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Found 2 results

  1. At its core, overpopulation had led to many of the issues the world was facing today. The majority of these issues could have been easily fixed if properly addressed, or at least mitigated with proper legislation, but of course that wasn’t how things had gone. By now, we had reached a point of no return, and many had lost any hope of restoring the balance amongst the general populace. But hey, look on the bright side. At this point, overpopulation wasn’t even the biggest issue we were facing anymore. The wealth gap, or rather the segregation of the rich and poor had brought us lower class citizens to a slum-like state, even though we made up more than 80% of the population. Poverty had become the new norm, and those that were lucky took the few jobs made available, allowing them to live at a moderate level of comfort, that is if you count having a tin roof over your head comfort. Although, compared to most, it was. Others fought for what limited government assistance was made available each month, but most of us had come to accept the state of it, or at least tolerate the way things had become. Starvation was the norm. Exposure to the elements, and a complete disregard for any form of sanitization or comfort was the new way of life. As one might expect, crime had begun to skyrocket in recent years as more and more turned to crime as a means to survive. Prisons quickly reached max capacity, many using the prison system as a means to survive. Afterall, a warm meal and a bed was more than most of us had on the streets. But it didn’t help that they had indirectly disadvantaged the rest of us by forcing the authorities to create a new solution as serving your time was no longer possible with the new crime rates. And thus, the lottery system was created. Now, when you committed a crime, with prison time out of the picture, the sentences had to be something aside from prison time, and boy did they let their imaginations run wild. Of course, most saw this coming as the government slowly expanded their assistant efforts to be focused on improving the lives of the Uppers rather than the majority. I can still remember when they first announced their multi step plan, creating jobs to help better keep the two worlds apart. The Commissioners Authority they had called it. Promising a few thousands jobs to the lucky ones to help keep the poor in check. Ingenious if you ask me. Using the poor to help fight off the poor. And it worked of course. Life was so miserable for most, that even the mere chance at a better life was priceless. Even if it meant turning on their friends and families. But nonetheless, it only took a few years after its creation for people to realize that they had to take matters into their own hands. A true crime in the Authorities eyes. Most were just stealing food to feed their empty stomachs, or stealing power from local shops or unsuspecting neighbors, hoping to stay warm and save just enough money to afford the basic life necessities. Others turned to cyber crimes to hack through the financial system with a goal of getting rich, hoping to one day spread the wealth amongst the people and put an end to the current day norm. A cyber revolution. Really, any chance at escaping the slums for a chance of something greater was really the only motivator that kept most people going. Something better than what was currently being offered, by any means necessary. While most solutions to overpopulation had fallen to the wayside, once crime had begun to skyrocket, the Commissioners Authority quickly implemented a solution that killed two birds with one stone. Though, it was more of a solution to crime and over population than anything, not actually addressing the root of the problems at all. At its roots, it was a simple lottery draw for anyone caught committing a crime of any degree. Whether you stole a loaf of bread, or went on a serial killing spree, all crimes were added to the same lottery pool. I say lottery draw as if it is a good thing, when in reality it's one to be avoided, by any means necessary. Unlike most lottery draws, this draw was really used as a way to give out harsher punishments without directly handing out the punishments to individuals. It wasn’t a cruel and harsh punishment if there was a chance at something better. The sentences were made to be some of the worst things possible, with a handful of requests thrown in by the Uppers here and there to help fill roles for servants and essential workers, branding it as a “Chance at a better future!”. But everyone knew it was just a new form of indentured servitude, dedicating your life to make the life of the Uppers as pleasurable as possible. No one ever knew what options were in the lottery. Literally speaking, there could be a lottery ticket that grants you a billion credits, but you would never know it till you choose that option. More likely, was the forced servitude on distant planets in cold, harsh conditions, mining for precision metals until your body simply fell apart, where you’d then be left to the elements to finish you off. There was no mersey, but that wasn’t really the goal. The goal was to reduce crime, and more importantly, kill off those that were seen as a plague to the Uppers. The choice was simple, when you were caught committing a crime you had two choices. Immediate execution, or pull a ticket and enter the lottery. Once you pulled a ticket though, you had to take whatever it was that you got. There was no chance of escape by death if the ticket was something horrible. As such, most opted for death as they knew the awful things that could come from the lottery and didn’t want to take the chance. The choice of death was at least a quick, painless way to end the suffering that many were facing. But that wasn’t my story. ~~ I had been staying at a friend's house. Well, more of a friend's hidey hole if I am being honest. A small shelter pieced together with loose trash in a back alley way, held together with duct tape up on an old fire escape. It wasn’t much, but shelter was something that was hard to come by, especially in the colder months. There was a small space heater that helped keep the horribly insulated cardboard bearable, but I was wrapped up under what little blankets we had, struggling to keep warm. Alone, waiting for the return of my friends who had left earlier that morning in search of work. I laid still, trying to fight off the growling in my stomach that had been there since the night before. Perhaps I should have been searching for a job that morning too. I was stirred awake by screams of a siren outside of cardboard as one of the authorities hover vehicles pulled up within the alley. I knew immediately in that moment that I was fucked, but nonetheless, the fight or flight response kicked in and I quickly tried to scramble out from underneath my blankets, feeling the cold crisp air quickly chill my bones. I pulled the cardboard back, blinding myself with sun as I scurried out from underneath like some kind of rodent, quickly stumbling into the legs of two officers. I looked up at them, trembling from both the fear and the cold, still blinded by the sun, knowing it was over and that I would have no other choice but then to make the fatal decision that would lay before me. Unfazed by having watched me tunnel out of my trash pile, they pulled out their retinal scanner, the quickest way to get an accurate identity in today's world. I quickly got up on my knees so that I could at least try to keep some of my dignity as I stood there at their mercy. “Citizen ZZ1746890, you are hereby charged with the crime of unlawful residency and the crime of unlawful power tapping. You are hereby deemed guilty by the Commissioners Authority.” My gut dropped as I hung my head low. I knew exactly what to expect, and yet, somehow I was still disappointed. “Citizen ZZ1746890, as a result of your crime, you are hereby sentenced to death, or the lottery draw. Please clearly state your decision within 15 seconds, or the ruling will automatically be deemed as a lottery draw.” My heart was pumping faster than it ever had. I knew that both options would be awful, but I was young. I hadn’t experienced life the way I wanted. Death would be quick, painless and clean, but I just couldn’t force myself to say it. I sat there, silent, unable to speak as I listened to my heart pump. The longest 15 seconds of my life. “Citizen ZZ1746890, you are hereby sentenced to the lottery draw. As such, you will now be taken into custody and awake when your number is pulled”. With that, my world had gone dark almost instantly. Something I had not prepared for, but why waste energy potentially fighting a prisoner when you could use the custom implants that all citizens were given at birth to force them into an unconscious state. ~~ I stirred awake in a small white room, held in place by some form of magnetic field, holding the metal collars around my wrists and ankles tight to the floor. The fluorescent lights blinded me, as three individuals came into view. I was completely disorientated. How long had I been out? “Citizen ZZ1746890, we will now commence your lottery draw”. I looked up, trying to see their faces as my eyes adjusted to the lights. I could make out two guards and an older gentleman holding some type of tablet, probably using it to commence the draw. “Citizen ZZ1746890, congratulations, your lottery draw is complete. As such, you have been assigned to…” He paused. I could remember my eyes adjusting to the light as he said this, allowing me to see the confusion on his face as he read my ticket aloud. “Eh- Congratulations Citizen ZZ1746890, you have received a custom request ticket. This means that someone in the Uppers has put in a personal request and the system believes that you fit the bill”. My heart skipped a beat. Had this really happened? Had I really been given one of the better tickets, a chance at a better life? Had the rumors really been true? “As per the ticket, I will read out the request and all matching descriptors. If at any point you believe this request is unfit for you, this is the rare case you can discard the ticket.” “Discard?” I had asked. “Yes Citizen ZZ1746890, this request is an unusual one, but one that the requester wants to ensure will fit. As such, if you are unwilling to fit the descriptor, or know that you will be unable, you may request a single redraw. Might I add that we both know that by discarding this ticket, no matter its descriptor, you will be throwing away your single best shot at even a decent life.” I gulped. “Eh hem, Ambassador Obleece and his wife request a single ticket holder to serve as their…third party sexual partner to play the role of a sexually submissive adult baby…” I remembered hearing that, and just wondering what the fuck. Part of me wanted to decline in the moment, but what the man had said was true. This was likely far better than any other potential outcome, especially if the rumors were true. “The descriptor details are as follows. Ticket recipient: Must be 18+. Must be under 5’ 2”. Must come from an impoverished background, preferably from the streets. Must be a non violent crime. Must be a virgin. Must be free of any disease or contamination…and the rest goes on to be explicit details about your biological make up. Do you, Citizen ZZ1746890, accept your ticket, or do you wish to exercise your right and use your single discard?” “Biological make up?” I stumbled, unsure of what that was supposed to mean. “Specific identifiers of your biological make up are specified, including brain performance, blood type, specific gene pools, etc. The list goes on and on, but I can assure you the system has already verified that all of these things match. I can go into more detail if you really insist, but if I am being blunt, neither you, nor I am going to understand what these identifiers mean. Now, do you accept or wish to discard?” “I- I accept,” I had forced out, knowing damn well that I had no idea what to expect. ~~ Of course, in typical fashion of the Commissioners Authority, that was the last thing I remember before waking up where I am now. Though, I’m not too sure where that is. All I know is that I am inside of a small metal box, with a few air holes poked through to help me breathe. I could see blue skies and rolling clouds, as well as the faintest glimpse of the siding of a rather nice looking home, two things you would surely never see in the slums. Thanks for reading! If you enjoy my stories and want to help support me in creating more, please consider supporting me on my Patreon.
  2. In a rural area in China, where women and girls are undervalued, Mike Snyde has decided to seek 'girls who want a better life': Offered: Legal travel papers to America Travel arrangements to America including airline tickets and passport English lessons Full time work 10 hours at 5.00 an hour (Though not at all near American minimum wages, much better than a girl in China can get without proper Chinese papers). Medical Insurance, appartment provided, support for business interactions Work: Computer keyboarding input No skill needed Willing to work long hours with no breaks Positive attitude See: Mike Snyde Visiting at 101 Wong
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