. Her massive pink tongue swept out, licking up the last of the spilled breakfast. Dora raised her massive head and started licking the highchair tray. Josh giggled in relief, patting the thick black fur with his clean hand. Orange ribbon was tied in a bow by each ear, making her look pretty for Halloween. Plastic bowl and rubber coated baby spoon clattered to the floor as Dora pushed them out of her way. Finished with the tray, she moved on to Josh’s milk-sticky hand then his face. Joshua giggled some more, squirming helplessly as her rough tongue tickled his baby soft, delicate skin. He kicked his feet, his soggy diaper crinkling audibly. A wave of warmth engulfed his crotch as he wet himself but he barely paid any attention. He was too busy being tickle-attacked by Dora’s monstrous tongue. “Pipe down. You’re gonna attract the old bat with all that racket.” Tabitha crept silently out of the basement. She scowled at her little half-brother. They had the same father but different witch mothers. Just looking at him annoyed her. He was so damn pretty; a soft, lovely, delicate baby doll she often just wanted to smash. She felt like an ungainly sow in comparison. “S-sowwy.” Josh gasped out in a toddler lisp. His lungs ached from laughing. Pandora sat on her haunches, licking the milk and marshmallows off her muzzle. “Doggy tickles.” Shaggy, pale blonde bangs fell into his big green eyes as he ducked his head, looking down at his tray that smelled of doggy slobber. He poked at the mess on his bib. He hated making his big sister mad; it reminded him too much of all the times his mother had been upset with him. “Whatever. Just don’t start blubbering.” Tabitha snorted, tossing her frizzy dark brown ringlets over her shoulder. She didn’t even glance at his tray or bowl on the floor; she turned and went straight to the kitchen cabinet above the sink to fetch a glass. She held up the pilfered bottle to the autumn morning sun streaming through the window. The light caught the pale amber liquid, making it sparkle and shimmer. The bottle should have been brown; instead it was clear to show off the liquor. A homemade label decorated with drawings of pumpkins covered in spider webs. She read the squiggly handwriting. “Spider Cider.” She snorted. “Cute. How appropriate for Auntie’s Halloween party.” She sat the bottle down and turned to Joshua, who still sat quietly in his highchair. “You know, I’m 21. I’m finally old enough to go to the Samhain Feast. Become a full-fledged coven member. Instead, my Halloween is stuck here changing your diapers and handing out candy to filthy brats.” “Sowwy.” Josh whispered softly, not daring to look up at her. Instead he looked around for his binky. He didn’t see it, so he slipped his thumb in his mouth instead and started to suck. Pandora’s wet nose bumped into his bare calf and he smiled a little at the ticklish sensation. The barghest stood in front of the highchair and just stared Tabitha down. She didn’t growl or bare her teeth; she just stared at the girl. “Dowa, dat not nice.” Josh lisped at the barghest. That dead stare trapped her like a cornered rabbit. It was the look of a dog that was considering attacking. Pandora often gave Tabitha that look. She found it almost as annoying as Aunt Gertrude’s reprimands. Pandora never attacked her yet, but often looked at her like the damn mutt was thinking about it. Tabi tried to give the familiar a wide berth; all it took was one time, one incident. A barghest attack was hard to survive, and with her sealed magic it was almost impossible. “I’m not scared of you.” Defiance laced her tone. Her limbs were stiff and her knees shook. “Anyway, since this Halloween’s gonna suck, I might as well have some fun while I can. The least Auntie can do is spare me one lousy bottle of her brew.” She slowly, intentionally turned her back on the beast and tried to open the bottle. Her hands trembled and she waited with baited breath to hear a growl in her ear, pain erupt as teeth sank into her shoulder. When no attack came, she let out her breath, hitched on a smirk and slowly, cautiously turned around. “Hey, baby pants, you want a sip?” She waved the bottle, amber liquid sloshing around. “No, he doesn’t. You aren’t having one, either.” A calm, firm voice filled the kitchen. A second later, Tabitha let out a small shriek as her limbs suddenly went numb. She fell to the floor in a sprawled heap; the bottle landed with a muffled thump as if protected by a cushioning charm. She could only stare helplessly as fluffy black cat slippers and a blue floral housecoat filled her vision. She tilted her head, gazing up into the stern face of Aunt Gertrude. Her long black hair was wound up in curlers and her gray-blue eyes gazed unblinkingly at Tabitha as she silently cast her spell. To blink or look away would break the spell that numbed the young woman’s body. This was the power a witch could achieve. Both thrilling and terrifying. Tabitha was helpless before the head witch of one of the largest American covens. Part of her wanted to become that powerful; to be feared and respected. Most witches used words to help them concentrate. Gertrude didn’t need to. That would never be Tabitha; her powers had been sealed away as punishment for assisting her mother in killing her philandering father, his whore mistress and torturing her bastard son. “Tabitha. We’ve had this discussion before. I’m disappointed; you know you’re not allowed into my cellar. When I tell you something is too dangerous, I mean it. Drink this-” The bottle floated off the floor and into Gertrude’s palm- “and you’ll rot your insides out. There’s black widow and brown recluse venom in here. This is NOT for human consumption. Took me ages to get the balance of the venom and alcohol just right. A lot of work went into this. Losing just one bottle would cost me a pretty penny. And more importantly, it would cost you your life.” Joshua chewed his soft lower lip. Auntie Gertrude could be very scary when she wanted to. Tabitha was in trouble. Again. Her judgement had improved less than his motor skills. Under orders from her mother, Tabitha had helped kidnap and torture him. For that, her magic had been sealed. Tabi was no longer a witch- just a normal human. She could still do adult thing. Auntie gave her responsibilities. He’d have traded his own magic to be a big boy again. Tabi had no idea how good she at it. Pandora lay quietly at Josh’s feet, calmly watching Tabitha. Gertrude released the spell with a blink. “This is your final warning. Do NOT go in there again. If you can’t act like an adult, then I’ll treat you like a child. Maybe you’re not ready to grow up. Maybe I should treat you like Joshy.” She glanced from her niece to her nephew. Reaching out, she tenderly stroked his soft golden locks. Same shade her brother had. “NO!” Tabi shouted as her limbs began to tingle, sensation slowly returning. “I asked you to do one simple task. Feed your baby brother. He can’t feed himself yet. Instead, you let him make a mess while you sneak off into a room expressly forbidden.” “I just wanted to have some fun. I was gonna feed him after-” Gertrude cut Tabi off. “When? After your stomach became necrotic? “ She snorted. Tabitha glared, her eyes shiny with tears. Josh was the one who made the mess, yet she got blamed for it. Gertrude never made him do any chores or yelled at him. She coddled him. Lucky brat had no idea how good he had it. The older witch stared down at her a moment longer. Tabi feared for a moment she’d hex her again. “Soon as you get feeling back in your limbs, clean this mess up.” Gertrude turned to Josh, unbuckling his tray and untying his bib. Her voice gentled into a doting mother’s coo. “Come on, big boy. Let’s get you a nice ba-ba. At least Dora won’t eat that.” From the floor, Pandora snorted. Joshua obligingly held his arms up. His aunt picked the eighteen year old up as if he weighed nothing more than an actual toddler. He looked down at his sister lying on the floor. Her limbs twitched with muscle spasms, her body recovering from the after-effects of Gertrude’s magic. The gray of Tabi’s sweatpants had a dark, wet ring around the crotch herself and a yellow puddle under her butt. She’d peed herself without realizing it yet. He stuck his thumb in his mouth to hide his giggle. Sure, he peed himself all the time, but that was inside his diaper. Outside, he was dry as a bone. He wanted to make a remark about how maybe Tabi should wear one of his diapers, but thought that would be too mean. While his bottle heated on the stove, Gertrude poked a stubby finger at the leg holes of his diaper and onesie, checking to see how wet he was. She squeezed the thick, damp padding encasing his backside. The plastic crinkled loudly with each poke and squeeze. “Soggy but I think you can hold out a little longer.” Josh just continued to stare at Tabitha’s wet crotch. He was too used to diaper checks to be bothered by Auntie Gertrude’s intruding fingers. Since his torture, he’d been unable to use his own magic. As his nerves regrew, he sometimes felt twinges of magic every now and then, like it was a muscle he was just relearning to flex. Was this what it felt like for Tabi and her seal? His eyes traveled up to her chest, just above her heart. A circular, twisting mark burned into the flesh there, a deep magical scar from the spell that sealed her magic. It was hidden by her shirt. Three covens of witches- his mother’s coven, Tabitha’s mother’s coven, and Gertrude’s coven- had to work together to cut the flow of magic from her body. They only spared her because of her young age and hope for redemption. He shivered like he always did when thinking about it. It would be like having a limb cut off. Losing her magic was a better alternative than execution; her mother’s fate for torturing Josh and killing his mother. Tabi caught Josh staring. At her teary glare, his eyes quickly darted to the window. Branches of the huge old oak trees swayed in the autumn breeze. Orange, ruby and gold leaves drifted about the huge backyard. Plastic bats and ghosts hanging from the limbs fluttered madly. Gertrude lived in a sprawling suburb with plenty of yard between houses. A cluster of raggedy, half dead pines stood between Auntie Gertrude’s yard and the neighbor’s. The dark of night still seemed to cower within the dense, rotting evergreens. One branch dipped in the opposite direction of the wind. Josh narrowed his eyes, squinting. Was something in there? A feeling of unease curdled in his stomach. The more he stared, the stronger the feeling grew. Something felt off. Maybe it was just an animal? Nausea rolled over him; he moaned and buried his face in Auntie’s shoulder. Her flowered housecoat smelled of burned coffee and mints. “Shh. Almost done, baby. You’ll feel better with some warm milky in your tummy.” Gertrude patted his back, rubbing little circles like she did when she burped him. Josh kicked his feet through the air, hearing his soggy diaper crinkle. Didn’t Auntie Gertrude sense whatever was out there? She was a powerful, skilled witch. Pandora more demon than dog. If something truly was wrong, surely they would notice. Auntie always knew everything. He sighed in confusion. His head was telling him one thing and his gut another. He only had a few bites of cereal; maybe he just needed some food. Gertrude tested the bottle’s temperature on her wrist then nodded her approval. “Come along, Joshy.” She cooed as if he had a choice. She swept past Tabitha without a word. Tabi lay on her back, tears silently trickling past her clenched lashes. Her teeth dug into her lower lip so hard her skin nearly tore. She choked on her sobs. Only the tips of her fingers and toes tingled now. Still, she did not move. Her crotch and butt were cold and clammy. The scene of her urine filled her nostrils. She knew when she peed herself, the nerves of her bladder bound up in Gertrude’s spell. She said nothing- she wouldn’t give her aunt the satisfaction. Joshua looking at her with pity stung worse than Gertrude’s disappointment. Spoiled brat! What did he know of hardship? His whore of a mother never made him do a damn thing and now their aunt pampered the big baby. She angrily wiped her face with shaky palms. All she wanted was a little Halloween fun. She didn’t know the alcohol was full of spider venom. That was something a disgusting ghoul would drink. What kind of lunatic would concoct a noxious brew like that? Making Josh feed himself would help him grow up again. Wasn’t that what everyone wanted? Why the hell was Gertrude so hard on her and so soft on him? She had paid her debt for her past actions. Things her mother had coerced her into doing. Why couldn’t the covens just release her and let her get on with her non-magical life instead of trapping her under Gertrude’s guardianship? She was twenty one; an adult by human standards. Witches considered age twenty five, when the brain was fully mature, to be the marker of adulthood. So she was considered a witchling, underage until she hit twenty five. Four more years of being trapped in a hell that constantly reminded her of everything she’d lost because of her mother and Josh. “Fine. Be that way. See if I care.” She sniffled then scowled. She rubbed her face, hands still shaking. She sat up and winced at the cold pee puddle sloshing around her. “Ugh. After I clean up, I’ll show you who's a witch.” She vowed with all the venom of a brown recluse. ************************************* Joshua crawled along the rough, green carpet of the hallway. The heavy cream coating his bottom caused his cheeks to slide together, almost making it feel like he’d messed himself. He sucked on his yellow and white pacifier; the crinkle of his freshly changed, bulky diaper seemed to echo down the huge, quiet hall. Bright flashes of multi-colored lights shot out from under the door to Auntie Gertrude’s off-limits work room. He knew where his older half sister was; getting into trouble again. Auntie Gertrude was getting dressed; she had a lot of preparation to do for the Samhain Feast. Her coven was hosting a few other covens along with a contingent of ghouls. Josh had taken advantage of her preoccupation to slip away. He felt like he should check on Tabi because she had looked so miserable and humiliated this morning. Normally, he’d be in his playpen. He rarely got time alone, only when he was in his crib or playpen. Even then, Pandora frequently popped her huge, shaggy head in to check on him. Just like now; as soon as he’d crawled out of the nursery and out of Auntie Gertrude’s sight, Pandora was on his tail. He paused, turning around to pout at the huge demon dog. “Dowa, shoo!” He lisped in a whisper around the rubber nipple filling his mouth. The familiar just gave him a long, slow blink. Her expression clearly said, Yeah, not gonna happen. He sighed in defeat. Pandora only listened to Auntie. “Otay but yoos gotta be shush!” He had no choice, so it was just easier to agree to her coming with him. He held up one finger to his paci in a “be quiet” gesture, then started crawling down the hall again. Dora chuffed, her reply as clear as if she’d uttered the words. I’m not the crinkle-butt. Josh sucked his paci and crawled onwards. He’d only figured out how to crawl a few months ago. Walking was still a faraway dream. He hoped he could talk Tabitha out of whatever she was up to this time, though he had a sneaking suspicion it involved attempting to remove her seal. If her magic was sealed, how could she cast a spell? Unless her magic was somehow leaking through. He frowned behind the plastic shield covering his lips. The light wood of the workroom door creaked as he nudged it open a crack. Bright flashes of Crayola colored light shot out from a small, rapidly boiling cauldron suspended over a bunsen burner. The flickering, painful onslaught blinded him; before he closed his eyes, he caught a brief glimpse of Tabi nervously dancing around with a small blue bottle in one fist. Oh, he knew that bottle well; Aunt Gertrude’s Concentrated Essence of the Font of Youth. Use Sparingly. That little bottle had saved his life and regrew his nerves. “Yes! I can feel my magic! That stupid seal drained it away, but not anymore. I won’t spend my days as a powerless human!” Tabi crowed, her voice filling Josh’s ears. A chilly autumn wind swept in from the open window. Both made him shiver. An ominous tingle ran down his spine, the same wrong feeling he’d gotten earlier. He whined softly. Pandora made no sound. Had she stayed out in the hall? “Tabi? Dis bad. Stawp. Peese.” He lisped in a soft plea for her to stop. She never heard his tentative whisper, too swept up in her elation. She poured several large dollops of Font of Youth into the cauldron; with a bubbling whoosh and the shrill whistle of an over boiling tea kettle, all of the colored lights shot out of the cauldron at once. Tabitha screamed. Josh curled up into a ball on the floor as the bubbling brew exploded. The scent of ozone filled the air. A warm, tingly sensation washed over Josh, the wave of magic cocooning him. What had Tabi done? How? He cautiously cracked open one eye. Multi-colored smoke filled the room like dense fog. He could just make out the outline of the empty cauldron, shimmery potion dribbled down it’s sides and bunsen burner flame out. He couldn’t see much of the room, but he felt normal. He held his hands out in front of him, wiggling his fingers. He looked normal. He sat up and looked around some more, trying to figure out what the potion had affected. Smoke drifted out the open window; gradually his view cleared. The shelves of books and jars of ingredients and potions lining the walls were intact. Nothing broken or missing, aside from Tabi. Her clothes puddled on the floor like shed snakeskin. A chubby toddler with brown curly hair lay, her head swiveling around in stunned confusion. She spotted him and narrowed her eyes. “What da heww? Why every fin so big?” What the hell? Why was everything so big? Her voice was a squeaky, toddler lisp. Her eyes grew wide gain and her stubby fingers flew up to her mouth. Josh was just as shocked. “Tabi? What did you do?” His own words were normal, enunciated adult speech like when he was a big boy. His eyes widened and his fingertips pressed against his lips. They stared at each other, slowly realizing just what had gone wrong. Tabitha was now a baby, and he had his voice back. Heart pounding, he wondered what else he could do. Was he a big boy again? He pushed off the floor with his legs, expecting to fall any second. He stood up, wobbling as his muscles trembled. He reached out to the wall for support and balance. He giggled, beaming and excited while Tabi watched with narrowed eyes, annoyed he was so happy when she was distressed. “Oh, Tabitha. Why must you ungraciously throw every change I give you back in my face? You’ve truly done it this time.” Auntie Gertrude stood in the doorway. Dark curls shot with streaks of gray tumbled to her hips and her velvet gown clung to her curves in all the right places. The burgundy cloth was embroidered with pumpkins in thick, gold thread. She crossed her arms, pinning her niece with an ominous stare. “You’ve got too much of your mother in you and not enough of my brother.” Josh’s smile died on his face when he looked up at his aunt. He was part of this mess, so surely he was in trouble, too. He remembered how angry his mother used to get when he touched her tools or books. He lowered his gaze to Auntie Gertrude’s feet. “I did nuffin’!” Tabitha insisted, frowning at her toddler voice. Fear crept over her face. She held her hands out in front of her, curling and flexing her soft, pudgy toddler hands as if she couldn’t believe this really was her body. “I know what you did. Don’t lie to me.” Pandora padded in, shoving her shaggy head under Gertrude’s hand. As a familiar, everything Dora saw, Gertrude saw. Gertrude’s ruby lips stretched in a slow, cruel smile while her blue eyes glittered dangerously. “Aren’t you just precious in that form.” Panic welled in Tabi. She held her short arms up to her aunt. “I sowwy! Fix it! Fix it!” Josh leaned quietly against the wall like a terrified mouse before a cat. Auntie Gertrude crossed her arms. “No. This is a valuable lesson. I’m not shielding you from consequences anymore. Maybe you need to learn the hard way. I’m tired of you sneaking behind my back and messing with my things.” Tabi’s eyes widened at the revelation her aunt knew all about her sneaking into her workshop on multiple occasions to paw through her spell books and grimoires, searching for a way to break her seal. “Yes, I know all about your attempts to remove the seal. We left it partially open on purpose, so it would just drain your magic, not cut it off entirely. You’re so young. We thought you could be rehabilitated.” Auntie Gertrude sighed theatrically. “Well, that’s just another topic I’ll have to bring up at the Samhain Feast tonight. For now, you’re staying in that form. Much more manageable that way.” Tears welled in Tabi’s eyes, but her aunt ignored her. Gertrude turned to Josh, who shrank back into the wall and let out a little squeak. Warmth spurted into his diaper and he closed his eyes tightly, waiting to be hollered at. “Now, this I hadn’t expected.” “I’m sorry, Auntie. I-” Josh winced and mumbled, wringing his hands. “Shush, child. I just didn’t expect you to get caught up in your sister’s misused magic. I don’t know exactly what she did wrong and I don’t have time to figure it out. “ Auntie Gertrude shook her head. Both Joshua and Tabitha knew that spells and potions could have unintended consequences, like mixing chemicals. “Come here, sweetie. Walk to auntie.” She smiled a sweet, motherly smile and held her arms out as if he were a toddler. He relaxed at her syrupy tone, opening his eyes and looking at his now baby sister on the floor, then up at his aunt. Her face radiated love and understanding. He stretched out his arms and took a shaky tentative step from the wall. The huge diaper that hampered his crawling now forced his legs apart in a waddle, making his slow, wobbly walking even more off balance. After a few steps, he stumbled. Auntie Gertrude caught him, her hands lifting him up by his armpits and settling him onto her hip, one arm under his diapered bottom. “Such a good boy!” She praised and he smiled, snuggling against her. He noticed when his crotch grew warm for a moment before the thirsty padding of the diaper whisked it away. He still wasn’t potty trained. He frowned. Tabi screamed; his head jerked up to see he wasn’t the only one who peed. The adult sized clothes puddled around her were soaked with her pee. Tears streamed down her face as she wailed, looking pathetically up at Auntie Gertrude, who just shook her head. “No. You’re staying there. I need to find a babysitter. At the last minute. On Samhain. As if I didn’t have enough to do with overseeing the Feast preparations. Maybe Matilda still has some baby crap laying around…..I’m not wasting my time with resizing spells. Dora, watch the brat.” The barghest lay down, calmly watching as Tabitha screamed her disgust, anger, and frustration in a spectacular, wailing tantrum that would have done any toddler proud. Josh winced at the piercing shrieks. Auntie Gertrude carried him out of the room; he looked over her shoulder from his howling sister to the window. The smoke had cleared, but the leaves of the tree outside the window shimmered as they absorbed the smoke. Murky unease twisted his insides, feeling him with the sense that something was very, very wrong. He whimpered. “Shh. It’s okay, baby. I know you feel bad for your sister, but she brought this on herself.” Gertrude bounced him soothingly as she walked down the corridor. He shook his head. “The smoke went out the window. The leaves look funny. Something doesn’t feel right.” He hesitated a moment. “I felt it earlier, too.” Gertrude kissed his soft baby cheek, inhaling the sweet fragrance of powder and lotion. Underneath floated subtle notes of newborn. The elixir she’d given him so long ago after his torture even made him smell like a baby. She smiled. “You just got hit with a hefty dose of potion. Of course you’re topsy turvy and all out of sorts. If something was wrong, I’d know. I keep a close eye on everything. Including my babies.” She picked his dangling paci up and gently pushed the rubber nipple against his soft, pink lips. Josh automatically opened his mouth, taking the paci and sucking. Auntie Gertrude was right, but the uneasy feeling still needled him. Another wave of warm pee spurted into his diaper just as he heard the snaps on the crotch of his sleeper pop open. Her fingers poked at his now exposed diaper. He thought of Tabi shivering helplessly in a cold puddle of her pee and he suddenly felt awful about how loving their aunt was being with him. He took his paci out. “I’m a big boy.” He hedged softly. “Yes, you are. Somewhat.” Her hand roamed to the seat of his diaper, checking for a mess. “You still need your diapees.” “I...I can take care of Tabi…” He whispered even softer, not daring to meet her eyes. Whenever he used to suggest something, his mother would get mad at him. “That’s very sweet of you, but she has a lesson to learn. I’ll take care of her in a little bit. Now, how about a nice baba of chocolate milk while I make a few calls.” She put his paci back in his mouth. ****************** Hours later, Joshua dozed in his adult sized baby swing. The thick, soft padding cradled him while the hypnotic rocking lulled him close to sleep. For him, all Halloween meant was a babysitter instead of Auntie Gertrude and lots of kids in costumes constantly ringing the doorbell for candy. He was more of a spectator; he got to watch some Halloween kid shows on TV, like Spookly the Square Pumpkin, and some soft candies and chocolates to nibble on. The stewed, mashed prunes and carrots he’d had for lunch filled his belly, making him feel drowsy. Every time his swing slowed, it automatically wound itself back up with a rhythmic click-clack. Pandora lay in front of the large, empty fire place behind him. Dusty boxes piled besides the fireplace were full of old baby paraphernalia that Mr. Toadwart, Gertrude’s partner in the brewery business, had brought the boxes over after Gertrude’s desperate call. He could hear the barghest snoring. His swing faced the kitchen entrance and the big bay window to the front yard. Tabitha lay quietly stewing, strapped into a baby sized bouncer. She wore a white fuzzy sleeper with a happy cartoon Jack O Lantern on the front and two small ones on the butt. Old spit up stains dotted the front, making her feel like a baby. As if those were promises of what’s she’d be doing in the future. Layers of old cloth diapers and plastic panty ballooned out ridiculously thick, forcing her legs far apart and straining against the sleeper snaps on her crotch. Even crawling would be impossible in those monstrous diapers. She stared contemptuously down at the rattle clenched in one tiny fist. Both of them watched quietly as Gertrude poured Mr. Toadwart a glass of her Spider Cider in the kitchen. “Tabi?” Josh spoke softly, a gentle prod to get her attention. It was unusual for her to stay pissed off at him for so long. Normally, she’d cool off and sulk. Her rigid posture and narrowed eyes radiated anger. The only reason she was stuck like this was because Aunt Gertrude refused to change her back. “Wat?” At his timid voice, her head shot up and she glared at him. His tentative ‘how are you feeling’ died on his tongue. He dropped his gaze, voice a whisper. “Nothing. Nevermind.” Too late; he’d already provoked her. “Dis yew fawt” This was all Josh’s fault. She’d had everything almost under control until he crawled in and broke her concentration. And, as always, Gertrude blamed her for it. His normal, adult speech just rubbed salt into the wound. “Sorry?” He offered in peace. “Wiar.” Liar. Tabi glowered at him, frustration boiling over. She hadn’t dared lash out at their aunt, but she couldn’t take it anymore. First she lost her magic because of the things her mother had made her do, and now she lost her adulthood because of Josh. It wasn’t her fault. Her mother had ordered her to restrain and hex Josh. All they had done was inflict a little pain on a whore and her offspring. She threw the scratched up rattle as hard as she could. It tumbled through the air to plop on the carpet, halfway between her and Josh. Dora opened one eye and growled softly in warning. Tabi winced in fear, put her nose in the air and primly turned her head away. She tried to show she wasn’t afraid at all. In the kitchen, Mr. Toadwart sniffed the cider, admiring the scent, then took a deep sip. “Oh yes. Wonderful. The color, the bouquet. Just the right amount of venom. From different species, no less. So hard to get the venoms to blend and ferment well. Leave it to a witch to figure it out!” He laughed. “After we unveil this masterpiece tonight and I market it, ghouls, goblins, demons and boggarts will be showering us in gold.” He raised his glass in a toast, grinning and showing his crooked teeth. “I can’t thank your wife enough.” Gertrude strolled into the living room with Mr. Toadwart. “My pleasure. Matilda just loves babies, so she was happy to help. Our kids are all grown and the empty nest just drives her nuts. She would have loved to babysit; you know how much she adores little Joshy. Alas, she already has plans to go haunting with her sister. She does hope you’ll keep her in mind for future babysitting engagements.” Mr. Toadwart glided serenely behind his host, swirling the cider in his glass. Both babies stared at the ghoul they rarely got to see but heard so much about. His long, stringy black hair was pulled back in a low ponytail and tied with a black and orange ribbon. His clothes carried a vibe of 18th century aristocracy, with a skull stickpin in his black cravat. His orange silk vest gleamed, making his light green skin that much paler. Warts and moles speckled his face and hands. He was long and lean, towering over Gertrude. He was a most distinguished ghoul. “Of course. I just don’t know about tonight.” Gertrude sighed, frowning. Her eyes narrowed at the rattle on the floor then at Tabitha, who shrank in her bouncer. Josh winced at the mention of Matilda Toadwart. She’d babysat him many times before. She was wartier and rounder than her husband, and had a fondness for rectal thermometers and enemas for constipated babies. She also thought of Josh as a helpless newborn, constantly holding and sniffing him. She wouldn’t even let him hold his own bottles. If he didn’t mess within an hour after eating, she was shoving suppositories up his backside. She was suffocating. But if Tabi was a baby and Mrs. Toadwart watched them together, maybe he’d get a little breathing room? He almost felt guilty at the thought. Almost. Tabi didn’t know the horror that was Mrs. Toadwart. She just watched with defiant eyes as two small, plump orange mittens with Jack O Lantern faces floated out of the box and fastened themselves onto her hands, tying in secure bows she couldn’t undo. The padding was so thick and stiff she couldn’t even bend her fingers. She whined angrily, trying to shake the horrible things off. “Nice try, sweetie. Those are staying on. It’s not nice to throw things at your brother.” Gertrude smiled at Tabi’s pouty scowl. “Spunky little girl. Reminds me of when mine were small brats.” Mr. Toadward smiled fondly. “How about Pandora?” He glanced at the snoozing barghest. “Beg pardon?” “You’re only really needed there for a few hours. You can slip away early. Business is important, but so is family. I can handle the cider on my own. I’m sure you have other witches in your coven you can delegate duties too? Just this one night.” “This one prestigious night. We were given the honor of hosting the Feast and-” “There’s not much of a choice. Dora’s a fine familiar. Your coven mates are trustworthy, are they not? The babies will be safe inside the house. Put them in a playpen. What could possibly happen in just a few hours?” Mr. Toadwart cut her off, gazing down at the liquid in his glass and admiring the quality of the color. “I can help!” Josh quietly listened, but at the ghoul’s words, he perked up and waked his hands up to get their attention. “I’m a big boy! I can help!” Both smiled in an oh-that’s-adorable way. Gertrude laughed. “Looks like I’m being railroaded. Alright.” She gave in reluctantly, plopping down onto the sofa. “I can pare down my responsibilities to the bare necessities and pass the rest along. And I had such lovely speeches planned…” She sighed. Josh smiled. He was going to prove he could be a big, helpful boy. Just like Tabi when she was grown up, except he’d actually listen and follow directions. He looked out the window. The front yard was scattered with plastic, crumbly graves, bones and rotting zombie limbs. The long walkway was lined with carved Jack O Lanterns waiting to be lit. Orange, red, and yellow leaves sprinkled across the lawn. A breeze blew, rustling the fake spider-webbed bushes and scooping up leaves. More leaves from the backyard drifted past in a blur of purple, blue, teal and magenta. He hased, eyes widened. “Look!” He pointed. Tabi’s eyes widened with an ‘oh shit’ expression on her face. Nervously, she looked at their aunt. Gertrude chuckled. “Sweetie, it’s fine. They’re just leaves. You worry too much.” Josh bit his lip. The leaves were gone. Auntie knew much more than he did; maybe she was right. He couldn’t shake the feeling she was wrong. ************** “I’m off now. You two stay here. I already put the candy bowl outside so kids won’t bother you. Dora’s in charge. Fresh bottles in the fridge. Fresh diapers on the babies.” Gertrude laughed at her little joke. “Bye Auntie. Have fun! We’ll be good. I’ll help Dora out!” Josh promised. “I know you will, sweetie. It’s not you I’m worried about.” Her gaze slid to her niece, who lay on her back on a floor playmat. Tabi shook her rattle loudly, pointedly ignoring her. “Now give auntie some sugar!” Gertrude kissed both Josh’s cheeks. With that, Gertrude stepped back and headed for the door where Mr. Toadwart was waiting. He handed over her fancy black dress cloak with silver embroidery then extended his elbow to her. She blew Josh and Tabi kisses, then was gone in a swish of cloak and skirt. Soon as the door shut, Josh stood up from the floor and waddled to the bay window. The sun hadn’t set yet, and auntie already had him in his extra thick, noisy night diaper. The plastic backed monstrosity covered most of his torso and was almost as thick as Tabitha’s cloth diapers. His candy-corn striped sleeper barely fit over all that bulk. He was just glad this sleeper didn’t come with attached mittens or feet. He waved as Mr. Toadwart’s shiny black cadillac whizzed past. Gertrude and Mr. Toadwart both waved back. Once the shiny car disappeared around a corner, Josh stared out into the empty street and festive yards. A few houses hadn’t decorated, but most had happy or spooky Jack O Lanterns and yards full of witches, ghosts, vampires, zombies, werewolves, bats, skeletons and other assorted Halloween spooky ookies. Some kept it cute and kid friendly while others went for outright horror worthy of any R-rated slasher. Soon the streets would be teeming with costumed kids on a candy hunt. He sighed, drifting into memories of his own childhood Halloweens. The wind picked up in a sudden, leaf blowing gust and fat rain drops splattered on the glass. Something heavy smacked into the window with a wet thump. Josh screamed, jumping back. His diaper grew warm as he wet. Tabitha jerked at his scream, turning to the window then let out a little shriek of her own. A blue leaf plastered to the window right in front of his face. In the middle of the leaf, a little slit opened, revealing rows of tiny, jagged teeth that dug into the glass. With a puff of black smoke, Pandora appeared at Josh’s side, growling softly. The wind picked up, dragging the leaf across the window. Loud screeching filled the room as the tiny teeth scratched the glass before the shimmery, pretty blue leaf was whisked out of sight. A strangled whimper escaped Josh’s numb lips. He placed a shaky hand on top of Dora’s thick, coarse black fur. His fingers dug deep, searching for the soft pelt of her undercoat, seeking comfort. Tabitha struggled to stand, fighting the enormous bulk of her cloth diapers. Her plastic panty rustled noisily. Pandora suddenly whirled, racing for the back door and barking madly. In a panic, Josh waddled after her as fast as his bulky diaper would allow. The leaves were mutating into little monsters. Magic was complex and unpredictable, especially spells that went wrong. This was something only a fully trained and experienced witch could handle. Josh had limited magic, even more limited training along with little idea what went wrong with Tabi’s spell. He knew even less how to fix it. His mother had given him minimal magic training. She’d been more interested in her own affairs than her son from an accidental pregnancy. Auntie Gertrude had promised to train him when he was a big boy again. But now, he was overwhelmed and scared. Pandora had simply ran through the backdoor. Small skeins of black smoke lingered by the heavy wood. The old oak tree by the workroom window had a foliage lush and vibrant with unnatural hues. Dozens of purple, cyan, and pink leaves floated on the breeze while Pandora raced around the yard, barking madly. A few leaves made it out of the yard, escaping on the autumn wind. The barghest turned her attention to the yard line; the rest of the leaves smacked to a half, as if they hit an invisible wall. The scent of magic tingled in the air. Pandora had thrown up a barrier. Colored leaves fluttered around her; she snapped and growled at the ones that got too close. All those little leaf monsters and she was out there all alone. Whimpering softly, Josh struggled to open the door with a trembling hand. He finally pried it open, stepping onto the back porch just in time to see a purple leave scrape by on the ground. It was purple, plump and furry, screeching angrily as its little teeth left long scrapes in the wood. More leaves fell from the enchanted tree, screeching when they hit Dora’s barrier. Josh watched as the escaped leaves fluttered down the street with nerve-wracking chitters. One leaf fluttered inches past Josh’s face; it chittered and snapped at him. He screamed, stumbling back into the house. He shut the door as the wind shifted, another pink one coming at him and smacking off the door’s window. Pulse racing, he stared at the whirl of leaves confined to the back yard. What about the escaped leaves? In a puff of dark smoke, his aunt’s barghest appeared at his side. “Dora, what should we do? We need to get Auntie.” Dora snorted. The neighborhood whistle blew, signaling the start of Trick or Treat. “We go Twick Tweat.” Tabi lisped as she toddled into the room, diaper crinkling loudly. “We wook for weaves.” “Go look for leaves? But Auntie said to stay here.” Josh chewed his lip and looked at Pandora, but the hellhound was focused on the back yard and swirling, chittering leaves. Those leaves were dangerous and the streets full of Trick or Treaters....Pandora couldn’t leave; she had to contain the rest of the leaves. “Gotta go.” Tabi insisted, frowning up at her little half brother. She hated being so helpless, so dependent on others like the big dumb baby that was her brother. She didn’t care much what the leaf critters would do to any humans, but if anything did happen, Aunt Gertrude would probably blame her. “We’ll go walk around and find those things. Make sure no one gets hurt.” He wrung his hands nervously. When he made no further move, Tabi huffed. “Wet’s go, dum-dum.” She held her arms up; Josh was bigger and his legs could toddle faster than hers. Her cheeks went red in embarrassment and she silently cursed her aunt. Josh picked her up, carried her into the living room, then dug a folding umbrella stroller out of the largest box. He also found a faded orange pumpkin candy pail. The crinkling of his diaper filled the room as he worked. He focused on his tasks, trying not to think. If he thought too much, he’d think himself out of this crazy, terrifying plan. He wanted to be a baby again, safe and sound with Auntie Gertrude. “Costumes.” Tabitha lisped out. They had to blend in with the Trick or Treaters. Joshua just nodded his head, digging through the boxes and pulled out a faded baby peapod costume. She glared at the green sleepsack as he dressed her. Then he dug through the closet, pulling out an old, worn cloak and Gertrude’s rainboots. The cloak dragged on the floor and his feet slid around in the too big boots. He strapped Tabi into her stroller then hesitated at the front door. “Go!” Tabi hollered, pointing imperiously with one small, pudgy arm. Her plastic pail sat on her lap. Biting his lip nervously, Josh waddled out, pushing the stroller. The long cloak hid his bulging diaper even if it didn’t muffle the crackly crinkle. This was an old, old neighborhood, surrounded by woods. Cracks ran along the uneven pavement of the sidewalks and potholes filled the roads. The houses were in better repair, though a few were boarded up here and there. Most were cheerfully decorated for this most ominous night. The sky blazed bright pink and orange as the sun set, dying the heavy rain clouds dark purple. Shrieking, laughing children filled the streets, racing from one brightly lit house to the next. Josh held onto the stroller with a nervous death grip. His head swivelled around but he saw no sign of the drifting leaves. They went from house to house under the guise of getting candy, Josh toddling slowly to peer at the shadows, under bushes, piles of leaves in the yards. No one noticed the crinkling rustle of his diaper. Tabi thrust her pumpkin out at each door, lisping “Twick Tweat!” and leave a blushing Josh to stammer out a thank you. Josh’s thick, padded protection forced him to waddle slowly. Holding onto the stroller helped him balance. He toddled down one side of the street and up the next, growing more worried the further they got from Aunt Gertrude’s house. He felt like he was leaving a safe refuge far behind. Street after street passed. Josh emptied the candy pail into a grocery bag hanging from a stroller handle. Night pressed in, held back by street lights, porch lights and Jack O Lanterns. They press on with no sign of the cursed leaves. They clearly weren’t causing any damage. Josh wanted to go home, but Tabi insisted they press on. The houses at the bottom of a steep hill were mostly decorated, but all of the lights were out. None of the myriad of costumed children went down there; they considered the steep walk too much effort. At the bottom of the hill, a Dead End sign marked an even steeper alley. The streetlight was burned out, making the alley seem like the gaping maw of a monster. An eerie, familiar feeling tingled down Josh’s spine. The same sensation he’d been feeling all day. He tensed, frozen on the spot and staring down the hill, into the darkness of the alley. The wind blew and he shivered. Such a dreary, cold Halloween. It didn’t seem to dampen the spirits of the excited children racing around behind them. All it did was convince the adults to stay indoors, leaving the children to ring doorbells. A few fat raindrops fell. “What?” Tabi frowned when Josh wasn’t moving. He just kept staring, shaking. She didn’t sense anything. “Go!” He never replied. Something small and teal glimmered in a shaft of moonlight escaping the thick rain clouds. The wind picked up, sweeping the teal leaf up. It chittered angrily, open mouth and exposed teeth biting at the air. It disappeared down the dark alley. ************** Tabi gasped when she saw it. “Go! Fowwow!” She hollered. Being pushed around in the stroller was nice if humiliating. She hated being small and helpless, dependent upon Josh to go chasing after the leaf. His reluctance and fear were frustrating. They were the children of witches! Why should they be afraid? Did Josh ever feel like this all the times she’d teased him? If he got them through this, she silently vowed to herself not to pick on him so much. “No. Something bad’s down there. I can feel it.” Josh’s diaper crinkled as he took an unsteady step backwards. His eyes never left the alley. “NO! GO!” Tabi hollered, voice squeaking. She scowled. Josh winced, warmth washing over his crotch as he peed. “J-just to the bottom of the hill. A-a small peek wouldn’t h-hurt.” He mumbled. His sister might be smaller but she was still a pain in the ass. He could turn the stroller around, wait until Auntie Gertrude came home and tell her all about it. The leaves hadn’t bitten anyone so far. But maybe a quick look, just to confirm the leaf really was down there was a good idea. His legs shook, the plastic of his diaper rustling loudly as he slowly waddled down to the mouth of the alley. Purple and blue leaves scuttled along the alley lip, disappearing into the darkness. Like they were gathering there. He whimpered, wishing he had his binky to suck on for reassuring comfort. Tabi kept her eyes glued to the leaves, repeatedly yelling at her stupid brother to go faster. She growled, banging her small fists on the stroller frame in her frustration. At the lip of the alley, they argued. Josh wanted to go home. Tabi wanted to go down the alley. She shrieked, throwing a shrill tantrum that pierced through his ears and right into his skull. He started to turn to head back up the hill when his foot slipped in the too big boot. He tripped on the crumbled edge of a curb, falling onto the sidewalk. He cried out as he lost his hold on the stroller. The steep slope caused the stroller to roll forward. Tabi and Josh locked eyes in the split second before the stroller went careening down the alley. “Tabi!” Josh cried as she started screaming her lungs out. He struggled to get up, tripping over the boots in his desperation to get to his big baby sister. He reached out, fingers closing on empty air as the darkness swallowed Tabi, her terrified cries filling the night. “I’m coming! Hold on!” Heart pounding, Josh scrambled after her. The alley was in horrible shape. Chunks of asphalt lined the numerous potholes. In his rush, he skidded on cinders and slipped on pebbles before a deep pothole caught his toe, tripping him. He tumbled head over heels down the steep incline, disappearing just like his sister. He landed in a heap. He hurt everywhere. His face throbbed, sticky with blood and cinders from scratches. The thick cloak had protected the rest of his body. His head swam, throbbing too much to think straight. The world spun. He moaned softly. The stench of rotten meat filled his nostrils, making him gag. He sputtered, coughing feebly. Tabitha whimpered softly, causing him to open his eyes. Slowly, ever so slowly, his sight adjusted. The clouds shifted with the wind, spilling moonlight that illuminated the bottom of the dark alley. Parts of an old cobblestone road shone through the cracked and broken asphalt. Abandoned, overgrown yards lined the road. Three houses, all burned down to their foundations long ago, were the only dwellings down here. The woods pressed in, slowly reclaiming the abandoned area. The houses were old, some of the oldest in the neighborhood, forgotten leftovers from more prosperous times. Tabi whimpered again. Josh moaned, slowly moving his pain filled limbs. A soft chittering sound approached. Fear spiked through him. His eyes shot wide open. He immediately jerked back from the teal, purple, and blue furry leaves. Little beady red eyes glowed in the dim, pale light and their stems swished, resembling rat tails. They were drawn by the scent of his blood, chittering in excitement. The scent of his fear filled the air. A rustling behind the monsters sent them scurrying away with disgruntled screeches. At first he thought it was just a pile of dry leaves. Brown, dry, dead leaves of late fall. Then he realized they overlapped like scales on a fish, forming a cloak or robe of sorts. Abnormally long, skeletally thin arms coated with rough, bark like skin poked out like branches. A long, beak like nose protruded from the knobby, misshapen head while two yellow eyes stared at him with a yearning hunger. Behind the creature, Tabi sat unharmed in her stroller. Her own eyes were huge in a ghost white face. They both knew what the creature was, and what it did. Any child of the supernatural world knew. Erkling- meat eaters who heavily favored the soft, sweet, tender flesh of the easy-to-hunt young. Nausea churned Josh’s stomach; this was the source of wrong he’d been sensing all day. “Sweet child.” The erklilng husked in a voice as dry as the leaves clothing it. “I’ve been waiting for you ever since I first smelled you. Such a sweet, tender babe.” Terror washed over Josh. He barely noticed his diaper flooding with warmth. He scrambled backwards in a crab-like scuttle, hands and feet tangling in the voluminous, torn cloak. He screamed with all his might, desperately calling for help. He screamed until his lungs and throat ached. He reached inside him, clawing at his own magic, but like his bladder and bowel control it was beyond his reach. The erkling chuckled, amused at his terror. Savoring it like a sweet dessert. “Scream all you want. They can’t hear you. Get that blood pumping. Makes your meat all the more sweet.” It chuckled at its own joke, drifting closer. It moved faster than Josh could crawl. He clawed at the cloak, screaming with a raw throat. The erkling loomed over him, leaning low. He lashed out with a boot, his foot getting caught in the leaf cloak. The flesh eater laughed. It’s putrid breath washed over him. A tootsie roll bounced off the creature’s head, followed by a peanut butter pumpkin. “Weave him awone!” Tabi’s toddler voice called out. She chucked another piece of candy from her pumpkin, trying to chase the monster off her stupid baby brother. The candy missed, bouncing off the lip of a pothole and hitting the teal leaf-critter. It hissed like an angry cat and scuttled away. The erkling turned to her. “I almost forgot about you. Little baby who smells like an adult. You’d taste just as bad, too. But your delicious brother….” It turned back just in time to see Josh clutching a large chunk of asphalt. He threw it. The erkling just laughed, easily catching it. “Delicious little morsel. You smell like a newborn. You’re one of the few who ingested the Font of Youth and lived. A big baby indeed.” With a dry, leafy rustle, the erkling suddenly stood in front of him. It moved with the speed of a vampire or werewolf, so fast Josh could barely see it. He cried out, stumbling backwards. Hard, twiggy hands grabbed him, squeezing his thin upper arms through the cloak. He whimpered in pain and fear, nearly fainting. The erkling leaned in close, inhaling the intoxicating scent of his pain, fear, and baby softness. Josh leaned back, desperate to keep as much distance as he could between him and those terrible, sharp teeth. The long fingers gripping him only dug in harder. He whimpered again. “Such soft, succulent flesh. Mmm...I’m going to savor this feast. The hunt was well worth it. So hard to lure you out here. I thought my pretty pets would do the trick. At least they worked on your sister.” He grinned, laughing as the purple, blue, and teal leaf critters crawled into his cloak with chitters and rustles. “Y-you m-made T-Tabi’s p-potion exp-plode!” Josh squeaked out in a fearful stutter. “It was quite the risk, too. If that witch detected me...but my gamble paid off. Oh yes.” The erkling drew Josh close, lifting his feet off the ground. He kicked out with both feet, boots rustling the leaf cloak. All he got were irritated hisses from the leaf monsters. The erkling’s mouth stretched open, resembling the hideous mouths of his pets. Josh struggled, thrashing. His arms were numb from the tight grip. He couldn’t break loose. His wet diaper crinkled with each kick. That horrible mouth and jagged teeth drew closer. He closed his eyes, expecting a bite followed by a world of pain and blood as he was eaten alive, torn apart bite by bite. Tabi frantically threw all her candy followed by the pumpkin, but it was futile. A rasping, barbed tongue dragged over his cheek, digging into the crusty scrapes and licking off the freshly drying blood. Josh cried out in pain, mind numb with fear and pulse pounding. A noxious smell filled the air, mingling with the erkling’s scent of decaying flesh. A warm, mushy mess spread over Josh’s backside as he filled the seat of his diaper. The scent of his mess didn’t faze the erkling. He felt the first needle-like prick of teeth as the creature started to bite down. Suddenly, the erkling let him go. Air whooshed out of his lungs upon impact with the ground. Horrible, raspy, pain filled screeching rent the air. He opened his eyes to see the erkling writhing on the ground, thrashing around as if in the grips of a seizure. Josh could only watch as it screamed in agony. The hem of a burgundy robe embroidered with gold pumpkins swept past, blocking his view but not the screeches. “You rotten shit. Snatch a few human kids? Not my problem. But my babies?” Malice dripped from Gertrude’s voice. She paused and the intensity of the erkling’s shrieks increased. The screams dragged on as she tortured it. Occasionally, Josh saw a limb or leaf flail past her skirt. He lay still and quiet, relief washing away his fear. He trembled slightly, limbs still stiff. Finally, the awful shrieks and screeches died down to gutteral moans that tapered off into exhausted croaks. Gertrude stepped back, revealing a scrawny, twiggy toad with terrified yellow eyes. Tatters of purple, blue, and teal fur lay on the ground around the toad, along with shredded bits of normal, red, yellow, and orange leaves. “You’ve been skulking around this neighborhood for weeks. I could never pinpoint your location but I knew you were there. Pandora did, too. I didn’t think you’d be stupid enough to touch my babies.” Josh whimpered softly like a terrified puppy calling its mother. Gertrude turned, scooping him up as if he weighed nothing more than an actual toddler. “There, there baby. You’re safe.” The scent of her spicey orange perfume washed over him. At her gentle coo and warm touch, Josh broke down sobbing. His tears flowed freely, washing away his pent up fear and relief. He was safe. The salt in his tears stung the raw scrapes on his face. “Sweetie. Let it all out. I’ll get you home and cleaned up. Auntie’s here now.” She kissed the top of his golden head. He buried his face in her shoulder, hiding from the world. Her cloak soaked up his tears. She gingerly poked at his diaper; just from the smell, she knew he needed changed. Josh just continued to sob, too distraught to care what she was doing. He just wanted her to hold him, to feel safe and secure in her arms. The toad took advantage of her distraction and tiredly hopped towards the tall, thick brown grasses of the abandoned yards. Tabitha squealed softly to get Aunt Gertrude’s attention. “Let him go.” Gertrude said calmly, rubbing little circles on Josh’s trembling back. Tabi’s eyes widened in disbelief. Let it go? Why? It was going to eat them! “I tortured it before I transfigured it. Gonna take that thing a long time to figure out how to break that spell.” She grinned. “I got my pound of flesh off it.” She undid the clasp on Josh’s cloak then tucked it around Tabi like a blanket then wrapped Josh up in her own cloak. Tabi stared at her aunt, wishing Pandora had saved them instead. Was Gertrude going to blame her for this mess, too? Her aunt was almost as scary as an erkling. “Tabitha. Overall, you did well tonight. You gave up your candy to protect your brother. I was surprised.” Tabitha glanced at the grass where the toad disappeared to the pumpkin and candy scattered on the ground. She said nothing. Josh was the one who’d ran down the hill after her. Would she have done the same for him? She only saved him because she needed him to help fight the erkling. Right? “Maybe I’ll reconsider undoing the effects of your little mishap. Seems like a fitting reward.” Hope leapt like a fragile bird in her heart. She kept her gaze resolutely lowered; she wasn’t going to give Aunt Gertrude the satisfaction. But maybe if she cooperated a little bit it would convince Gertrude to stick to those words. “I...I need a new d-diaper. I’m...m-my diaper...wet…” She mumbled. “Is that so?” Aunt Gertrude’s smile was that of a serene, gentle mother as she glided over. She held Josh on her hip with one arm and her free hand poked at Tabitha’s crotch. Tabi’s face was red and she looked away, but she still felt the invading fingers checking how wet she was. “Yupp, you’re one wet little girl. Let’s head home and get my babies cleaned up.” She patted Tabi’s head and kissed Josh’s golden locks. “Your witch’s brew caused quite an unforgettable Samhain.”
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    Hi. My name is Danny. I have been looking around on forums for a while and reading abdl stories. I have never participated in the community much, but now I have decided to change that. I joined this forum, and I started a blog telling a story that I have. I would like to read more stories that are similar to my type of fantasy. I like regression, bedwetting, and day wetting. I like to pretend I am a 8 to 12-year-old boy who has wetting problems (bed and day, but for sure bedwetting).
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