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Found 5 results

  1. “Baby, did you just pee pee in your pants?” Baby had just taken a fat rip from her pen which always made her cough. Even before she had become Mommy’s baby, she had always had a bit of a problem holding it. “I can see the dark splotch on your big girl panties. Don’t lie to Mommy” “I’m sorry Mommy” Baby always hated it when Mommy made her wear diapers. The squishy wet feeling always made her big girl parts tingle, but Mommy rarely lets her cum these days. Mommy grabbed baby’s crotch firmly. “It’s wet.” Mommy said, lifting Baby from the bed to look at the sheets below her. “If you want to act like a baby. I can treat you like a baby.” Mommy went over to the diaper table and reached into the laundry hamper underneath it, pulling out a few big cloth diapers and plastic pants. Baby would be needing something particularly secure for the punishment she had in mind. “Mommyyyy” Baby whined. “You will strip the bed and wash the sheets. You will be allowed to finish peeing in the toilet. While you’re in the bathroom, take off your clothes. Then you will come back and do whatever I tell you to. Understood?” “Yes mommy” Baby went off to the laundry room, and Mommy went to gather a few more supplies. She peed in the toilet, knowing it was probably the last time she would be doing so for a while. Baby walked through the hallway dreading what would come next. Mommy pointed down at the ground and snapped. “Babies crawl” Baby got down on all fours, desperately trying to think of how she could please Mommy enough that the punishment would be short. She also hoped it wouldn’t impact her allotted one orgasm a week. She made sure to arch her back seductively as she crawled, flaunting her wide hips. “You silly little slut” Mommy chuckled. “You think you can avoid the worst of it through wiggling your cute little ass?” She patted the diaper table. Baby hopped up. Crossing her arms and rolling her eyes. “Lay down.” She restrained Baby’s hands and feet, securing them to the changing table. Mommy did not look pleased. She set the first diaper underneath Baby’s plump bottom, wrapping the fluffy white fabric around Baby’s waist. She repeated with two more thick overnight diapers. She finished it off with a frilly pink pair of plastic pants. Next, she undid her hand restraints, grabbed Baby’s hands, and put them into baby pink leather mittens, locking them closed with a padlock. Baby groaned. “Oh yeah?” Mommy sneered. She pulled open a drawer on the diaper table and produced a harness gag. She buckled the gag behind Baby’s head and under her chin. “Babies who aren’t potty trained don’t get to talk.” She picked up Baby and brought her over to the big rocking chair in the corner of the nursery. “Lay over my lap” Mommy began to smack the backs of Baby’s thighs, quick hard blows that stung. Baby fussed through their gag, probably worsening her chances of Mommy being soft on her. Mommy reached into the toy box and took out a paddle. “Crawl over to the bed and lay over the edge slut.” Baby complied. She winced at each stroke of the paddle as her thighs reddened. She knew Mommy would only stop once there were bruises. Once Mommy finished that part of Baby’s punishment, she grabbed some clothespins and fixed them to Baby’s nipples. This was not hard to do. The punishment had clearly excited Baby, who hadn’t cum in a week. Baby squealed as each clothespin pinched her. Mommy put her hand in Baby’s diaper and felt that it was already wet. Baby had a very overactive bladder and couldn’t hold it during the spanking. “Glad I put you in those diapers.” She squeezed Baby’s crotch lightly, her engorged clit aching at the attention. Brushing up against the soggy diaper was quite stimulating already. “Bad girls definitely don’t get to cum, and you’ve been very bad” Mommy said. “I’m not even sure you deserve diaper changes.” Baby made a muffled protest through her gag. “We’ll see.” She attached a leash to the locked collar she kept Baby in at all times, leading Baby to the big rocking chair in the corner of the nursery. “I’ll be right back” She tied Baby’s leash to the rocking chair and went to the kitchen to fill a large baby bottle with water. Mommy removed Baby’s harness gag. The ball was dripping with spit, and Baby had a long string of slobber dripping down her chin. “You messy little slut.” She wiped the drool off and then gave Baby a light slap on the cheek. She sat down in the rocking chair and cradled Baby in her arms, putting the bottle up to her lips. “Drink that all up Baby. We don’t want you to get dehydrated. I want those diapers nice and full.” Baby relaxed onto her Mommy’s chest. She loved the gentle softness of her breasts. They were such a stark contrast to her disciplinarian nature. Baby obediently suckled on the bottle until all the water was gone. She imagined it was Mommy’s nipple. “I have work to do. You’ll be a nice foot stool for Mommy.” Baby crawled behind Mommy over to the office and went to her spot under the desk. She felt some pressure in her bladder and tried to hold it. There was no knowing when she would be changed. Mommy sat down and propped her feet up on Baby’s back. Baby listened to her clacking on the keyboard and tried not to think about how badly she wanted to let go and wet her diaper. An hour passed and Baby had definitely lost the battle against her bladder. The warm wet diaper was causing other problems. Her clit throbbed, and she couldn’t help but squirm a bit. A sudden blow to the back of her thighs from Mommy followed. “Footstools don’t squirm” Another hour passed. Baby was positively dripping. Her knees hurt from kneeling on the hard floor for so long. Her wrists were sore from supporting her weight. Mommy’s feet dug into her back. She could think of nothing but her lust for Mommy, the pleasant feeling of her pissy diaper against her cunt, and the searing pain in her nipples from the clothespins. “Alright, I’ve done enough work. Time for your nightly edging.” (to be continued)
  2. Aizawa Shouta had everything under control. He’d set up the nursery, complete with immensely thick diapers covered in babyish designs and locking, frilly pink plastic panties with matching locking mittens near the fully-stocked changing table. He’d gotten the crib ready, the mobile with cartoon cats spinning above it idly, and multiple babyish dresses and little girly outfits were hung in the closet. He made the ad requesting a babysitter for a naughty sissy baby, who needed locking panties and locking mittens so he wouldn’t take off his diapers. He said that the sissy had to be either triple or double-diapered at all times, so baby wouldn’t make big messies on the floor. Aizawa specified that the sissy baby could be fussy, and cautioned the babysitter that he could act like he was a big strong adult but the babysitter could cure him of that by making sure he knew he was just a sissy baby boy. He said that sissy already has long hair, so curling it or making it all pretty would be easy. Aizawa noted that it was expected he be paraded around outside or shown off because he has to know what a cute little sissy he is, and that he couldn’t be allowed to disobey, no matter what. However, his ad was sabotaged by his target, who inserted his name as the name of the “naughty sissy” who was in need of a Daddy.
  3. Aizawa Shouta’s brother had helped him set up a nursery for his troublesome younger brother, a bratty kid who stubbornly refused to keep his clothes dry and kept taking them off. He was too old to keep lying about himself like an infant, he was already ten years old, and no matter how much he whined and complained he would be getting punished. The custom baby clothes were a bit larger than he thought, as were the diapers(more infantile than he thought was necessary), and he thought the locking clothing was a bit much but John assured him that it would be fine. He arranged a babysitter for his brother and their baby brother, someone who seemed pretty eager to help. Unbeknownst to him, however, his brother John decided that Aizawa would be the baby instead. John entered his older brother’s name-Aizawa Shouta-as the name of the ten-year-old who needed to be treated like a complete baby because he couldn’t keep his Pampers on like a good boy. He put his own name name down as the “big brother” who needed less attention but still had to wear Pampers. Now all he had to do was wait for the babysitter to arrive, and he could make sure his dear old “big brother” could get taken care of like the big baby he was. John’s older brother had shaved a few days before, so his face was baby-soft and round. That coupled with his short stature, big blue eyes, and pouty little lips made him look as though he really was just a kid. Aizawa was even wearing an oversized outfit like usual, his fingertips barely visible in the too-large sleeves, so he looked like he was playing dress-up.
  4. Aizawa Shouta was not the type of man to make mistakes. His younger brother, on the other hand, was always causing trouble for him; the boy never shut up, and constantly whined like a kid. Lately, his brother had not only gotten himself fired from his job but also started messing up the house he now lived in. Now that they were living together, he assumed things would be different, but they weren’t. So today he was online, filling out a form requesting a babysitter for older kids or adults who were too irresponsible to be looked after on their own. Shouta already stocked their guest room with a crib, a changing table, and the thickest, most babyish adult diapers he could find. There was a high-chair, a bottle big enough for his brother, and even baby toys strewn around the room. He bought locking diaper covers and babyish onesies that would lock as well, along with locking mittens so his brother wouldn’t be able to use his hands. He decided to make a few rules to follow. 1. Make sure he is always double or triple-diapered because he tends to have big stinky accidents at night and in daytime. He will try to convince you he doesn’t need diapers, but don’t listen to him: he has to wear them or he’ll make big messes on the floor. 2. He may look mature, but you have to make sure to lock his diapers on him with locking panties and make sure he wears locking clothing/mittens to bed just in case he tries being a bad baby and taking off his diapers. 3. Make sure the baby acts his age! No wearing big-boy clothes or eating all by himself, he’s too little for that. Absolutely no bathroom privileges! If he tries going to the bathroom, make sure to lock baby in his stinky diapers for the rest of the day so he knows he’s already wearing his potty. 4. Give him bottles before and after din-din. He might try to fuss and say he’s too big for bottles, and if he does, just feed him them anyway. Make sure to burp him after, he gets gassy. If he gets fussy and he’s already had his bottles and his din-din, give him a pacifier. 5. Do not let him go outside on his own or let him order you around. He will try to convince you he’s a big boy, but he’s not. Make sure you stand your ground and treat him like the little baby he is. If you do go outside, he must hold your hand or be carried because he is not big enough to go all on his own. 6. Feel free to punish him as you see fit if he isn’t wearing his diapers or baby clothes when he answers the door; he knows better, he’ll only have big, stinky accidents if he’s not dressed. He must be wearing his diapers at all times. No exceptions! He is a very frequent wetter and messer; he has proven he will not keep his big-boy clothes dry. His crib is in the guest bedroom, along with his changing table, diapers, and baby clothes. 7. Make sure the baby doesn’t try walking anywhere or leaving the house; he’s just a baby, it’s dangerous outside for such a little boy. 8. He can only crawl on his hands and knees because he’s just a baby; if you catch him standing or trying to walk after you diaper him, feel free to give him a spanking or some corner-time for being such a bad boy. If he’s good and crawls for you, give him some yummy chocolate milk as a reward. Little did Aizawa Shouta know that, in his tired daze, he put his own name in place of the name of his brother and then fell asleep.
  5. From the album: My Etsy Shop + Other Sewing Projects

    I loved this fabric when I saw it in the store, had to have it as my shops first endeavor along with the butterfly fabric! ...Love the baby Hippo and giraffe especially... x3
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