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Found 2 results

  1. This is my first contribution to the story forum having been a lurker for years. The story is obviously an adaptation of the original and is written with the help of ChatGPT. It is only a short story. Please be kind, I hope it is good enough to grace these walls In all seriousness, feedback and constructive criticism is welcome. Chapter 1: The Mysterious Seeds In the quiet village, nestled at the edge of the dense and sprawling forest, Jack and his widowed mother grappled with the relentless grip of poverty. Their humble cottage, a weather-beaten refuge, seemed to shrink each day, echoing the dwindling hope within their hearts. Seven years had passed since Jack's father met his untimely end, a tragic accident while chopping wood in the forest. The void left by his absence was a constant reminder of the harsh realities they faced. Jack's mother, a resilient woman weathered by time and struggle, had fought valiantly over the years to provide for her son. Her hands, calloused from days of toil, bore witness to the hardships she endured. Battling the elements, she worked tirelessly to put food on the table and keep their modest home in good condition. However, the weight of their circumstances had worn her down, and the strain was evident in the weariness etched across her face. Desperation clung to her like a shadow but with resources depleted and options dwindling, she saw no other choice but to send Jack on a journey that would ultimately alter the course of their lives. One somber afternoon, Jack's mother, lines etched with worry on her weary face, called him to their meager kitchen. "Jack, my dear, our cupboards are bare, and Milky White, our loyal cow, is the last tether to our survival. Take her to the market and fetch a fair price. We cannot endure another day of empty stomachs," she implored, her voice tinged with desperation. Though reluctant to part with their final possession, 16 year old Jack felt the weight of responsibility and agreed to embark on the journey to the market with Milky White. The air, heavy with an impending storm, foreshadowed the uncertainty that awaited him. Little did he know that this seemingly mundane errand would plunge him into a world of enchantment and peril. Along the path, Jack encountered a mysterious old man whose silhouette was veiled in an ancient cloak. As if drawn by an unseen force, Jack engaged in conversation with the enigmatic stranger. The man, with eyes that seemed to hold secrets untold, proposed a peculiar exchange – a handful of magical beans in return for Milky White, promising a future filled with wonders beyond imagination. The bean-seller's voice, hypnotic and compelling, resonated with an otherworldly power. Jack, a mixture of skepticism and curiosity coursing through him, found himself entranced by the promises of a new life. Despite the doubts that lingered in the recesses of his mind, Jack made the fateful decision to accept the magical beans, sealing his destiny in the realm of the unknown. With the magical beans in hand, Jack returned to the cottage, his heart heavy with the weight of his actions. As he entered, he found his mother, her eyes a storm of emotions – a turbulent mix of relief, frustration, and anger. Milky White's absence did not escape her notice, and when Jack hesitantly explained the exchange with the mysterious stranger, her fury erupted like a tempest. "What have you done, Jack?" she exclaimed, her voice echoing through the small cottage. The dire reality of their situation hit her harder than ever. "We needed food, not these worthless beans! How could you trade our last hope for a handful of magical nonsense?" Jack, a tangled mess of remorse and confusion, struggled to articulate his reasoning. Unaware that he had been ensnared by the strange bean-seller's hypnotic words, he faltered in the face of his mother's anger. The beans, clutched in his hands, seemed to mock him, their magical potential overshadowed by the palpable disappointment in his mother's eyes. The air in the small cottage crackled with tension as Jack's mother, fueled by a mixture of despair and anger, opened the door, throwing the worthless beans onto the compost heap before storming to the kitchen cupboard. From its recesses, she retrieved a worn leather belt that once belonged to Jack's late father. With a determined yet heavy heart, Jack's mother approached him, her eyes ablaze with a volatile mixture of disappointment and frustration. Forcefully she threw Jack across the kitchen table and yanked down his trousers to bare his bottom. The leather belt whistled through the air before it met its mark, the sound a harsh punctuation to the silence that has descended. Blow after blow, the belt became a vessel for her anger, each strike echoing the harsh reality of their circumstances. Quivering amidst the physical pain and the shame of what he had done, Jack bore not only the sting of the leather but the weight of his mother's grief and desperation. As the rhythmic beat of the belt lashed against his bare skin leaving welt after welt, it etched into Jack's memory the bitter consequences of a choice that had seemed, at the time, to hold the promise of a better future. Exhausted, both physically and emotionally, Jack stumbled to his room, the echo of the beating and the scolding from his mother still reverberating in his ears. The narrow confines of his small chamber offered no solace, only serving as a witness to the turmoil that had unfolded. Alone in the dim light, his face stained with tears and pain, Jack lay face down on his bed, his backside throbbing and on fire, grappling with the harsh realities of his decisions. His mother's admonishments lingered in the air, and the weight of her disappointment pressed upon him like an unrelenting force. The battered leather belt, a cruel reminder of his lapse in judgment, lay discarded on the floor – a silent testament to the consequences of his decision. As Jack lay in the quiet, the room became a sanctuary of sorrow, and time seemed to stretch into an eternity. His mother had been clear that she couldn’t bear to see his face again that evening. The creaks and groans of the small cottage bore witness to the fractured relationship between a mother at her wit's end and a son ensnared in the consequences of misplaced trust. The night, though young, held no promise of respite for Jack, whose tears painted a portrait of remorse on the canvas of his solitary confinement. Chapter 2: The Enchanted Beanstalk In the dim light of dawn, Jack's eyes fluttered open, his restless sleep haunted by the events of the previous night. The pain in his body mirrored the ache in his heart, a testament to the harsh punishment he had endured. His bottom, marked with red and bruised imprints from his mother's fury, throbbed with every movement, a stark reminder of the consequences of his folly. As Jack gingerly rose from his bed and peered out of the window he spied a world transformed. The beans, discarded in a fit of anger, had burgeoned into a colossal beanstalk that soared high into the heavens. Driven by a potent mix of curiosity and trepidation, Jack stepped outside. Despite the overwhelming sorrow that clung to him from the events of the previous night, Jack now saw an opportunity amidst the chaos. The colossal stalk, reaching towards the heavens, became a symbol of potential, a way to mend the fragments of trust he had shattered. Driven by a newfound determination, Jack envisioned the beanstalk as his path to a fortune that could rescue his family from the clutches of destitution. With his mother still asleep, he embarked on the ascent up the spiraling beanstalk. With each step, the air grew crisper, and the landscape below diminished into a patchwork quilt of fields and forests. The verdant tendrils of the beanstalk led him beyond the clouds to a realm that defied the laws of nature. Unbeknownst to Jack, the giants residing in the colossal castle high above had been watching, their eyes gleaming with intent. The giants, an enigmatic male and female couple, observed Jack's approach with a calculating gaze. Their towering figures, shrouded in mystery, hinted at an ancient wisdom and a cunning that surpassed mere curiosity. The female giant, with eyes that held the secrets of countless ages, exchanged a knowing glance with her male counterpart. Their intentions, while veiled in a deliberate ambiguity, hinted at a deeper purpose that might not align with Jack's best interests. It wasn't malevolence that emanated from them, but rather a cunning awareness of their own desires, which remained concealed in the shadows of their colossal home. As Jack ventured into the realm of the giants, their presence became an intricate dance of secrecy and calculation. The giants, a formidable pair, observed Jack's every move with a level of scrutiny that hinted at a game beyond the bounds of Jack's understanding. Little did Jack realize that his ascent into the clouds had entwined him in a web of mystery, whose true intentions remained as elusive as the whispers of the wind between the towering beanstalk leaves. Chapter 3: The Giants' Lair The beanstalk carried Jack into a realm where the very air crackled with an otherworldly energy. As he approached the towering castle, its colossal form left him breathless. The sheer scale of the structure, reaching into the clouds, filled him with awe and a touch of trepidation. The steps leading up to the entrance seemed to defy gravity, each one an insurmountable obstacle for Jack, who struggled to ascend their towering heights. Despite the daunting climb, Jack persisted, fueled by a curiosity that eclipsed his physical exertion. As he neared the massive wooden door, intricately carved and imposing in its grandeur, he noticed a faint light emanating from within. To his surprise, the door was slightly ajar, inviting him to explore the mysteries hidden beyond its colossal frame. With a mixture of caution and fascination, Jack squeezed through the narrow opening. The vastness of the entrance hallway unfolded before him, its dimensions dwarfing everything he had known. The towering walls and expansive space left him marveling at the grandeur of the giants' abode. It was a cavernous chamber, adorned with colossal tapestries and intricate designs that seemed to tell stories from ancient times. The choice now lay before Jack – the option to retreat, allowing fear to guide him back to the familiar world below, or to press on and unravel the secrets of this gargantuan castle. The allure of the unknown compelled him, and with a determined breath, Jack chose to explore further. Turning to his right, he entered a hallway that stretched into the distance. The muted echoes of his footsteps reverberated through the colossal space as he ventured deeper into the heart of the giants' lair. The air seemed charged with anticipation, and Jack's senses were heightened, absorbing every detail of the alien environment around him. Suddenly, as if materializing out of thin air, a surge of shock and terror gripped Jack. An unseen force clamped down on his upper arm, halting him in his tracks. A booming voice, both stern and thunderous, shattered the stillness of the colossal castle. "Where do you think you are off to, little boy?" Frozen in place, Jack turned to face his captor. Or at least what appeared to be his captor’s knee. The colossal figure loomed above him, easily four times his size. The giant's leg seemed to stretch into the heavens, creating an overwhelming sense of vulnerability for Jack. The features of the giant's face, obscured by the play of light and shadow, remained elusive, leaving Jack to grapple with the magnitude of the encounter. In this vast and mysterious world, Jack stood as a mere fraction of the giant's stature, resembling a small child in the presence of a towering adult. The enormity of the being before him emphasized the stark contrast between their sizes, accentuating Jack's helplessness in this colossal domain. As he gazed up in awe and trepidation, the giant, whose intentions remained cloaked in mystery, stood as a formidable guardian of the secrets hidden within the towering castle. Chapter 4: The Giants' World "You are coming with me, little one," the booming voice of the male giant resonated through the colossal corridor. With a firm grip on Jack's upper arm, the giant ushered him forward, leaving the young adventurer with no choice but to follow. Jack stumbled to keep up, his smaller strides a stark contrast to the giant's measured pace. The giant's grip, unyielding as a vice, prompted Jack to attempt a futile struggle. He tugged against the colossal fingers wrapped around his arm, but there was no budging the giant's powerful hold. In a desperate plea, Jack turned to the giant. "Please, let me go!" he implored, his voice tinged with both fear and frustration. The giant, however, only chuckled in response, his laughter echoing through the corridor. The male giant, undeterred by Jack's pleas, guided him along the seemingly endless passageway. As they reached the end, a colossal doorway loomed ahead, leading into a room where a female giant stood tending to the stove. With an effortless motion, the male giant ushered Jack through the doorway, his booming voice addressing the female giant. "Found this little one skulking down one of the corridors," he explained, a tone of amusement in his words. Jack, now standing in the presence of both giants, felt a sense of vulnerability in this unfamiliar kitchen, surrounded by beings whose motives remained veiled in mystery. Jack found himself in a colossal kitchen that dwarfed any he had known. The wooden table, massive in scale, towered above him, its top reaching the level of his head. The two kitchen chairs appeared more like thrones in their dimensions, and beside them stood a high chair designed for a child, though even this seemed larger than any Jack had ever encountered. Utensils lined the countertops, each one seemingly crafted for a giant's use. The knives, ladles, and spatulas appeared more like weapons of war, their proportions exaggerating the stark contrast between Jack's size and the monumental fittings that surrounded him. The kitchen stove, a colossal structure emitting a warm glow, seemed capable of cooking meals for an entire village. Amidst this vastness, the giantess, though slightly shorter than her male counterpart, still towered over Jack, her figure at least three times his height. Dressed in the attire of a kindly farm wife, she bustled about the kitchen, preparing food with a sense of purpose. Her gaze, while kind, held a stern quality as she addressed Jack. "Where have you come from, little one?" she inquired, her voice resonating with both warmth and authority. The giantess regarded Jack with a mix of curiosity and suspicion as she continued her food preparations. Jack, nervously fidgeting in the colossal kitchen, summoned the courage to explain himself. "I... I climbed the beanstalk in search of adventure and fortune," Jack stammered, his words tinged with both fear and uncertainty. The giantess paused, her towering figure casting a formidable shadow over Jack. "Fortune, you say?" she replied, her voice carrying a tone of skepticism. "Or perhaps you climbed our beanstalk in search of things to steal." Jack's eyes widened in alarm. "No, no, I promise! I didn't come to steal anything. I just wanted an adventure, to find something that would change our lives." The giantess, her eyes narrowing slightly, studied Jack's face for signs of deception. "You expect us to believe that a little human like you climbed our beanstalk without ill intentions? What could a small creature like you possibly seek in a giant's castle?" Tears welled up in Jack's eyes as he vehemently denied any malicious intent. "I swear, I just wanted something to help my mother and me. I didn't mean to intrude or cause any harm." The giantess remained stoic, contemplating Jack's words. "Well, little boy, you have made your bed, now you will have to lie in it... but not until we've eaten lunch." With a sense of finality, she returned to her cooking, leaving Jack to grapple with the uncertain fate that loomed over him in the colossal kitchen. In a swift and unexpected motion, the male giant lifted Jack off the ground, his powerful grip securing him under the armpits as if he were weightless. Before Jack could fully comprehend the situation, he found himself being carried across the colossal kitchen. The giant approached the high chair Jack had previously observed, and with practiced ease, deposited him into its seat. Startled and caught off guard, Jack's protests were cut short as the giant swiftly secured him in place. Leather reins, skillfully manipulated by the giant's massive hands, fastened Jack tightly to the chair. The wooden tray, previously at the side of the chair, was lifted and locked in front of him, effectively confining him to the small seat. Jack's attempts to resist were futile against the sheer strength of the giant, his struggles met with an unwavering grip. As the giant worked to secure Jack, the giantess turned from her cooking, her eyes softening as she observed Jack's distress. Sensing the need for an explanation, she spoke with a mix of understanding and reassurance. "Given your small size, it wouldn't be safe for you to sit at a normal chair. Besides, you wouldn't be able to reach the table," she explained, her voice carrying a maternal tone. Jack, now restrained in the high chair, felt a mix of helplessness and frustration. The leather restraints secured his upper body, the tray confined him from the front, and his ankles were bound by leather straps that fastened his feet to a bar between the legs of the chair. Despite Jack's attempts to free himself, the giant's careful and efficient restraints left him confined. From his elevated perch in the high chair, Jack surveyed the colossal kitchen with a mixture of fascination and trepidation. The massive table, meticulously laid for two, boasted oversized utensils and plates that could easily accommodate a feast fit for giants. The giantess, engrossed in her culinary task, was preparing a goose of such magnitude that Jack had never imagined. Vegetables of a size he could scarcely fathom surrounded the enormous bird. Despite the circumstances that had led him to this surreal dining scene, the aroma of the cooking food wafting through the air stirred a hunger in Jack that even fear couldn't suppress. Taking a moment to inspect his surroundings, Jack examined the high chair that now confined him. The hard wooden seat supported him, while a thick wooden dowel rose from the seat between his legs, attaching to a rail that encircled the chair from front to back. The tray, to which he was firmly fastened, was affixed to this rail. Leather reins, cunningly secured to the back of the seat, ran over each shoulder and around his waist, converging with a larger oval piece of leather across his middle. Jack realized, to his dismay, that he had very little room for maneuver, and the ankle restraints prevented any hope of escape. In a desperate attempt to free himself, Jack squirmed and kicked, but the restraints held him fast. His voice rose in protest as he implored the giant and giantess to release him from his confining seat. The giantess, turning her attention to Jack, chuckled at his futile struggles. "I think our little guest is getting a little fussy," she remarked to the male giant, a note of amusement in her voice. "It's still 10 minutes until the food is ready. Why don't you get him his baba?" As Jack continued his protests, the male giant disappeared from his field of vision, leaving him anxiously awaiting his return. In a matter of minutes, the giant reappeared, holding what appeared to be a giant-sized baby's dummy. Jack's pleas intensified, the desperation in his eyes begging to be released and allowed to return home down the beanstalk. The male giant, however, chuckled in response, finding amusement in Jack's futile attempts at resistance. With a gentle but firm grip, the giant squeezed Jack's cheeks, eliciting a muffled protest from the small captive. Ignoring Jack's pleas, the giant deftly forced the large rubber teat into his mouth. The teat pressed down on Jack's tongue, filling his mouth and preventing him from articulating his objections. Jack struggled to push the dummy out with his tongue, but before he could react, the giant secured another strap behind his head, holding the teat firmly in place. Now rendered voiceless and restrained, Jack found himself compelled to suckle on the oversized dummy. The rubber teat, an alien presence in his mouth, left him feeling vulnerable and powerless. Immediately following this peculiar act, the giant attached a large blue plastic bib around Jack's neck. Reacting instinctively, Jack attempted to rip it away, but the giant, with a patient demeanor, seized hold of his wrists and secured each of them to yet another set of leather restraints on the arms of the chair. Now firmly confined in the high chair, Jack sat helplessly, unable to move, unable to speak, as he awaited the completion of the giantess's meal preparations. The giant's chuckles resonated in the colossal kitchen, leaving Jack to grapple with his newfound dependence in this bizarre world where his every movement and word were subject to the whims of the towering beings that held him captive. To be continued.......
  2. This story is created for Kasarberang contest if you wish to join just click the link! this is only the start and have a bunch of chapters to come i just hope one person out there enjoys it! Word cound if curious 29,795 Story is 100% complete Chapter 1 A Young girl about 27 years old named ivy stretches after getting dressed, her hair a mess after just getting out of the shower. she grabs a brush and begins to brush her hair walking to her room. Her house was pretty big, she even had her own science lab where she could get into any kinda trouble she wanted. She lived alone and let's just say she's not perfectly sane but she balmes that on high school. Being a so called 'nerd' she was picked on a lot especially by a bully by the name of ash. He was the worst bully at the school. lucky she hasn't seen him since school, who knows she probably wouldn't even recognize him. It sends a shiver down her spine remembering what he made her do. As she thought her grip tightened on her brush before she chucked it at a wall making it smash through the wall and getting stuck half way through. She quickly jumps up and covers her mouth. "oopsie…" She sighs. "come on vy let it go it's been over 10 years learn to let things go…i was the one who lived though it not you." She scoffs at herself. "let it go? like hell! he hurt you I! He made you feel like shit he's the reason we can't sleep at night!" She nods to herself. "I know vy… Sorry didn't mean to make you more angry." She rolls her eyes. "you're like a little sister to me I. Even if we are the same person, I feel like I'm the one who's got to take care of us. And I promise if I ever see this man again, that ass by the name of ash. I'll get your revenge." She giggles. "ass… Ash" She smiles. "you like that one huh?" She nodded “Ya it was cute” She blushed and cleared her throat. "Anyways we need to get to bed, maybe we can get a normal day's worth of sleep." Ivy lays down throwing the cover over herself. "maybe we shouldn't have wasted all our chloroform… We could have used that to get to sleep again." She shivers. "like hell… that reminds me we need to buy more supplies at the store tomorrow." She nods to herself halfway asleep. "damn it I… Stop falling asleep so fast I'm trying to… Thin-" Suddenly ivy falls asleep, Her and her other side. If you didn't know any better they almost seem like two different people in the same body. She has been like this since her accident at school with the bully. Suddenly ivy begins to rock back and forth in her sleep as the nightmares begin. Ivy is being shook awake by her mom. "come on ivy its time school" A 17 year old ivy sits up yawning very cutely in an over sized lab coat she loves to sleep in. Her hair was a mess but she didn't seem to care. She wasn't the best at taking care of herself. "alright mom… any news on if ash got suspended after yesterday?" Her mom sighs and shakes her head. "unfortunately, I don't think so…" Her eyes get big. "what?! But why?! He exploded the toilet with a cherry bomb! How can he not?! I saw him do it and told on him." Her mom frowns. "I know… I don't know how he did it, just ignore him for now. school's almost over and remember if you keep them straight A's me and your dad will help you get that place you wanted really bad with the lab." Ivy jumps up with glee excited and ready to start school. "alright mom! Now leave so I can get dressed, a woman needs her privacy to get ready!" She laughs. "sure I'll see you in like 10 minutes when you get bored of combing your hair and give up in the makeup" Ivy blushes. "it's not my fault… I Could be doing something far more interesting like… Learning 200 digits after pi Instead of 100" Her mom rolls her eyes and leaves. "hmm maybe that's not a great idea. I might need to know something else, heh not like I won't remember it anyways. My memories are the best in the whole country. Shoot, my brains are better than anyone in this whole world!" She takes off her lab coat and has nothing on underneath. The lab coat was basically a night gown for her. She grabs her some panties and a bra putting them on. She grabs some tight black pants and puts them on then a sweater that says 'I love science' on the front and also puts it on. She runs down stairs not worrying about her hair or makeup. "Alright, I'm going to head to school!" Her mom stops her. "no, first you're going to eat breakfast. You skipped supper last night to study. So this morning you will eat." Her stomach growls loud thinking of food. "hmm well I do need something to eat logically. Fine I suppose I can eat." Her father was at the table reading the news on his phone. "we are proud you are so smart ivy, but you also need to remember to take care of yourself." Ivy goes over to the table and sits down, her mom nods. "Your father's, right if you don't who will?" Ivy though for a while. "well you and dad obviously, right?" They both look at each other and sigh. "me and your father won't be here forever ivy…" She says laying some pancakes down on the table and passes them out to everyone. Ivy looks down and sighs and pokes her food with a fork. "i-I know I just… Don't want to think about that…" Her dad speaks up. "you want to live alone in your own house don't you? What about then? Will you remember to eat? Will you remember to care for yourself? Another part of you won't be there to take care of you." She just keeps poking her food looking sad when her mom hugs her. "That doesn't mean we hate you or don't love you… We love you a lot ok? We are so happy you're so smart. But… Taking care of yourself comes first. Can you do that for us? If something were to happen to us we want to know you will be ok? Makes sense?" Ivy nods. "ya… It does I'm sorry. But I'll do better! I promise starting today uhh… Tomorrow ya, Tomorrow! I'll begin to take care of myself better and show you two I can do it alone!" They both smile and her mom kisses her cheek. "that mommy's girl!" Ivy blushes and laughs. "yuck gross!" Both her mom and dad laugh. They all eat their pancakes and ivy heads off to school. She has a pretty normal day at school. A's on every project like normal and not talking to anyone but one thing has been kinda freaking her out ash has been giving her this creepy smile all day. She honestly feels like he's planning to kill her or something. It Finally gets to the end of the school day and ivy goes to her locker and begins to put up her stuff when suddenly ash slams his strong arms into the lockers beside ivy making her jump. "ahh! What the hell?? H-hello ash..." He smirks at her. "heard you were the one to tell on me. Is that correct?" She shakes and backs up against the lockers gulping. "i-I don't know if ‘tell on’ is the correct term…" He punches the lockers again making her jump and tear up. She was scared for her life. "shut the hell up! Now I think revenge is in order." Ivy gulps, shaking more and more. "and I got just the thing for baby's who tell on people." Ivy looked confused. "b-baby…?" He nods. "Ya only baby's tell on the teachers to get someone In trouble! Now-" He grabs her by the arms and drags her to a empty class room and locks the door smirking. Ivy struggled the whole way. "look please! I'm sorry, let me go. I want to go home!" she cried and struggled. Suddenly the guy grabs her by the pants and begins yanking them off and shirt bra then panties she tried to fight but she was nothing compared to him she just cried in fear. Was she about to be raped? Ash smiles. "wow to be so ugly you got kinda a cute body" She blushed and screamed before her screams were stopped by something being rammed in her mouth some kinda gage with a rubber thing in it. She just cried, not even fighting what could she do anyways. But what was in her mouth. "I bought a bunch of stuff for a cry baby tadle tell. Like this gag special made to be like a pacifier so enjoy sucking on your pasi little baby." She was now more embarrassed. She keeps crying till Ash takes his backpack off and pulls out a large diaper with mittions and feet mittions that locks once they are on. there's no way she could do anything with her hands or walk. she shook her head making any noises. "MMM!" She begged and pleaded for him to stop but he forced the mittions on her and locked them the same with the feet ones he lays her down and begins to diaper her she cried during the whole thing a bib was put on her that says big baby. Ash laughs. "there we go a perfect look for a big fucking baby." She laid on the floor and cried. she had given up. "alright I'm leaving, have fun being locked in school till tomorrow. I'm sure once school starts you will be found, maybe even get a diaper change you will probably need it!" He laughs and leaves the room putting something against the door making escape impossible. Ivy layed there embarrassed here she was in a stupidly huge diaper and sucking a pacifier. She didn't have to but right now if she focuses on that it helped her think more logically. She begins to try to get the diaper off looking around for her clothing as well. All gone that ass hole ash must have took them all not only that she couldn't grip anything in these damn mittions she couldn't even stand this was so dumb there's no way she's stuck like this till she's found. She will never live this down. She stayed there crying all night. She was getting tired and cried herself to sleep when she woke up. She let out a whine that this wasn't a dream but worse she didn't wake up because it's morning she had to pee and bad. There was no way she could hold it till school started. It was only a bit past midnight she sat there and bounced trying not to pee. To take her mind off it it worked especially with the pacifier. Well for as long as it could. "MMMMM!!!" She screamed just before she felt the warmth run between her legs and her diaper begin to expand. This is not happening she thought. No way this is so disgusting she couldn't stand the feeling of the wet touching her but she didn't have much of a choice. She Finally begin to fall back asleep. She's soon woken up by the noise of people talking and laughing. She opens her eyes to a class room full of people laughing and talking. She remembers what happened and begins to cry here she is nake from the top up and in a soaked diaper bad enough it was super obvious it was wet being pure white with a yellow stain. Ivy cried till she couldn't no more; she was eventually saved and went home. And there she cried thinking of revenge. "hey… You need help don't you?" She said to herself she nods. "Mhm… I had a horrible time…i want revenge" She wipes the tears from her own eyes. "I know. Call me vy I'm a part of you, your more… Angry side and if you need help I'll be here for you for anything." She sniffs. "thanks vy…" Suddenly an alarm is going off, ivy sits straight up in bed. We are back to present, ivy hits the alarm clock so hard it breaks some. She rubs her face and takes a deep breath. "damn it… Can't we go one night without that God damn dream…" She gets her legs out of bed. "I don't think so...we have had it for over 10 years… I hate reliving it. the embarrassment still kills me… i-i know I don't say this much vy… But if we meet this man again you can take over as long as you need…" She smirks. "heh deal, now let's go eat. you need to take care of yourself" Ivy smiles. "I'm glad I got you here to take care of me vy"
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