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  1. Chapter One: The Drive Dad drove down the highway with meholding my hand between my legs. I had to pee and being stuck in a car definitely didn't help. A sign up ahead said that a rest area was only ten kilometres up ahead and I could certainly hold it. I could ask for my father to stop yet there was somethig else. “Something wrong?" Dad suddenly asked without looking at me. “Weird,” I replied. “ Dam weird you know.” He certainly did know why I felt weird. This was his plan. “I'm wearing an adult nappy,” I groaned. “You better be, Vicky,” Dad replied. “You don't want to be found out as a faker and lose this scholarship.” “Yeah,” I said. “That's the problem; I'm not really incontinent. They are going to find out.” “No, they won't. Just act natural. Show the letter I faked again.” I rubbed the padded material between my legs .“This is certainly not natural," I protested. “Well, get used to wetting yourself often,” he said. “You probably should show up in a really wet nappy. That way you won't look like a faker to the other girls who are used to wetting their nappies.” “Why did I let you talk me into this?” I whined. “You got a scholarship. The bank lost most my money, remember? This is your last chance to go to university,” he answered. I sighed. I don't understand how things got so weird. My father put away enough into my university fund to pay for all years of school. HMRC investigated my father recently and caught him for insider trading and fined him heavily and he eventually used up my university fund to pay for the fine. It was the summer before the start of uni and I had no money. So I search for scholarships. None fit me but after intesive search there was also a scholarship for only urinary incontinent girls who were studying any subject at my chosen university. Unlike the others, it was not listed on the university's website but on a discreet form for disabled students. It was the only scholarship and it was generous. It paid for everything including a monthly allowance. I remember distinctively getting the phone call. “Is Victoria Stevens there?” the woman asked. “Yes, this is she,” I gripped my mobile tightly. “This is Elizabeth Jones from the Urinary Incontinent Girls scholarship programme. You have been chosen.” My mouth was opened in shock. I had though my university dreams were over. “The last girl didn't meet our requirements. She was clearly bluffing her urinary incontinence just to get the scholarship while your doctor's letter appears genuine. I made this scholarship so incontinent girls can have the full university experience, including living in the halls. To do that we want to make sure that we pair you with another girl in the hall that is also incontinent for moral support. You will still have your own room Will this be a problem for you?” “No problem,” I replied, elated. “Good. We are having a summer camp to get to know the other girls. Attendance is mandatory.” I didn't tell the rest of my wider family. Dad thought it was perfect and had been a big help in getting me loads of adult nappies. They do sell nappies in stores like Boots, but the tape-o kind that real incontinent people wear is only found online and he helped me order Tena Slip Maxis online. Back to the present, the road sign indicated we wear near the camp. Dad said an incontinent girl would show up in a very wet nappy. I relaxed in my seat and pretended I was sitting on the toilet. As I started to pee in my nappy, it was so warm as the wetness spread around my crotch and under my bottom. I was shocked at how good it actually felt. Chapter Two: Fitting in with the Group Dad pulled into the lot and right away I spotted the group. After giving me a kiss, I head to group which consisted of five teenaged girls and a young lady stood around the van. “Are you Vicky?” the lady who was clearly Liz Jones, asked me. She wore torn jeans and a T-shirt. There was a bulge around her butt area, most definitely indicated she was wearing a nappy definitely wet. I said yes and opened the back door of my car and got my bags when she stopped me. "May I see your doctor's letter again?" I unzipped one part of my main bag and handed it over. Hoping the forgery work, she quickly smiled and nodded. "Can you remove your skirt? I want to see if you're wearing and adult nappy and have used it." I slowly unclipped my skirt; I tried many jeans but the bulge of the nappy always showed as well as the top. I can't remember how much I peed in the nappy earlier but Liz came closer, walked around and was satisfied. “Good. You're the last girl to arrive, so let's get going. You can put your stuff in the back of the van.” The wet nappy I had on now felt thick and I felt that I could use a change now. “Do I have time to run to the look real quick?” I leaned closer to her. “I'm quite wet.” Was there a loo nearby? “Uh no, do you think we can hold yourself?” I nodded though not sure if the nappy could. “Good. Then we got to go.” She led me in through the sliding door of the van and I took a seat beside a bored-looking girl with a sarcastic nerd phrase on her shirt. She wore black cargo jeans with all kinds of metal hanging from them. She whispered, “So, what's your story?” Before I could answer, Liz hopped into the driver’s seat and started the van. “Girls,” she called out through a speaker. “My name, as you all came into contact with, is Elizabeth Jones but you can call me Liz. I am the scholarship coordinator and founder of the Scholarship for Incontinent Girls. When I studied physics, I was embarrassed about having to explain to my hallmates, coursemates and friends that I had an incontinence problem. I realized that another incontinent girl would make a good hallmate and thus this scholarship came about. This camp is for several reasons. Mainly so you can get to know each other and find out who you to be paired with for moral support. The other reason is, unfortunately, to screen out people who are liars. I had to replace one girl earlier on who was not incontinent.” Minutes later, Liz continued. “So, get to know each other during this week. How about introducing yourself to each other now as I drive to the camp.” “My name is Kerri Kensington," the girl next to me began. "I am long tired of being teased about my incontinence. Having a mother who is not so discrete about it means everyone at school and my neighbour knew about it. This scholarship sunds great. I worried so much about uni and having to hide my nappies from others but I feel think group will give me support. I am excited about studying electrical engineering.” The girl who sat beside Kerri also wearing jeans spoke up. “My name is Michelle.” Her voice was softer and didn't give her surname. “I don't really have friends due to incontinence and will be studying Art History.” In the rear seat, a girl spoke up. “I'm Vera Horton. I'm just as normal as anyone else, or I was until the car accident where some drunk ran into me. The drunk doesn't have to wear nappies and it's not fair. Instead, he only got thirty days in jail. I instead have to spend the rest of my life in nappies.” She pounded her fists on the seat beside her. “Because of this, my boyfriend took someone else to my Year 11 and Year 13 prom. Will be reading Chemistry.” “My name is Bethany,” said her neighbour who had just looked up from a book. She wore all black with tight leggings. Even her nail polish and lipstick were black. “People already though I was weird with my love for black, so knowing about my nappies really made things worse. Will take modern history." The fifth girl introduced herself as Cath never Catherine. She worn a shorter skirt than myself. "I'll study my favourite subject biology and don't nappies to destroy my uni life.” I cleared my throat. “I'm Vicky Stevens. Am urinary incontinent birth since and my promised uni fund went away, so I thought I couldn't go to uni. Will be taking mechanical engineering." I hope that worked. The silence told me they accepted it. Chapter Three: The Meal About noon, Liz stopped at a local pub. I really wanted a fresh nappy. “Okay. Here is the plan. Cath, Vicky, and Michelle will go into the bathroom and change. Vera Bethany, and Kerri and myself will order our food. When you three return we will go change while you order your food. Then we will eat together.” In the toilet stall, I removed my skirt and looked down at my wet nappy. It was really wet - I did wet it a second time. I peeled off the tapes, rolled up the soggy nappy, then wiped myself off with baby wipes. Once finished, I put on a new Tena Slip like I had practiced many times by leaning against the wall of the stall. Back at the counter, I ordered a medium coke and a burger.
  2. This is the story of university student Jimmy and his descent into diaper dependence and baby treatment at the hands of jocks from the Alpha Beta Delta Lambda fraternity. Will he end up back in diapers? Probably. Will he ever escape and get his big boy pants back? Not likely. But there's only one way to find out! If you read my old story, Back to School, you will find some of the characters and places familiar. This takes place 4 years after those events. If you like this story, you can read ahead on my Patreon, where all my stories and hypno files unlock a month after they are posted. I hope you enjoy, and please comment if you do! Babied by Billy By Champ (Patreon.com/ChampTehOtter) Chapter 1: Butterfingers I was chillin’ at my friend David’s house one day with a few friends. David is an Abercrombie boy who collects expensive cologne and does his hair up just so every day. At first glance you might get the wrong impression, but he’s really a cool guy. His roommate Billy, however, is a big loud frat boy. He’s exactly what he looks like too; a bully. If only I had known just how far he would take things. So as we were sitting in the living room, David got the brilliant idea that I should play Billy’s guitar for Carly and her friend. There was no way I was going to touch Billy’s stuff, though. "Don’t worry, he’s not even here. It might just get you laid, dude!" He whispered, knowing I had a crush on Carly. "No way, dude! " I said as he insistently shoved the guitar in my direction. "No reall-" I pushed the guitar back at him, but he had already released his grip. The guitar hit the ground and all the conversation in the room stopped. I carefully placed it back in its stand hoping Billy - who only got it for looks anyway - wouldn’t notice. Suddenly, Billy came bounding in. "Did I just hear what I think I heard?" He asked, looking round slowly and meeting the eye of every person in the room. Nobody answered him. He walked over and picked up his guitar and looked it over. "What the fuck?" He fingered a large chip in the bottom of the guitar and made a face like murder. "Who chipped my guitar?" He glared at each of us, as I tried to avoid eye contact and act natural. It didn’t take him long to read the glances in the room and suss out the culprit. H-hey, man," I stammered, "I d-d-didn’t mean to drop it. David just threw it at me, and I couldn’t hold onto it right…!" "Don’t bring me into this, man!" Shouted David. "Shut up both of you," Billy yelled. He looked again at me. Slowly, an evil grin spread over his face. "I should really kick your ass for this, buddy, but I have a better lesson in mind for you. Wait right here." Before I even had a chance to run out the door he returned with a backpack. What the hell could he have in mind? Everybody was watching this scene fold out so intently, I felt like they should be eating popcorn. Billy came up close enough for me to feel his breath and whispered in my ear in a calm voice. "All right boy. Since you obviously don’t know how to behave proper, you’re gonna have to learn from scratch. You’re gonna do what I say when I say it whenever you’re in my house and you’re not going to stop until I tell you to.” I wanted to get up and leave, but from the second he said the word ‘boy’, my body began to feel heavy and I couldn’t seem to move away from him. He stood back and pulled out the contents of the bag. A camera, a pacifier, and a big diaper. Aloud he said, ”You want to act like a baby in my house, fine. But you’re gonna have to wear the proper attire. It’s a good thing I had these left over from the last fraternity pledge who gave up! Who knows, if you behave you might be Alpha Beta Delta Lambda’s newest member!” What the hell? This was just too much. I shook off my stupor and rose to leave but Billy caught me by the arm. "Hey, where do you think you’re going, buddy boy?" He pulled me into a headlock and began to whisper again in my ear. I looked at the others with a hopeful expression but nobody in the room moved to help me. He started speaking again in that strangely soothing voice. "Don’t think you’re gonna get off that easy, boy. I’ve had plenty of experience working with squirrely little runts like you. You’re going to put this diaper on, and then you’re going to go and play in the sand box out back until I say you can stop. And I’m going to video tape it. You’re going to act like a baby whenever you are in my presence and if you disobey me, everyone you know will find out just how much of a baby you really are. When I snap my fingers you are going to strip and do just what I’ve told you and you won’t be able to stop yourself until I say so.” Billy snapped his fingers. I froze for a few seconds. Nothing happened. Then, my face went red as I realized what an idiot I was. For a second, he had me going there! Why the fuck would I do anything he said, especially if it gave him something on me? I was so busy mentally slapping myself that I almost didn’t notice David’s exclamation of surprise. "Dude! What are you doing?" I was taking off my clothes is what I was doing. The girls started to giggle. Was this really happening? Before I knew it, I was lying on the floor putting on my first diaper since I was two. Billy grinned as I lay there taping it up, as if to say, ‘I knew you were a bitch’. David already had his phone out recording. Some friend he was! “A little help here, David?” I asked, desperately hoping for a way out of this predicament. “Nah, dude! Looks like you got it covered!” He replied, mistaking my plea for help as an invitation to help me put the diaper on. “That’s enough from you, diaper boy. This oughtta shut you up!” Billy shoved the large pink pacifier in my mouth, and I instinctively began to suck, unable to spit it back out. Next thing I knew I was padding over to the back door with nothing but a diaper on to keep me decent. The whole crew followed me out back where I began playing in the sand box and sucking on my pacifier. Billy already had the camera rolling so he could capture this precious memory in 4k. Try as I might, I couldn’t seem to regain control of my body to stop this craziness, and to top it all off I had to pee. Bad. "Oh, shit!" Said Billy a moment later as my diapers turned yellow, "He’s actually using them! It’s a good thing you guys didn’t let him sit on the couch!" “Ewww!” Said Carly’s friend, giggling at the embarrassing display. I was totally fucked. Forced to suck on a paci and use diapers in front of everyone who, by the way, were laughing their asses off, except for Carly, who only smiled sympathetically. And it was all on camera! Well at least they were enjoying my miserable situation. Unfortunately for me, this was only the beginning. Babied by Billy Ch. 1 (2020).pdf
  3. Awakenings: Day 1: Part 1. The sun's rays began to illuminate the dorm room through a gap in the curtains as it began to rise over the city. In the corner underneath by the wardrobe is a small sides workstation pink in colour scattered with figures, notes, pens and letters. In the middle of it is a laptop. The sunlight reflecting off of the screen. In bed opposite the desk lay Rachel a 19 year old girl, she has dark brown hair which looks like it has seen better days after a rough night's sleep. Her blankets are all messed up from her tossing and turning in the night. Revealing her purple pyjama top. Rachel starts to stir from her sleep moaning as she gets up. She walks into the ensuite and turns on the shower before looking at herself in the mirror. "Girl why do you always look like you have gone ten rounds with crocodile when you wake up?" Rachel grabs the bottom of her pyjama top and pulls it up over her head. Revealing her smallish size breasts. She looks down at her full nappy from the night and begins to pull the tapes off before then throwing it in the bin. Rachel steps into the spray and mist of the hot water raining down from the shower tilting her neck back as the water bounces off her leaving beads just running down her skin. She grabs a sponge and showergel and starts getting to work on her upper body massaging the gel into her skin with the sponge. As she is doing this a stream of urine starts flowing out of her vagina and down her smooth legs and splashing on the floor of the shower. Rachel continues to wash her body moving onto her arms fully aware of the sensation below, knowing she is peeing herself in a shower and completely unable to stop herself even if she wanted to after the choice she made. As she finishes peeing she moves down to her legs and lower body with the sponge. Once she washed her hair Rachel exits the shower and turns it off. She grabs a towel to dry off body once she is done she wraps it around her head she grabs a second towel and ties it around her waist to act as a temporary nappy while she dries her hair. Rachel walks out of the ensuite and grabs her brush and dryer before sitting on the bed. She throws the towel off and starts brushing her long damp mop of hair. While brushing her hair mind wanders off towards thoughts of some of the meetings she will be having over the course of the next few days as she gets ready to start her first year at university studying art. Rachel is equal parts nervous and excited for what the year will hold the opportunities presented through the course, meeting new friends. Once Rachel finished drying her hair she got up walking over to her wardrobe and opened it. Inside were all her clothes and all of her nappies. She throws a top and a short skirt over onto her bed before rummaging through her nappies looking for today's selection. She pulled out a couple of her rearz nappies a pink one with princesses and ponies on it and a white and blue one with monsters on it. She also picked out a standard medical looking one she bought the other day, ready for a meeting she was gonna have and one my diaper colour a white nappy with pink and blue colours just in case she needed a spare. She put the rearz Princess on the bed ready to be put on and the others aside to go into her nappy bag. Rachel grabs the bottle of baby powder from the floor and unfolds her nappy. She places herself on it and removes her makeshift one. She the. Powders her nappy area before taking her time to pull the nappy through her legs and taping it in place. Now secure in a nappy she grabs her clothes and throws them on making sure the nappy is hidden underneath. Rachel proceeds to grab all her things and shove them into the relevant part of her bag university stuff and phone and money in the front nappies and changing supplies in the back of the bag. Once her bag is zipped up she grabs it and her keys and heads out for the first day at university. end of part one: yes it's short that's down to my issues with dyslexia and dyspraxia. This is the first part of an arch that will last 5-6 parts all about Rachel's first day at university.
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