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Found 2 results

  1. This is a continuation of my other story, Unlucky Day, Turned Lucky. If you have not read this prior to reading this story, some of it may not make much sense. Also please note, I have typed all of this story on my phone. Please bear with any mistakes. This is also a First person/Third person perspective. Changes will be signified by the "*" symbol and jumps will be made with lines. Enjoy part 1! Over a year passed since Mikey had been given the so called cure. Most of everyone moved on. Word broke out about what at went down at the Rhein house. The D.H.P. attempted to hide the secret that a human existed in their Dimension and cover it up before it spread out too quickly, but sometimes the wildfire grows too big before you have the chance to put it out. The reporters attempted to get information out of the mother, time and time again. Some even broke into the house, causing D.H.S. agents to start making arrests, bringing more attention to the matter, along with media groups, shoving nonsense to try to shut reporters up. Attention died down and it came down to just the occasional reporter knocking on her door. Cheryl kept her cool throughout it all, never losing her composure, making sure not to make any comments. What kept her going so long, were the sounds Mikey started making in his long slumber; babbling, muttering unintelligent sentences and just the occasional sigh was enough. She had a boyfriend and had been going steady for a little over two months. But she didnt bother to tell him about Mikey. But most of all what kept her going was the knowledge that one day her baby boy would wake up. ______________________________ Beep. Beep. Beep. 'What is that sound?' I asked myself. I had heard it for a while. But I could never get to it. Always there. Always beeping. But I tried to go it again, and found no resistance. I glided through until it was so loud I could hear it next to me. 'I got you finally.' My eyes opened to see florescent lights in my face, I quickly turned, shielding my eyes with my right hand. I heard a door open and close. "Ohh. Not again. You've got to stop doing that with your arm." A female voice said, getting closer. "Hello?" I asked, attempting to find out who it was that entered the room. As I lifted my arm, I heard a gasp. "He's awake. Oh my God. He's awake." The woman said, dashing out of the room. I was awake. But I thought I was still dreaming. I could have sworn that she was gigantic. In fact, everything seemed gigantic. Lifting my arm the rest of the way, I saw I had bars around the bed I was in. I had an IV bag and a heartbeat monitor hooked up to me. I was still pretty drowsy and I closed my eyes to go back to sleep. I heard the door click and the voice if the women from before entered. "I went to check on him, and I saw his arm over his face, next thing I knew he was saying 'Hello' to me." She said in shush tone. "He could have said that in his sleep like he's been doing for the past week." A new voice said. My eyelid was forces open and a light flashed in my face. I swatted at the hand that was now on my face. "Oh my gosh. He's awake." I screamed and tried to run, but my body felt so weak. I hardly was able to sit up. The beeping was rapidly growing and the one that I had just swatted at was now pushing me down onto my back. "Go get some water in a cup." The gigantic woman said that was holding me down. The other one left and came back quickly with a cup. "I'll only let go if you calm down." The giant said. "Let me go!" I said, mouth dry as a bone and my voice raspy. "No. Now calm down, or I'll make you." She said. But that did nothing to help me stop. I fought her hand as hard as I could. I felt weaker than I remembered. My vision started to fade black quickly. ******************* "So Cheryl. How was your day at work?" David asked as he helped Cheryl take her coat off. This had been one of the many dates she had been on with him since they had met. "Same old boring day hon. You?" She asked passionately kissing his lips, before sitting down. "So what did you think of getting? I'm getting my usual of fried chicken." He said just as Cheryl's phone rang. She reached into her purse and grabbed out her phone and saw who it was. "David, I need to take this." Cheryl answered her phone, expecting to hear the worst news. But what she heard next, had her getting ready to leave. "What was that about?" David asked. "I've got to go. Family medical issues." She said, rushing outside into the snow covered landscape to her car, leaving her boyfriend so confused. Cheryl drove home and took and packed an overnight bag for herself, bringing things she knew she was going to need before she headed out to go see her baby. ********************* I woke up sometime later, there was a new one of those giant people in the room, hardly paying any attention to me. I had felt something new around my waist and hands. I looked down to see I had mittens on my hands, and a strap across my chest. The machine started beeping faster again and the giant turned towards me. "Shhh. Dont freak out. I need you to drink some water for me." She said. I tried to move back into the soft padding. I turned my nose away and tried to push the water away. She quickly took it back before I could get my hands anywhere near it. "Uh-uh. I know what you're trying to do. You need to drink this. It's been over a year since you've had anything to drink. And we can do this all day until you do." She said softly, pushing my hands down gently before she moved the drink back up to my lips. I slowly started to sip the water. My mouth was dry and I started to gulp it down as quickly as the woman would tilt the cup back. I noticed she was wearing medical scrubs too. Maybe she was a nurse? "Slow down honey. You're not that thirsty. I'll be right back. Then we'll get you changed and finish that water ok?" The woman announced, taking the water away from me. Once she stood up, I got another reminder of just how small I was to these giants. The woman picked a phone up from the wall and said into the phone; "Dr. Faulner to room 124" and hung up the phone. I cautiously watched her as she walked over to that machine that was beeping and turned its sound off. Then the nurse opened a nearby cabinet and pulled out some white pad and a white bottle with some wipes. "Alright. Let's get you all cleaned up now." "W-what?" I asked as the blanket was pulled down and I saw a diaper around my waist and my legs looked sickly thin. I tried to throw my hands down to cover myself, I knew what was going to happen, but I had a hard time trying to move my arms. The giant pushed my hands aside and began to untap the soiled diaper. "Stop. Please." I begged as I continued to try to push her hands away. "No. If you get a rash, that wont be fun either. And if you dont stop, you're not going to like what happens next." The nurse replied. I didnt care I wanted to keep my dignity. The front of the diaper came down, and I blushed as my legs went in the air. I wiggled, tried kicking but none of it worked as she started wiping down my rear, between my cheeks and all over my balls and penis. I had tried to swat her away from touching me there too and she set me back down quickly, grabbed my hand and flicked it. She must have had God-like strength because when she did that I choked up and almost started crying as I retracted my hand back. "Are you going to keep trying to stop me?" She commented seeing my reaction. I shook my head and she went back to work. She was right, I didnt like her for that. She unfolded the pad, to produce a new diaper which I was not happy to be put back into. My legs went back up and the nurse sprinkled something onto my rear before setting me back down. It felt like a fluffy cushion. Sprinkling something from that bottle the giant had earlier, now over the front of me, she brought the front of the diaper up and taped it on me. "You had a lot of us worried that you weren't going to wake up." She said. Before I could ask what she had meant by that, a knock at the door startled me and I heard a loud beep come from the should-be-silenced machine as the door opened and I was covered back up by the blanket. I kept my eye on the opening and one of the giants from earlier entered. "Hey buddy! Are you ready to talk now? I have a few questions for you." She asked, sitting down in front of me in a chair at the foot of the bed. "I am Dr. Kayle Faulner. Do you know your name?" She asked. I nodded my head in response, darting my eyes between the two giants. "That's not how this works honey, you need to use your words." I shifted my hips, trying to push myself back up and further into the mattress. "Michael. But I go by Mikey." I shifted my gaze away as I spoke, feeling I was being talked down to. We went through a couple more genaric questions, like my birthday, if I had any pain etc.. But what really got me is what came next. "Very good. Now tell me, what's the last thing you remember before you woke up earlier today?" That was odd. I wasnt expecting that kind of question. I figured they were going to try to experiment on me, torture or eat me for all I knew. But that wasnt what I ws expecting. I hesitated before answering. My memory was a little foggy. "I-I remember seeing Donna, my sister. And a bright light outside. Something crashing through the walls and grabbing me." I gave a short pause to gain some courage. "What's going on?" I asked. Both nurse and doctor looked at each other with an uncertain look on their faces. "You dont remember anything after that?" The doctor asked, now looking a bit shocked. I shook my head, now worried. "Dr. Faulner to front desk." Said a disembodied voice. It startled me again and another loud beep came from that machine. With a long sigh, the doctor stood up and walked out of the room. I let out a small, and quiet yawn as she left. Now I was tired again. ************************** Cheryl stood at the front desk with the receptionist as Kayle walked out of a set of double doors. "He isn't really aw..." Cheryl tried to say before getting cut off. "This time he is." Kayle said, wrapping her arms around her friend. After all they had been through. It hopefully was now over. Cheryl returned a hug before she broke down crying. These were happy tears. But there was a lot to discuss. Kayle pulled Cheryl off of her with a look of worry. The mother was confused. "What's wrong?" "He doesn't remember anything that happened."
  2. Seems that all posts made in the period have disappeared. Is the amnesia temporary or the material is lost forever?
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