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Found 17 results

  1. As Sam Gregory awoke one morning from a night of fitful dreams, he found he had been transformed in his bed into a giant baby. He lay on his back and looked up to see himself in a long pair of baby blue footed pajamas, with the soft bulge of a diaper around his waist. He tried to move his arms and legs, and the movements were weak and uncoordinated. He didn't seem to be physically different. His appearance was the same, and he was the same size, but his clothing and ability to move properly had taken a bizarre turn."What is happening to me!?" he wondered. It wasn't a dream- he could feel the bizzare clothing and weak movements as much as see them. He looked around himself. Between the four walls, the rather small but undeniably ADULT room, as it always had been. On his desk were scattered bundles of paperwork and cloth samples- Sam was a travelling salesman- and above it a framed picture of Batman. "Ok" he though "maybe that part isn't quite adult, but STILL! This is ridiculous!" His gaze shifted to the window. It was early morning and the sun had risen but was blocked by cheerless clouds hinting at rain. "Perhaps I'll just go back to sleep and forget this nonsense," he thought. However, that wouldn't work well. He was used to sleeping with blankets, which he guessed he had kicked to the floor. With his new restricted mobility, grabbing them would prove difficult."This is such BS" he thought as he squirmed on his back. He tried to get himself over on his front to move, but his arms and legs weren't cooperating. "You work your entire life, learning to walk, use the toilet, talk, all this stuff, get these stressful jobs, then one day out of the blue BAM! Its all gone. How does this even make sense?" He finally managed to turn himself over to his front. He threw his legs off the side of the bed and tried to stand up, but was met but at sudden pain in his feet. He collapsed to the ground. "Oh great, now I have to crawl?!" He thought. He was near giving up. That effort had all but drained him, and he still found his efforts frustrated. He was near tears, and he wanted simply to begin crying and wait for someone to come help him. "It must be the work," he thought. "Get up every day early, spend you time travelling around when all you want is comfort- of course it will drive a man insane! Much better to just stay at home and let others take care of you, do all the work, feed you, change your... NO! That is what they want me to think." He wasn't certain who 'they' were exactly. However, it seemed someone or something wanted to make him act like a baby, and he wasn't going to play along.He fought back tears. Wanting to cry and be taken care of was all part of it. He wouldn't find a solution be complaining or lying in bed. He'd get up, solve the problem, and go to work, one way or another.He looked at his clock. "Good God!" he thought. It was half past seven, he was running late. He began to crawl towards his cabinet. A voice came from the hallway. "SAM!" It was his older flatmate, Sarah. "What are you doing? Are you ready for work?""Yes, one second! I..." Sam stopped. Was THAT his voice? It wasn't the deep, manly voice he was used to. It was soft and high pitched."Is something wrong with your voice? Are you sick?""I... I don't know. I think so!""I'm coming in!""NOOO!""What is that? Why does he sound funny?" that was his girlfriend, Grace. They shared the flat with Sarah and her boyfriend, Aaron."I think he's sick.""What kind of sickness makes someone sound like that? Sam! Are you sick?""Ummm... Yes! Yes that's it. I'll be in her for a while. Don't worry, I'll be fine.""SAM GREGORY!"Sam's heart sank. That last voice was of his manager at work. "What the hell is he doing here?" Sam thought.His three flatmates outside seemed to focus on the newcomer."You seriously came here? That's obnoxious," Aaron said."WHERE IS HE!? I TOLD him to be hear EARLY today. I had to present to the CEO MYSELF!""But have I not been on time every day before this? An Is always do good work?" Sam stopped when he heard his own voice changing further."Nol. In fact you've been late pretty consistently."Sam flinched. He shouldn't have brought that up. In truth he wasn't the worst, but given the circumstances he didn't think he had much ground to argue the point."...seriously. Aren't there rules against this? I mean, you can't just barge in here. The hell?" Aaron said again."I don't care! I want to speak to him NOW! SAM!"Sam, desperate, tried to speak up. "WES! WES SIWR!" He flinched at his own voice. It was getting worse."He's sick" Sarah said. "Can't you tell that from his voice?""I don't care. No call, no doctors note, nothing. SAM, GET OUT HERE NOW!""WES SIWR! One second!" Sam crawled again to the door and reached for the handle. He had locked it the night before, and struggled to undo it.Finally he managed to undo the latch and the door swung open. There, standing with shocked expressions, were all three of his roomates and his boss.Sam tried to sink into the carpet. He hoped the bulge of his diapers weren't too noticeable, but figured it was a lost cause."WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?" his manager said."Well clearly he's sick!" Grace said pleadingly. "Yes he clearly is SICK. What is wrong with him?" the manager replied."No not that kind of sick," she almost whined. "Like, disease sick. He doesn't normally do this!""What kind of illness makes clothes appear? That doesn't make sense!""That's actually a good point," Aaron said."YOU'RE NOT HELPING!""Never said I was trying to help. Just stating the obvious."His manager was clearly annoyed. Sam's work was far from perfect as it was. Sam wasn't terrible, but at the moment he could only think of his worse moments. "#%@ it, I don't have time for this. Sam, you're fired. I don't care what weird things your into, but if you can't make it to work, then its a problem. Goodbye.""What!? No please!" Grace pleaded."That does seem unfair" Sarah said.He ignored both as he left.The three turned to Sam."Soooo... what now?" Aaron asked."Yes what happened Sam? How do you feel?" Sarah added."I AWWA OOOO," Sam tried, then stopped. As he had feared, his speech had been brought to next then nothing.Sarah nodded. "I...see.""Well, I'm not changing his diapers," Aaron said."Aaron shut up. Thats not important right now," Grace replied."You're just saying that because you know it will be you. And boy, with a baby that size will they ever stink!" Sam blushed."Ok, look. We have to find out whats going on," Sarah said, rubbing her head as if thinking. "Grace, you're his girlfriend. Is this... a... thing?... of his?" the question was on 'thing," she added the rest after."NO! I mean, I wish but..." she stopped blushing."WOAH so the cats out of the bag!" Aaron said."I didn't do it! Clearly its some kind of illness.""Yes I think that must be it. He got sick and it turned him into an adult baby," Sarah said."That makes fuckall sense," Aaron said. "How can an illness just suddenly make someone act like a baby? And how did it summon diapers into existence?"Sam had to agree with Aaron. This was the dumbest s%*$ he had ever encountered. What sort of reality was this?"It happens.""WHEN does it happen? HOW does it happen!?""I don't know but its clearly happened", Sarah said. "Its like one of those kink stories.""WHAT kink stories," Aaron asked. There was an awkward moment as they all blushed and avoided eye contact."Ok, look," Sarah continued. "We all know we all know that we all know what we all know. I mean, you both know what I'm talking about. This sort of thing happens, and somehow everyone involved is kind of into it.""WHAT?!" Aaron shouted.Sam stared in shock. "INTO IT!?" None of this made sense too him. "Since when the hell does this sort off thing happen in real life? This is..." he couldn't think of a word "like something from some horror writer, with a nightmarishly complex, bizarre, or illogical quality, where senseless things happen in real life, and there is no way out... there has to be a word for that.""This is all just bizzare! Its like, Kafkaesque or something!" Aaron said."Well I don't think any normal person would be stuck up enough to say that," Sarah glowered. "I think we should stop questioning this and just go with it," Grace said. "Fortunately, I happen to have spare diapers for some reason." She opened a closet door, revealing piles of pampers as she promised.'I think its incredibly suspicious that you say that, and why the HE!! do you have those?" Aaron said, and Sam completely agreed. Hopefully, Aaron would find a way to get him out of it.Both women turned and glared at Aaron. Sarah glanced at the piles of diapers, then at him."Comment revoked," Aaron said, looking down."Good, then we are all agreed. This is perfectly natural and normal, just like those stories we all read. It makes perfect sense.""Agreed," they said in unison, and Sam's heart sank.
  2. From the album Diaper boy pics

    Andy starts his first day at Canterlot High, but the Principals have other ideas and break out the Pampers! Image done by Evil Frenzy on DeviantArt
  3. It was that time of year where Emily had to embark to resupply the ship. She noticed that her boy was whimpering as she was making preparations for her scheduled link up with the commercial satellite nearest the ship. She pulled the short, brown haired boy into a close embrace to sooth him while checking his diaper. "It's okay, baby. You're dry." "It's not that, I'm just going to miss you!" Johann whined slightly. "I'll only be go gone a few days tops." Emily reassured. "Why can't I go?" "You know why, it's too dangerous this time." Emily stated. Johann paused for a moment while Emily continued to examine her gear. He really wanted to go with her, but Emily disliked putting her little guy in harms way, especially since their route was currently heading through an asteroid belt. She had extensive pilot training while Johann was trained in medical science. It would jeopardize the mission if both of them got hurt or worse and that was why Emily had to make a solo run. Johann knew she was right and that she was only looking out for him. Emily looked at his sad expression and decided to tell him about the surprise she had gotten for him. "I decided to hire a robotic babysitter while I'm gone. She'll do everything that I do and even be able to carry you." "Really?!" The medical technician perked up slightly. "Yes, only the best for my baby boy." Emily smiled and kissed her crewmate on the cheek. "Emily, you spoil me too much, you know?" Johann said with a grin. "I know, but I felt bad about leaving you alone without a mommy to look after you." Emily teasingly reasoned. "I'm not that big of a baby." Johann chuckled. "Well, wish me luck, big boy. I'm off to the store." Emily smirked. "Good luck and stay safe." Johann and Emily hugged one last time before she departed through the air lock. The twenty two year old medical scientist really craved structure and Emily provided it. She set the rules, established his bed time and changed his diapers. It was a unique relationship that strongly differed from your typical unions. Johann was an adult baby and Emily was more than happy to mother him. It was slightly awkward when she discovered his diaper collection, but after a long conversation, she found herself fascinated by his lifestyle. She was naturally a dominant person and this was an ideal outlet for her. From that point forward, she was his "mommy". Johann realized that he had been standing around for at least ten minutes, recalling how things had started with Emily and himself. The twenty two year old diaper boy decided that while he waited for his babysitter he should play his favorite video game. He quickly ran to the couch, with a symphony of crinkles, and fired up his old Playstation 7. Yeah, it was ancient, but it had all of the classics on it that he loved to play like Final Fantasy 19. It was a nice touch of nostalgia to play games from when he was actually a baby the first time. He had barely even traveled through the Caverns of Kalmah, when a loud noise came from the entry dock, which alerted him to the fact that he had company. Johann got up and walked to the entrance of the ship. The giant robot let itself in before he could even get to the mechanism that opened the massive door. Speaking of massive, the robot was at least two feet taller then him. Johann knew he wasn't very tall at 5'4, but this thing was almost seven feet tall. Emily must have hired an alien nanny due to its huge hieght. The nanny wore a long dress with a bow in its metallic hair and a bright, electric smile shined brightly across its face. Johann felt more like the child his crewmate treated him as while standing in the presence of this hulking humanoid machine. "Umm, how did you get into the ship without the code?" "I was given all access codes by your parental guardian. Now let's establish the rules, little boy." The robot stated firmly. "For starters, I'm 22 and I refuse to obey your orders!" Johann asserted while stomping his foot. He liked to be the bratty baby sometimes and rebel. He figured that this could be a very fun weekend if the nanny indulged his behavior. "Baby is having a temperature tantrum. Initiate soothing protocol four." The android rattled off a nonsensical command. Johann had literally a second to react before he was picked up and carried to the couch where the nanny bot sat down. Little Johann was positioned in its lap where she shook a rattle in his face. He blushed profusely, feeling like a tiny child compared to her. He got a deviously wicked idea and smacked the rattle from the robot's hand. "Stop being fussy, baby Johann or nanny will spank!" The medical technician didn't know if he wanted to test his nanny boy's boundaries. Sure, he had been spanked a few times by Emily, but this machine was practically twice his size. Johann decided to back down a bit and compromise with her by playing the sympathy angle. "I'm sorry, nanny. I just miss my mommy." "That is understandable, but I expect better behavior from a twenty two year old." Johann instantly blushed crimson. This thing most be programmed to humiliate me. Either that or some alien babies age really slow. The browned haired adult baby didn't really know how to respond to her statement as his thoughts tried to reason with why it said what it said. "I'll be better." "Good. Now these clothes are inappropriate for a baby like you." "This is my uniform for my job!" The medical technician replied with an indignant tone. "Oh, that's cute. You're playing dress up." The nanny bot stated with a chuckle. "No, I'm not!" Johann fell back into the bratty baby role without realizing it, while the nanny sat up and repositioned him to its hip. "Commencing scan for infant's nursery." The nanny bot located the room from its internal database which contains a layout of the ship in it's entirety. The small boy sulked as he was ignored by the towering robot who carried him to his room. The hallways were tall enough to allow the machine to traverse them, but the entryway to Johann's room was much too small for his new nanny to access. "Baby boy, gather your baby clothes and bring them to me or you'll be spanked. Is this understood?" Johann nodded quickly, not wanting to anger his nanny. He was lowered to the ground and entered his room swiftly. The adult baby knew he was in trouble. His room was fairly average with a simple bed, flat screen viewing device and a reciprocal to store his clothes. No crib, no baby clothing or anything else. He did have diapers though and that would certainly be good enough, right? The twenty two year old exited the room holding a bunch of babyishly printed disposable diapers. Johann presented them to his nanny in the hopes that they were enough to satisfy her. "Where are your onesies?" The nanny bot questioned him. "All I have are my diapers." He answered with a blush. "No sailor suits, footed sleepers, baby t shirts or animal themed outfits?" Nanny crossed her arms, slightly annoyed. "No. I only have my uniform for my job." The brown haired boy replied nervously. The humanoid machine grabbing the diapers and turned around, walking towards the main room. "Follow me!" Johann winced and quickly ran to the nanny bot who waited for him by the couch. The giant robot looked him up and down again before stripping the technician of his adult clothing, leaving Johann in just his diaper. He struggled against her, but she was just too strong to resist. "What's the big idea?!" The brown haired boy yelled. "You're obviously hiding your proper clothing from me. No mother would just allow her baby to run around in just his Pampers and play dress up with her clothing." The nanny bot explained in an annoyed tone. "I'm not hiding nothing from you!" Johann pouted and stomped his foot down with a crinkle. "Now you're lying as well. I know how to fix this." The giant robot scooped up the rebellious adult baby and ripped off his diaper with one quick swipe. Johann squirmed and kicked whilst laying on her huge lap. His protests were intensified by the hard spanking the nanny boy administered to the twenty two year old's backside. "Please stop!" The medical technician cried out. "I'll be good! I'll be good!" The giant robot ignored his pleas and spanked him for a few minutes until he was slumped over her lap in defeat, sobbing deeply. "Have you learned your lesson?" "Yes!" Johann cried out as he started bawling again. The nanny brought the naked adult in for a hug while rubbing his back. "I don't like spanking my babies, but you didn't give me a choice." The nanny explained as she soothed the crying twenty two year old. "I'm sorry for being bad." He broke off the hug. "Please, can you put my diaper on, I have to go potty." The nanny laid him on the couch and grabbed one of the new diapers Johann brought her. She opened the plastic disposable and lifted his legs up with her right hand before lowering Johann onto the noisy garment. He was quickly powdered and diapered. "Thanks for behaving during your diapering. Now it's time for your baba. Wait here." The diapered twenty two year old laid there on the soft cushions as he began to smile. Johann was absolutely loving this. Everything was going perfectly; the diapering, the spanking and how strict she was towards him was absolutely everything he craved. His thoughts were interrupted by the giant nanny's return to the couch. "Time for your milky baba." The nanny cooed as she lifted Johann into the crook of her left arm and brought the baby bottle to his mouth with her right hand. The adult baby happily suckled from the rubber nipple and was rewarded with a creamy milk type of baby formula. He was actually quite familiar with the formula, but being fed in this manner completed his fantasy. Soon the milk was gone and Johann was being rocked in the robot's arms while she sang a lullaby. The boy grew quite sleepy and fell asleep in her arms.
  4. Some pictures featuring my OC Andy drawn by friends
  5. Hi

    Hi. My name is Danny. I have been looking around on forums for a while and reading abdl stories. I have never participated in the community much, but now I have decided to change that. I joined this forum, and I started a blog telling a story that I have. I would like to read more stories that are similar to my type of fantasy. I like regression, bedwetting, and day wetting. I like to pretend I am a 8 to 12-year-old boy who has wetting problems (bed and day, but for sure bedwetting).
  6. It was a sunny day so big bro and I enjoyed it having fun around the town.
  7. Hey all. This story started out as a fun adventure and experiment with a fellow writer, Personalias. We teamed up to collaborate on a story, and this is the result. A trip to the zoo gone...well....right or wrong totally depends upon your point of view. Of Leopards and Their Spots By: Cute_Kitten and Personalias A note to the reader: I’m not an Adult Baby, or a Diaper Lover, or Ageplayer, or AB/DL, or Little, or whatever you wanna call someone who...who likes wearing diapers and pretending to be a baby. I know that’s not how you’re supposed to start these kind of things, but it’s really important to me that you know where I’m coming from. Was I ignorant of that fetish? No. Not at all. I’m not claiming that. I went through...an experimental phase in late high school...and early college...and all through my childhood I kept thinking about that one Tom and Jerry cartoon-you know the one-or that Bugs Bunny Cartoon...or that Porky Pig and Daffy cartoon...I think you’re missing the point here. I could go for months at a time without ever visiting one of those sites. And I’d never visit a site that required me to become a member to look at their pictures or read the stories. I never made an account. I never wore “AB” diapers or bought big baby clothes. I haven’t worn diapers of any kind since I was potty trained. I never even thought of doubling up on underwear to get that padded feel; too risky,too many questions. People who get in too deep with that stuff never get out. They never have lives of their own, and they just get stuck living in their mom’s basements, swimming through their own sick fantasies. That’s why I played it smart: I’d lurk. I’d skim. I’d satisfy any lingering curiosity, and then I’d go cold turkey...till the next time. I mean, you can’t really judge a person for what’s in their head, can you? If you have dirty thoughts, you’re still a virgin till you hook up with someone. Did I have those thoughts? Sometimes. Enough times. Maybe too often. But I didn’t act on those thoughts. I’m not an AB/DL or Ageplayer or Little, or whatever. I never wore a diaper, or big baby clothes, or was a registered member with any of those sites, and what I may or may not have wanted at any given time is irrelevant, isn’t it? No sense in thought crime, is there? Point is, I was normal. I even had a girlfriend; operative word being “had”. And when it comes down to it, that’s what this story is really about: How I had a girlfriend and how over the course of a day, I lost that relationship because of all this Adult Baby bullshit. By the way, my name’s Gavin. Prepare to hear about the weirdest and worst day of my life.
  8. Hewwo! I'm Waragainstgiygas, but you can call me Alex. I'm looking for abdl friends on here, and I do't judge!
  9. From the album Renno

  10. From the album Renno

  11. From the album Renno

  12. From the album Begining

    Sdk that just came in today, in my opinion the best adult diaper out there.
  13. From the album Goodnites 2012

    Goodnites shot 3 - 2012
  14. From the album Goodnites 2012

    Goodnites shot 5 - 2012
  15. From the album Goodnites 2012

    Goodnites shot 4 - 2012
  16. From the album Goodnites 2012

    [b]Goodnites shot 2 - 2012[/b]
  17. From the album Goodnites 2012

    [b]Goodnites shot 1 - 2012[/b]