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  1. Andrew was just 10 years old when his mom died, leaving him understandably emotionally devastated. His mother, Priscilla, originally hailed from Goran, a small yet prosperous principality. The wealth of this tiny country was attributed to Princess Caroline's honest and efficient administration. The national economy thrived on a robust industry and flourishing agriculture, employing the world's most advanced and sophisticated techniques. Despite Goran's longstanding policy of neutrality for over 70 years, the national army remained formidable. Neighboring countries recognized that maintaining Goran as an ally was more advantageous than considering war. One of the most distinctive features of Goran was its strict matriarchal society, where men were regarded as no more mature than five-year-old children. Every Goran man had a female guardian responsible for their care. Priscilla, had fallen in love with a man who turned out to be a scoundrel, leaving her after learning she was pregnant. However, the young Gorian woman, thanks to the excellent job she had managed to obtain, was able to raise and educate her son in the most loving manner. This, however, was before falling ill with the disease that led to her death, leaving her son emotionally devastated. When the plane landed on the runway, Andrew's aunt helped him unbuckle from the seat belt. the young boy gave his little hand to her aunt while she escorted him out of the plane. Stepping out, Andrew was surprised by the hot climate, having been accustomed to a more temperate one. Fortunately, he was dressed in very light clothes: cotton dungarees and a light blue shirt. Descending the ladder with his stuffed dog "Dany Doggie" in his arms, he followed his aunt hand in hand to the baggage claim area, where he was taken aback to see adult men dressed like children, some even wearing diapers. (Hi. If you want to play with me you can contact me privately. I would like a narrative roleplay then please don't write only two lines for only answer, I would preferer play Andrew in this roleplay but I'm available to play the caregiver in a roleplay proposed by you)
  2. Michael P.V Hi, my name is Michael and I'm 8 years old. I live in a small city called Nul, which has only 2000 people. It's in the Goran princedom. I'm like the boss at my school, you know? Even the girls are scared of me. That just shows how tough I am because here in Goran, the women are in charge. Nobody can boss me around, not even my mom or my older sister. I do whatever I want. I have complete control over my life. Today, the teacher got mad at me because I was late for class. But when I talked back to her, she kicked me out of the classroom. So, I got really mad and started throwing stones at the school windows. The principal saw me and she was super angry. She grabbed my arm and dragged me to her office. Then, she called my mom. "Mrs. Tyuli? Hi! I'm miss Asiyor the principal of your son's school. I'm really sorry to bother you for the third time this week," I overheard her saying. "Of course, I'll wait for you here!" she said before hanging up the phone. (if you are interested you can contact me privately)
  3. Prologue (part 1) Hi, my name is Antony! I'm nine years old and I live in Oxer, a little town in Goran princedom near the sea. You know what I don't like about this place? The women are in charge and they make all the decisions. They call it "Matriarchy" but I don't really understand what that means. All I know is that I don't like it. I hate being treated like a baby by my classmates. I don't like it when my teacher checks my underwear to make sure I didn't have any accidents. I mean, come on, I can control myself! And I definitely don't like having a teacher assistant accompany me to the bathroom and watch me like I'm a little boy learning to use the potty. It's embarrassing! My mommies say I'm just going through a rebellious phase and that it will pass, but I don't agree with them. I will never like something that I don't like! This morning, I had a brilliant plan to skip school with my friends. We wouldn't learnt anything useful anyway, so we decided to go to the skatepark instead. We were using our skates on the sidewalk to go faster when suddenly, I saw a lady in my path. I tried to avoid her, but I ended up falling onto a greengrocer stand. Oops! Hey there, kiddo! I only remember that I hurt my hand so bad, it made me cry like a waterfall. But guess what? A super nice lady police officer came to the rescue! She took me to her cool police car and let me sit in the back seat. While her friend talked to the angry lady, Officer Koll, that's what she called herself, checked out my hand. She thought my finger might be broken and said we should go to the hospital. But then I got worried that my mommy would find out I skipped school, so I shook my head. Officer Koll understood my fear and said, “Listen, little one, I get that you're scared of your mommy's punishment, but going home like this will make her even more scared. Don't you think that would be worse?” And that's how she convinced me to go with them to the first aid. The doctors took a look at my hand and then went somewhere I couldn't see to talk quietly. While the nurses were treating my scrapes and cuts, I really wanted to suck my thumb, but I stopped myself when the doctors came into my room and told me they needed to take some pictures of my hand. When we were done, I left the room and saw my mommies walking towards me. Mommy Lydia gave me my stuffed koala, Puf, to hug and help me calm down. Normally, I wouldn't take Puf outside, but this time I really needed him, so I hugged him tightly. "Listen, Antony," Mommy Stephanie called me. "A doctor will come here and give you a little shot to make you fall asleep." She told me this just before a nurse and a doctor entered the room where I was. The nurse made me wear a diaper and explained that it was necessary for the surgery. Then I went into a strange room where the doctor gave me a shot and I slowly fell asleep.
  4. Antony, 9 years old, had decided to spend the day with his friends a group of rowdies widely disliked by the residents of the area. While they weren't a violent group, the most serious offense committed by them was drawing graffiti, none of them appreciated being looked down upon, especially by the Gorian women, and officers often annoyed them for simply walking on the sidewalk. What else can you expect in such a harshly matriarchal society? They weren't really violent or dangerous kids, in fact no one in the neighborhood feared them or considered them dangerous for some reason, but the women who had have to deal with them considered them very rude, but they weren't bad boys. He and his small group of friends simply lived the entire Gorian context with a lot of intolerance, because It left them no prospects for the future. Antony had had tried to talk about this topic with his mommies but he didn't succeeded to explain his frustration and he had argued with them, feeling bad for two weeks because it. He was a sensitive child after all. However, a day he and his friends decided to skip the school to go to play skateboard, but to avoid to invest a woman fell on the goods on display in a greengrocer's shop, ruining all the goods. The shop owner denounced him and his friends the judge summoned their legal guardians, along with Antony's mom and her girlfriend, deciding to enroll him and his friends in a re-education program for unruly boys. Some days later, Nanny Alexandra, the designated nanny for Antony's re-education, rang the doorbell of Antony's house and was welcomed in a very cordial way by Antony's mom and her girlfriend. (if you are interested you can contact me privately) (this is Antony) this is nanny Alexandra
  5. The original story is in french. It's just a google translation but hope you like it. First chapter: welcome to maternarchy “What is this horror? » Loni didn't expect much, but calling his favorite image from her little secret collection a "horror" still made his heart ache. Dani was his childhood friend. Well... early childhood. Being only twenty years old, they could not yet quite claim the title of "big boys". They were both boarders at the Nadal 2 mixed university and had, of course, managed to be in the same room. There was only one large bed on which they were lying face down, eyes focused on the screen of a multitasker. They were already washed and in their pajamas, with a thick night diaper around their buttocks. Dani was a model boy: energetic, perky, a little crazy, kind to his classmates and, most of the time, docile with women. He was still a boy who didn't mind when he had the opportunity to do forbidden things without getting caught. Loni was the brain. He had just proven it again by managing to unlock the child lock on his multitask. He had promised Dani to show him images of naked women but, in exchange, he first wanted to show his other forbidden images that fascinated him, starting with an old photo from the very beginning of the digital age of a cross species between a human and a gorilla. “This, my dear and ignorant friend, is a boy of the twenty-first century, or, to put it as it was then, a MAN. _ Well, he’s super ugly. _He was six feet tall. You realize ? We can't even get to his nipples. One hundred and thirteen pounds all muscle! See all those hairs on his chin that look like a second head of hair? It was called a beard and every boy over sixteen had it. Except that many shaved it to highlight their big square jaw. They also had hair all over their bodies but again, some shaved it off to show the muscles underneath. His job was a sport that was half a ball game and half a fighting game. _A sport is not a job. _ At the time yes, when you were really good. And having a sport for a job meant you could train all day. By just training, they were at least as strong as a modern woman who doesn't workout at all. _ Yeah, really useful... that doesn't make up for being ugly enough to scare a louse. _ For you they are ugly, but at the time the ladies were crazy about them! They even sold calendars with naked photos of them. -Speaking of photos and nudes, will you show me these naked women? » Loni sighed inwardly. He had been wrong to think that his friend could understand his interest, when he wasn't even sure he understood it himself. Dani didn't care what made the ladies of the past turn their heads. He only thought about those of today. It was to please them that he still wore full diapers when the training pants would have been enough for him. To please them too, he wore colorful clothes with cute patterns, exaggerated his emotions, did stupid things on purpose, and often asked for help with things he could very well have done himself. Physically, he was average. In the high average perhaps, but it was missing two or three small details to be a real canon. First of all, he was a little too tall, measuring almost six feet. His hands and feet were a little too big. He had a little hair under his arms and around his willy, as well as a little fuzz on his cheeks that his mother still forbade him to shave. He was one of those people who didn't have to worry too much, who would inevitably find a nice mother-wife to take care of them, but who couldn't allow himself to have too many weird ideas or interests. Looking at images of naked ladies, spying on boarding school girls in the shower, having mashed potatoes fights in the canteen or playing ball in the hallway, it was forbidden but it was what was expected of a normal boy. It was even a lot less weird than never disobeying at all. This reassured the girls that we were a boy like any other who wouldn't pose any problems other than those we expected. Loni was different. He was one of the three cutest boys in the class. The girls would have been crazy about him even if he had hyper-maturity syndrome. Very early on, perhaps at twelve years old, Loni had understood that among boys, there were the very cute ones and the others. The really cute ones were the ones whose teacher or boysitters checked their diaper three or four times a day “just to be sure.” Those who were helped to wash and dress themselves even when they knew how to do it on their own and asked nothing. For the same mischief, the other boys had lines to copy or were deprived of recess. For the very cute ones, it was a little spanking. Always the little spanking and always on the bare bottom to get a good eyeful. Loni couldn't even remember the last time he was punished with anything else than a mild bare bottom spanking. “Boys, it’s bedtime! » crooned a voice behind the bedroom door. It was Delphine, a student from their year who, in the evening, watched over boys in her class, eight in all, in exchange for a free room. She knocked on the door and politely waited for permission to enter before opening it. There was no doubt that if the response had waited too long, she would have gone in anyway, suspecting that the boys were doing something forbidden. Fortunately, through practice, Loni only needed a handful of seconds to switch the screen of his machine to a completely innocent animated series. At six feet tall, Delphine had a hard time staying in a boys' room where she had to lower her head to avoid bumping into it. She was rather pretty with her slim figure, her harmonious face neither too round nor too dry, her long, well-kept black hair and her discreet smile, haughty but with a friendly touch. A smile that said: 'I'm the adult, I'm in charge and I wouldn't hesitate to put you back in your place if you make me, but I'd still prefer everything to go smoothly . » Honestly, she wasn't the worst supervisor they'd ever had. Loni even suspected her friend of having a little crush on her. “Here we go, we turn off the screens and get under the sheets. Teeth done? Are the comforters here? GOOD ! Let's see if your little behinds are still dry! » Loni grumbled under her breath: they had put them on the potty and diapered them for the night half an hour ago. How could they have gotten wet in such a short time? It was probably just an excuse to grope them again, especially him. Like every night, she pulled his pajama bottoms just a little lower and trailed her hand a little longer than necessary for a simple check. Dani, for his part, smiled with all his teeth, always happy that a girl takes care of him, especially when she was pleasant to look at. Finally, she tucked them in carefully and gave each of them a big kiss on the forehead.
  6. Andrew was just 10 years old when his parents tragically died in an accident, leaving him understandably emotionally devastated. His mother, Priscilla, originally hailed from Goran, a small yet prosperous principality. The wealth of this tiny country was attributed to Princess Caroline's honest and efficient administration. The national economy thrived on a robust industry and flourishing agriculture, employing the world's most advanced and sophisticated techniques. Despite Goran's longstanding policy of neutrality for over 70 years, the national army remained formidable. Neighboring countries recognized that maintaining Goran as an ally was more advantageous than considering war. One of the most distinctive features of Goran was its strict matriarchal society, where men were regarded as no more mature than five-year-old children. Every Goran man had a female guardian responsible for their care. Priscilla, Andrew's mother, had temporarily left her homeland and fallen in love with her husband, William, with whom she had her son. Naturally, Andrew was raised in a completely different environment. When both of his parents passed away, and there was no one else to entrust the young boy to, it was decided that he should be placed under the care of his mother's older sister. When the plane landed on the runway, Andrew's aunt helped him unbuckle from the seat belt. the young boy gave his little hand to her aunt while she escorted him out of the plane. Stepping out, Andrew was surprised by the hot climate, having been accustomed to a more temperate one. Fortunately, he was dressed in very light clothes: cotton dungarees and a light green shirt. Descending the ladder, he followed his aunt hand in hand to the baggage claim area, where he was taken aback to see adult men dressed like children, some even wearing diapers. (Hi. If you want to play with me you can contact me privately. I would like a narrative roleplay then please don't write only two lines for only answer, I would preferer play Andrew in this roleplay but I'm available to play the caregiver in a roleplay proposed by you)
  7. Hey everyone! So this is my first story. I am actually a barely popular ABDL artist and I post most of my art content here: Hottogurugan (Comms Open) (@hottogurugan) / Twitter I usually do normal ABDL art, and I've only recently gotten anywhere close to good, and I rarely post new stuff but I'm working on getting more output. I am also collabing on an abdl game with another artist. But that's not why I'm here. Though I mainly draw diaper girls, I have a huge soft spot for Md/Lb and femdom dynamics involving diapers. Women putting boys in their pampered place etc. etc. I just have never had an idea that struck me as something I wanted to draw. So as a fun experiment, and after brainstorming with some fellow ABDL/MDLB writers on tumblr, I decided to write down a story idea that has been sifting around in my head for at least two years or so. The idea is not entirely original. There is a CYOA on Writing.com called 'The Colony'. The premise was that a Communist Matriarchy had been established on some space station. The women ruled the station and kept all men in diapers. No man was allowed to be potty trained and all had to obey female authority. One of the story avenues let you be a young man who was headed off to college in this strange matriarchal society. Needless to say, I fell in love with the premise, and I even tried to contribute to it myself. However, I did not like how the collaborative CYOA provided zero narrative control to any individual author. I was fascinated with exploring the idea of this society, and following a young man as he broke out from his parents only to eventually find himself ensnared in the matriarchy's web and succumbing to the authority of a new 'mommy'. Some of the writing was of....... subpar quality. Some of the story routes had entries that seemed like purposeful derailments by trolls, one literally ends with an entry that simply reads, "??????????". Can't exactly go from there without disrupting the flow. The story is sporadically updated, but individual authors never seem to contribute more than once. I have tried to get in touch with the original author, but after two attempts at contact, and four years of no reply, I assume he has abandoned his account and the story itself. As such, I have decided that I would take the premise and write my own story based on it. In order to avoid plagiarism, I am completely changing the names of characters, places, and even making some of the few plot points presented in the original CYOA differently. I am only taking the premise, and my own rendition of the first part of one of the story avenues presented originally, beyond that, this is my own work. I simply wanted a creative avenue that was under my control in which I could explore the world set by such a premise, the people who live in it, and the ideology of the ruling matriarchy. I hope you all can enjoy my take on this premise, and I hope you all come along and follow me for what may be the first of possibly many stories. Disclaimer: The author of this work does not follow or endorse any of the ideologies described in this work of fiction. All mentions or opinions expressed in this work do not reflect the authors own opinions. The opinions of characters in the work do not reflect the author's, and only serve as vehicles to further the plot or help in characterization of the characters involved. This is erotic fiction first and foremost, none of the ideas represented are meant to be taken seriously or advocated for in the real world. Our story follows Raymond, a young man who finds himself attending university in a strange society where matriarchy is the ruling ideology. In this society, men are kept as partially infantilized adults with the legal rights of toddlers as they are cared for and commanded by an all-female elite. Raymond must navigate his way through this strange culture until he completes his pilots' certification, and he is determined to escape the society with his dignity and continence intact before the female web of the matriarchy fully ensnares him? Things become even more complicated when he meets the love of his life in this strange place. Will our hero escape or be made into a loyal pamper-packer at the behest of female authority? A Radical Equality Chapter 1: Arrival “I am not wearing that!” “You have no choice, it’s the law.” In the room stood three figures. Two women and one man. The man, an average student in his mid-20s, sat on a medical table in a brightly lit backroom resembling an examination room. A traveling case and a backpack lay at his feet. With his arms crossed, he glared defiantly at the two women who stood just barely above him. The two women were of different professions, both at least a decade older than the man. One was dressed as an office professional, her blouse had an emblem stitched to her left breast, with the word “IMMIGRATION AND CUSTOMS” embroidered just above. On the right breast, an ID card hung from a clip in her breast pocket. The other woman was a law officer, her faded navy-blue uniform barely disguised the silhouette of a Kevlar vest. The tools of her trade were clasped onto her duty belt. Her left boot tap-tapping in an annoyed cadence. Even those both women were physically smaller and less intimidating than the man, they stood as if they were the authorities. They gave off the impression of two stern schoolteachers trying to subdue an unruly toddler. In their minds, that was exactly what they were doing. “Listen, you can either be mature and wear the diaper or we can arrest you and have you deported.” Said the immigration woman. “Oh, and if you do decide on arrest, you’ll still get diapered. Prisoners don’t have potty privileges.” “But that’s ridiculous! I was never told I’d need to wear…. one of those.” The man replied. “The diapers? You said you were here on a student visa, right? Did you not read the rules required of males living on this planet?” In truth, the man had read the rule sheet, but he thought it was a joke. He also didn't even bother to do much research on where he was headed, otherwise, he would have known of the strange rules he would be subjected to, and the puffy garments that would replace his normal boxers. “I…. I read the rules.” He said, “I just thought it was a joke? Like, you can’t seriously require all men to wear those things, right?” “Diapers, and we do. It's one of the foundational pillars that our society rests on, and I am simply asking you to respect it, young sir." “Stop talking to me like I’m a kid!” “Stop acting like one then!” “I’m 21…” "That doesn't mean anything. Here, you're legally a child still. And with that attitude, you might as well be one!” The room fell to silence for a moment. She was right. He knew she was. He felt childish, being told by two authoritative women that he needed to put on a diaper. His cheeks were flushed red from the emotions he was feeling. Anger and embarrassment. Angry that he was so stupid to not take the pamphlet seriously and embarrassed at having to go through the ordeal. He found himself in this situation because he had no other choice. No other university accepted his application. He was intelligent, but a terrible student, and as such his grades were lackluster. He originally tried to make it as a dockworker on Earth's Intergalactic Trade Station, but after two years of that, he decided it wasn't the type of career he wanted. But being exposed to the spacecraft he unloaded cargo from, he got the idea that maybe being a space pilot might be a fun job to take. So, he decided to try his hand at one of the many credentialing institutions in Human space. The issue was, that only a select handful of institutions offered classes. Spacecraft piloting was necessary and high-in-demand profession, but companies were always particular about who could become a pilot, and a certification in a specific space quadrant meant where you got certified is where you would work. But none of the larger and well-known institutions would take him in on account of his lazy performance in high school. Until one day when he received a strange email from a university, he had never heard about. He didn’t remember much of the email, nor did he even try to pay much attention when he was reading it. All he remembered was something about “communist matriarchy”, “a particular way of life, and "revolutionary culture'. But he mostly paid attention to the "reduced board and tuition for off-planet male students" and the “Spacecraft license classes offered”. That’s what got him here, a college degree and at a cheaper cost somewhere away from his parents? He couldn’t pass it up. If only he had known, he might have held out for somewhere else before submitting his application. “I am going to ask you one more time.” Chimed in the office lady, breaking the silence. “Will you submit to a diapering, or will you continue to be fussy and require us to send you home?” The woman crossed her arms and looked at him with a stern expression, awaiting an answer. The policewoman’s tap-tapping increased in rhythm. The young man paused for a second, he wanted to say ‘just send me home! I’m going back to Earth.’ But his subconscious stopped him, he knew deep down that if he went back, he might not get another chance to get a certificate and license. Maybe, just maybe, he could cram courses as much as he could and get out as soon as possible. Maybe wearing diapers for a year or two wouldn't be so bad, was it? He didn't necessarily have to use said diapers, and this station was built from a prefab, so there had to be a men's room somewhere hidden away he could use. This was his chance, he had to take it. He took a deep breath and let his arms fall to his side. “Alright, I’ll wear the diaper.” He said, “I guess when in Rome.” The office woman’s expression changed from stern disapproval to a pleased smile. She walked over to a cabinet and pulled out some items before returning to the medical bench. “I’m glad to hear that you’re big enough to take the easy way, I was worried Miss Roland here was going to have to cuff you.” “I would prefer not to, makes my job easier when they behave.” Said the policewoman. "Oh, I bet it does. Alright, young man lay down on the bench and I'll get you changed." “Whoa, hold on. I can change myself just fine!” The stern and disappointed expression returned to the woman’s face. "I'm sorry, but in addition to having to wear diapers, you are also not allowed to change them yourself. Lay down on the medical bench and I’ll get you into your diaper.” “No way lady! That’s weird! I can put it on myself.” “Officer Roland please restrain him.” The man found himself being pushed down by the officer with more force than she had been able to use. She must be on enhancers. "What the- “he retorted as he fell back on the bench. Cop lady quickly restrained his left hand with a medical cuff, and the office woman quickly went around the other side and cuffed his right. They were quick from lots of practice with this exact scenario. With only his legs free, the young man began to squirm and lightly kick them about. “Hey, get me out of this! You can’t- “ “If you don’t stop moving your legs, we will have to restrain those too. Calm down and just let me change you!” “No! Let me out you bitch!” he cried back. “Suit yourself.” Immediately the women set about restraining his legs. The police officer had no issues restraining his leg, but the immigration lady needed help. But after a short struggle, his legs were restrained as well. He was about to let out another expletive but was interrupted by a soft, rubbery object being forcefully inserted into his mouth. “Spit that out and I’ll have to tie that around your head.” He wanted to spit it out but decided against further restraint. It was also somewhat soothing to have in. What was it exactly? The office woman began to make her way back to the cabinet while Officer Roland stared over the young man like a hawk. The Office lady returns with a pair of razor-scissors. “I’m sorry but since we had to restrain your legs, the only way to get your pants off for a diaper change is by cutting them up.” She then gave a quick snip-snip with the scissors. The young man didn’t want his pants cut up, but this was the fate he chose. He squirmed up until the point of the woman removing his belt and readying the scissors. He knew better than to be unsteady around those things. It took several cuts to get both sides of his pants undone. No longer held together with thread, the woman slid the pants out from underneath him, leaving him mostly exposed except for his underwear. The woman held up the scissors with a disgusted face after seeing his gray boxers. As if she were offended by being subjected to seeing them. She positioned the scissors to begin cutting the undergarment. “Now hold still, otherwise there will be a bad accident.” Saying that, she began to cut the boxers, both ends now lie open. She removes the underwear from underneath the young man, whose face goes beet red. Holding the underwear out, somewhat in disgust and curiosity. “Why do you off-world boys even wear these? They don’t offer any protection and they don’t look comfortable. If I left my boys in these, they’d make a mess all over my carpet.” She tosses the cut-up garment into a trash bin. “You won’t need those anymore mister.” She turns around to face her charge, with a wide grin on her face. “Are you ready for your first diaper mister grumpypants?” The tone of her voice and mood noticeably changed, as if a switch had been flipped in her hand. Or maybe to try and signal to him that he is now in her good graces. She wanted him in those diapers, not his big boy undies. She pulled out a bottle with lotion inside and squirted it onto her hands before rubbing them together. She went for his crotch, and he began to squirm in reaction to this strange lady rubbing his groin. “Stop squirming little guy, it’ll go faster if you stay still.” The woman was surprisingly professional about rubbing lotion on all of a man’s junk. The young man on the other hand was flustered as one could be. This was the first time a woman had ever given him the attention of this sort, and it was while he was restrained and trying to put him in a diaper. By the end of the lotion rubbing, he was a blushing, embarrassed mess and could barely come up with a thought. The woman retracted her hands and turned around to grab something else. Turning back to face the man she holds up a thick white object, which the man immediately recognized to be an unfolded diaper. The woman’s smile beamed at him, it was a happy smile, but he still found himself intimidated. “Time for your first diapering little boy!” Beamed the woman before unfolding the diaper. The unfolded diaper surprised the boy in just how large it was, it had to be as long as the woman’s torso, and it couldn’t have been less than half a foot wide in the middle. She slid the enormous underwear beneath him and adjusted its position under him. She pulled the front of the diaper over his crotch. “Shh, such a good boy for keeping still. I’m proud of you.” The woman cooed at him as if he were a toddler while she pulled the diaper's wings over the front. The tapes made a distinctive sound as they were secured onto the landing strip. The woman pulled back after the diaper was fastened onto the man. “All done! Good job for calming down, I bet you feel much happier now that you’re properly padded up, huh?” Cooed the woman, the cop on the other side of the bench gave a quick chuckle at the sight. The young man just sat in silence, too flustered from the events to react to anything. To him, the diaper felt bulky and soft, if tightly secured. It was surprisingly comfortable for what it was, felt almost like a pillow between his thighs. Both women began undoing his restraints, once his arms and legs were free the office woman helped him sit up on the bench and the police lady sat next to him. "Now I know you must be flustered by what occurred and feel like you've been punished enough. But your behavior from earlier is simply unacceptable. Around here you are to respect and obey female authorities, your little outburst is simply something you'll need to learn to control. I understand this is your first time on our planet, but you simply must learn to follow our rules if you wish to stay here. As such, to help you learn, Officer Roland here will administer a light spanking to you.” Her words were practiced and professional, she does this routinely. The young man was taken aback by her threat of a spanking. But before he could reply Officer Roland grabbed his hands and forced him over her lap. His thickly padded behind was now exposed prominently to the air. He popped the pacifier out of his mouth and yelled. “Let go of me!” He now couldn’t see the woman who had been administering his defeat for the past hour, but he could hear her tone change in her voice. “Sigh You just don’t learn to stay quiet, do you? Officer, how many spankings do you think are in order?" “I’d say at least 20 ma’am.” “Make it 30.” The young man began squirming and yelling in protest. 'This is an injustice!' he thought to himself. And he continued to writhe about. He felt another pacifier being inserted into his mouth and a strap tightening around his head. He could no longer vocalize his distaste for the actions being done to him. He feels a hand grab his chin and rotate his head. The office woman rotated his head, so their eyes meet. “Welcome to Estrea little boy.”
  8. Hello all. I plan to write a story about romance, humor and MDLB. The only issue is I'm French and I'm looking for someone to translate it in English. No need to speak french yourself : you can use google translator or an other tool to have an approximate translation and turn it in correct english. Anyone would be ok to do that?
  9. Jimmy was an anti-women's rights blogger drumming up support for deviant politics. One day, he disappeared. Jacob was suspicious. A lot of the men in his circles had been vanishing lately. When he complained to the police, the mostly female task force was understandably dismissive. Figures, he thought, as he went back home to call others rude names on the internet and post memes. After a particularly long day of ranting online and pushing forward irresponsible nostrums, Jacob decided to sleep off some of his sublimated frustrations. He fell into a deep, dreamless sleep, one that seemed a lot longer than normal. Was our friend Jacob perhaps 'let go of' unfairly? He wasn't a particularly good polemicist or propagandist, though he was unforgivably sure of his own opinions and cruel to those that opposed him. Someone wanted him placed in the 'fulfillment centre', and so he was placed there. That's all that seemed to matter anymore, for better or for worse. After an unusually tranquil sleep, Jacob woke up slowly, hardly able to make out what was happening for a little while. There was a warmness spreading on his bottom that confused him, but soon he noticed the bars of the large crib he was imprisoned in. Was he--he was. He was in a large nursery, filled with cribs and numerous young women scurrying about attending to the padded prisoners. After a while, Jacob became aware of his diaper, which was sodden and smelly from a number of pees. How long had he been out? "Looks like my big boy's awake!" Said Jacob's nurse. He squinted at her colorfully designed name tag, but was having a hard time figuring out what her name was. She was really pretty though, he thought. A thin stream of pee began to leave him as his nurse laid him down for a diaper change. He didn't resist. "Now now, let's not get too handsy--" She cooed, swatting away Jacob's hands as he reached for her supple breasts. "You're so pretty," Jacob gushed. As he did, a spurt of pee pees tricked out into his fresh and still unfastened diaper. "Now's not the time for making advances, little boy. You've gotta be potty trained first! Then we can teach you how to be a gentleman," She cooed, feeling pity for him but also a sense of motherly concern for his well-being. After all, he was going to be fairly regressed and dependent for a while, and not just dependent on diapers. Jacob looked down in surprise at his new diaper, which somehow comforted him but he knew not why. He dribbled a bit into it and then laid back onto his side sleepily. "How long have I been asleep?" He asked her. "It's been a couple of months to be honest," she replied politely, tossing her hair back behind her shoulders. "You'll be ready for retraining in a few months, but until then I think we haven't cooked you all the way yet--it's back into the black womb for you--" "What?" Was all Jacob could manage before he was put under again with a strong dose of tranquilizer. In order to remake the man, they needed to turn him into a tabula rasa, or blank slate, much like he was on the day he was born. Surely these were drastic and draconian measures, but might makes right and those that know are those that can control their world. Jacob was not in the know. This new fanatical matriarchy was. The End If anyone wants to build into this universe, please feel free to continue the story (or stories) in the comments section below. Hope you have fun.
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